Get to Know Your Student’s College Town

Your student has headed to college.  Before she made her choice of college you and she spent lots of time getting to know all about the college.  She made her choice and has headed off to her new adventure.  It may be a few miles away, or may be a long way from home.

But whether your student’s college is close to home or half way across the country, the school is located in a town or city.  And that town or city has become your student’s new home.  Hopefully, as your student spends time at her new home-away-from-home, she’ll get to know her surroundings.  The college experience is all about expanding horizons, and getting beyond the bounds of the college campus is part of that experience.  Your student’s college experiences will be richer the more she broadens them.

Why does the college town matter to parents?

You’re not going to live in your student’s college town, your student is.  So why should you have any interest in getting to know it?  Largely for two reasons: you can help your student discover some new things – or let her show you what she’s discovered, and – it can be fun!

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