#010 – Tips for Using Senior Year to Prepare for College

Senior year of high school can feel overwhelming. But this can be an excellent time to help your student work on the skills that can lead to success in college – and in life. In this podcast, Vicki and Lynn talk about your student’s path toward independence. Topics include the college application process, time management, and specific life skills that students need to make the transition to college. From getting themselves up in the morning, maintaining their own calendar, to doing laundry and managing their finances, this podcast explores how you can use senior year as a training lab for life at college.


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In this episode we gave you some concrete tips about ways to help your student use senior year of high school to make sure they have the skills that will help them succeed in college.

We mentioned three of our favorite books in this episode. We recommend them for further reading.

How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott Haims

The Gift of Failure by Jessical Lahey

Emerging Adulthood by Jeffrey Arnett

Lynn described Julie Lythcott Haims’ four-step plan for helping your student acquire new skills. In case you want to try putting this into practice, here are the steps:

  1. Do it for the student
  2. Do it with the student
  3. Watch the student do it
  4. Have the student do it on their own

Remember that it can work for everything from baking Christmas cookies, to cooking a meal, to getting up in the morning!

We discussed the importance of Time Management. If you haven’t already listened to it, we discuss more of that in our previous podcast episode – #009 – The Importance of Anticipating the Key Differences Between High School and College.

Lynn also mentioned our podcast episode on gap years and taking a break. That is not our previous episode, but is our next episode – #011 – Should Your Student Take a Gap Year Before College?

If you don’t already have it, check out our e-book that helps you work with your student to prepare for college success.

60 Practical Tips for Using the High School Years to Prepare for College Success

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