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First Term! is specifically designed for first semester college students to help them navigate the transition from high school student to successful college student.

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FirstTerm! is a weekly newsletter sent to students in the Fall semester. Our next FirstTerm! series begins August 27, 2017 for the Fall 2017 semester.

You want to help your student have a successful college experience, but you’re not sure how you can help, because . . .

  • You’ve been told you’re supposed to “let go”, but you think your student may still need guidance.
  • You did not attend college and you don’t know what kind of advice your student may need.
  • Like so many teenagers, your student dismisses your advice just because you’re “the parent.”

First Term! can help provide the guidance and advice that your student needs.

Students who understand how college works have the edge.

Your college student may get help and support at school, or he may be left to figure out the best approach for himself.  Many schools have help available, but only when the student asks for it.  Your student may need more guidance than he realizes.

Your student wants to do well, but doesn’t know what he needs to know to succeed.

Give your student an advantage by by signing him up to receive information and a gentle nudge weekly.


First Term! is a quick, easy to read weekly newsletter sent directly to your student’s e-mail to help him focus on strategies for a successful first semester at college.

Send your student off to college armed with First Term! and you’ll give him the gift of guidance and motivation throughout his entire first semester! You’ll know that he’s receiving the information that he needs to be as successful as possible.

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Who needs First Term!?

Any student who wants to do well in a first semester of college will benefit from First Term!

  • Students who may be anxious about the academic pressures ahead.
  • Students who may need help getting organized and managing their time.
  • Students who aren’t sure how their college experiences will be different from high school.
  • Students who may have struggled academically and need help knowing how to make the best use of their study time.
  • Students who are nervous about getting involved and getting to know other students and faculty.


How does First Term! work?

FirstTerm! is a weekly e-mail newsletter sent directly to your student.  Each week of her first semester she will receive tips, suggestions, and gentle reminders of things to think about and do.  Messages in First Term! are geared for the appropriate time of the semester. Your student will get the information that she needs right when she needs it.

Your student will get help starting off on the right foot in her classes, help negotiating the adjustment to college, help weathering mid-semester exams and papers, help making the most of her time and improving her study skills, and help tackling end of semester stress.


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What’s covered in First Term!?

Sample First Term! articles include:

  • “One Sure Fire Way to Get to Know Your Professor Quickly”
  • “Too Late for a First Impression?”
  • “Should You Take Your Laptop to Class?”
  • “Secrets to Surviving Those Early Morning Classes”
  • “Protect Your GPA!”
  • “The Power of Groups”
  • “How’s Your E-Mail Etiquette?”
  • “Four Dangerous Myths About Being Undecided About a Major “
  • “Making Sense of Midterm Grades”
  • “Test Taking Hint: The Essay Question”
  • “Beat the Procrastination Monster”

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Why First Term! for my college student?

Being a college student is hard work.  Being a successful college student requires not only hard work, but also requires that your student

  • Understand what is expected in college
  • Understand how the college system works
  • Make wise decisions about how, when, what, and where to study
  • Know how to work effectively with faculty office hours
  • Know how to manage time and balance activities
  • Know how to advocate for what he needs


“The First Term! newsletter was a great source of encouragement and reminders without the odor of a helicopter parent! It also looked nice, which makes a big difference.  My son actually read it!”

Parent of a first year student


Action Plans and Just-in-Time Information

Your student needs an action plan.  First Term! provides a guided plan for success.  This is a great way to help your student stay on track throughout the semester, when those early suggestions from summer orientation may be only dimly remembered.  We’ll provide the coaching to help your student stay successfully in the game.


Designed specifically for the first semester of college, First Term! helps students navigate the transition from high school student to successful college student.

There’s a limited time to register your student to receive First Term! for this fall semester.  For as little as $65, your student will receive 15 weeks of expert guidance and motivation. The next First Term! series begins August 27, 2017,  and registration closes on September 8, 2017.  Once the semester gets underway, it’s too late. 

Give your student the advantage of professional support – delivered directly each week.

You’ve helped your student prepare for college, apply to college, and choose a college.  Now help him succeed in college.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Sign your student up now and ease the transition to college by arming your student with the knowledge that he needs to succeed.  It may be one of the best investments in your student’s education that you can make!


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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We’re so sure that your student will find First Term! helpful, that we’re offering you a guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with our First Term! newsletter, we’ll refund your purchase price immediately.  Simply contact us through our website and let us know why First Term! isn’t useful to your student.  We’ll completely refund your money.

It’s that simple.