Mid-semester: Time For Your College Student to Re-evaluate

Mid-Semester.  It’s a time of stress for college students.  It is also a time when your student can both look backward and look forward.  A lot has happened in the first half of the semester, but there is also an entire second half to either build on the successes of the first half or turn things around.

As a college parent, you may or may not know exactly what your student’s situation is.  He may or may not share his midterm grades, concerns, or behaviors with you.  This is a good time to ask some important questions and to do a lot of listening – not just to the words, but to the messages between the lines.  All of your communication skills will come in handy.

This is often a time of decisions for students.  How do I build on what I’ve learned?  How can I change direction?  Should I move on or take a break?

We’d like to suggest some of our earlier posts that may be particularly helpful at this mid-term evaluation time.  Talk to your student about some of the things that she can do right now to make a difference.  As always, remember that decisions need to be hers, but remind her that you understand some of what may lie ahead and that you are there to support her.

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