#001 – Welcome to the College Parent Central Podcast

Meet Lynn Abrahams, learning disabilities specialist for college students and Vicki Nelson, Communication professor and former Director of Academic Advising. Lynn and Vicki are also parents of 2 boys (Lynn) and 3 girls (Vicki) and have lived through the college parent experience. In this new podcast Lynn and Vicki draw on their many years of experience and blend their perspectives as college professionals and parents as they look at the college parent role. Join them for stories, suggestions, strategies, and a celebration of being a college parent.


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Nice to meet you!

In our very first episode, we want to give you an idea of what to expect.

We’re all about making sure you know that your role doesn’t come to an end when you drop your student off at college, it just changes. You will continue to be an important part of your student’s college years. We’re excited to begin exploring topics and sharing some of our experiences.

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