The College Parent Central Year in Review – 2015

When you do something once, it is interesting.  When you do something twice, it suddenly becomes a tradition.  We’re now in the third year of sharing a look back at College Parent Central’s year.  Clearly a tradition. Reflection is always a good exercise.

It’s that time of year when we can’t quite decide whether to look backwards at the year that is just ending or to look ahead at the year about to begin.  We really need to do a little bit of both.  Looking back gives us some perspective to look ahead, and think about our goals and plans for the new year based on where we’ve come.

So before we look ahead, make plans, make resolutions we probably won’t keep, or set goals for 2016, we’d like to take a moment to look back at some of our articles for 2015.  These are the articles that, to us, speak most about the essence of the college parent role and/or speak to those ideas and issues that most affect the way we relate to our college sons and daughters.

This year we’ve decided to give some of our articles awards.  (If we don’t, who else will?)  See whether you agree with our choices.

We invite you to take a few minutes to review these articles, and to think about how you view your role as college parent.  How have you grown into the role over the past year?  Where might you and your college student go next year?

Most helpful preparation article:

How to Help Your High School Student Work Now to Avoid College Remedial Courses

 Most reassuring article:

It’s time to Love Your Second Choice College

Most surprising article:

Should Being Undecided About a Major Matter When Choosing a College?

 Most empathetic article:

What is “On Time” Graduation?  Four Years Is Becoming a Myth

Best article for transition:

Your College Freshman: The Summer Flood of Information

Most unexpected topic:

Get to Know Your Student’s College Town

Best admission advice:

Five Conversations You and Your Student Should Have as You Begin the College Admission Process

Strangest twist of a topic:

Sending Your Student to College Might Improve Your Relationship

Most difficult advice to follow:

Don’t Talk to Your Student this Thanksgiving!

Most inspiring story:

There is Life After Academic Dismissal!

Most practical advice:

14 Ways to Make Winter Break a “Get Ahead” Time for Your College Student

If these articles sound helpful, we invite you to take time to look through our archives.  We’ve covered topic after topic that may be helpful to you as you parent your college student.  Our most popular articles of all time continue to be some of those written several years ago. Here are our top five.  They don’t go out of date!

What to Do If Your Student Is Academically Dismissed from College

Should My College Student Consider Withdrawing from a Class?

Should My College Student Consider Retaking a Course?

Academically Dismissed from College? Ten Steps to Move On

What to Expect from Your College Student’s First Semester Grades


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