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Posts from — April 2011

Important Dates for New College Parents

Congratulations!  Your high school student has been accepted to college and is soon to be a new college student.  You’re relieved, excited, and anxious all at the same time.  Chances are you were involved in helping your student through the admissions process, and you’re happy to know that your student made all of the required admission deadlines.

Now that your student has been accepted, you and your student will need to continue to pay attention to several important dates and deadlines. Don’t let your guard down yet!  Each school will have its own requirements and deadlines, of course, but here are a few things to watch for.

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Recommended Reading for College Graduates

Congratulations!  Your college student is about to graduate, or perhaps has graduated from college.  He is ready to take on the world!  But, perhaps, he may not be as ready as he thinks for “real life” after college. He’ll still need you for advice, of course, but he may also need some guidance for other sources as he navigates his new life.

Your student may have a job and be out on his own.  He may have moved on to graduate school.  He may be returning to your nest for a while.  Current research and theory suggest that students who graduate from college are part of that group now being identified as “emerging adults” – certainly not children or adolescents, but yet not quite adults yet.

This post contains a list of books that may be useful to your student as he enters this new phase of his life.  A book or two might make a great graduation gift, or summer beach reading.  We are not necessarily endorsing these books, but we’d like to help you find material available.  Your graduate won’t necessarily want to read them all, but you might look for some titles and approaches that seem appropriate for your graduate’s needs

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25 Gift Ideas for Your College Graduate

Your college student is graduating.  Congratulations!  It’s possible that your student will move on to graduate school, or he may be beginning his career.  Whichever direction he takes, he is now at a milestone and you want to mark the moment with an appropriate graduation gift.  Your graduation gift may be large or small, practical or sentimental, but it may be time for some “real life” tools.

Here are some suggestions to help you begin thinking about what you’d like to do for your graduate.  Use these possibilities to start your own imagination working about what your graduate might like or need.

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When Is It Too Late to Apply to College?

Has your student procrastinated past the college application deadline?  Did your student decide he didn’t want to go to college but has now changed his mind?  Is your student unhappy with the college acceptances she’s received and wants to consider additional schools?  Have your student’s grades improved so much over the past year that she’d like to expand her college search?

If any of the above situations sound even remotely familiar, you may be lamenting the fact that it is now too late to apply to college.  The truth is that it may not be too late.  Many colleges continue to accept student applications well past posted deadlines and throughout the summer. Some schools have Rolling Admissions, which means that they continue to accept students until the class is filled.  Other schools have deadlines, but are willing to make exceptions and look at applications after the deadline. Some schools may even continue to accept students right up until the beginning of classes in late August or early September.

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Roundup of Helpful Posts for April

As April rolls around for your college student, the finish line is in sight.  Your college student is possibly feeling overwhelmed about how much still needs to be done before the end of the term, and at the same time trying to plan a schedule for next year and arrange for housing.  There are many end-of-year activities taking place.  She may also be worrying about a summer job or internship.  If your student is a senior, the ultimate concern is with a job or graduate school.  As other students at school begin to plan schedules and choose dorm rooms and roommates, the reality of next year’s possible uncertainty sets in for many seniors.

Your patience and support may be especially needed right now as your student tries to manage his time in the present – and also plan ahead.  Last April we listed some posts that are particularly applicable at this time of the year. We recommend that you look at last April’s Roundup.   Here are a few posts written since last April that may be helpful as you, too, try to juggle this busy time of the academic year.

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Another Anniversary for College Parent Central!

College Parent Central has just turned two!  We began this website on April 1, 2009 – somehow April Fool’s Day seemed appropriate for something that launched us into the unknown.  Two years later, we continue to believe even more firmly than ever that college parents are an important part of student success.

After two years of writing about college parenting, talking to college parents, working with college students, and working and speaking with professional colleagues, we have learned much and continue to feel that we have a place in helping parents.  We are grateful to those people who have shared their stories and wisdom and helped us as we continue to reach out to parents who may find our information helpful,

Our purpose


We began College Parent Central two years ago with five basic principles.  Two years later, these basic beliefs still hold true for us.

  • We believe that parents can be important partners in their child’s education from pre-school through college.
  • We believe that most parents want to be involved in their child’s college experience.
  • We believe that parents do have a place in their child’s college experience.
  • We believe that many parents don’t know how to be involved in their child’s college experience.
  • We believe that many parents don’t understand today’s college experience. (Those of us who attended college ourselves need to learn how the college experience has changed in the twenty-first century.)

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