Thinking About Your College Student’s Finances


College is expensive.  We all know it.  Parents and students alike think a lot about college finances.  Some parents and students need to work harder than others on making a college education possible.  There is a lot of thought given to, and a lot written about, how to finance a college education.  Parents and students work to understand the right choice of college, financial aid packages, scholarships, FAFSA forms, work-study jobs, grants, and loans.  But beyond these big financial concerns come the smaller day-to-day decisions that students make to help make ends meet as they navigate their way through college.

We’ve collected here some posts that might be helpful as you talk to your college student about how he can make every penny count.  You talk with your student about some of these topics before she heads to college, and again after she’s been there a few weeks and has a better idea of the college lifestyle.  A review after the first year might also be a good idea.  Staying alert to college costs – both big and small – will help everyone feel more in control.

Your Penny Pinching College Student

What Kinds of Campus Jobs Are Available for My College Student?

How – and Why – to Help Your College Student Create a Budget

Should My College Student Get a Job at School?

Alternatives to Having a Car on Campus

College Student and Credit Cards

College Textbooks: Tools of the Trade

My College Student Received His Financial Aid Package, But What Exactly is Federal Work Study?

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