Is Your Student Prepared for the Best Possible Start in College?

For many new college students, the first semester of college presents a challenge – and not just inside the classroom.  The transition to college is exciting; but it can be stressful and difficult for many students. Most students start out committed to doing well in college, but they sometimes lose focus on how to move toward their goal.

We’ve written an earlier post about the many challenges that students face during this important first semester of college.  Please take a few minutes to read about and anticipate some of these challenges.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your student had a coach to make this journey through the first semester along with your student?

At College Parent Central, we are committed to not only helping you, as a college parent, navigate the college experience and support your student, but also to helping your student as well.  We continue to share information with parents, but sometimes, students may need guidance from someone other than a parent.

Our subscription newsletter for first semester students, appropriately called FirstTerm! is designed specifically for students during their first semester.

Each newsletter covers basics such as time management, study skills, campus involvement and relationships with faculty members, and also helps students find leadership opportunities, career exploration, add value to college experiences, and make sure that they stay on track during this important first semester.  We provide tips, suggestions, and sometimes those important gentle reminders of things to do to make the most of current opportunities.

To register your student to receive FirstTerm!, visit our FirstTerm! page to learn more about our newsletter.  It’s a bit like providing an academic coaching session for your student each week.

Subscriptions are now open and the fall series begins August 28, 2016. Registration will close on September 9.

Whether or not you choose to sign your student up to receive FirstTerm! be sure to have a conversation about taking advantage of this exciting first semester of college.

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