#014 – The College Decision Dilemma: What Happens Once Those Admission Letters Arrive?

The college admission process begins earlier and earlier and sometimes seems to go on forever. When those highly anticipated acceptance letters begin to arrive, the process enters a new phase. The ball is now in your student’s court to make a decision. What is your role as a parent at this stage? In this episode Vicki and Lynn unpack some of the emotions and practical steps you and your student can take as your student looks for the school with the best “fit,” perhaps moves to their second choice of school, or copes with being on a Waitlist. As your student makes this final decision, everyone’s roles begin to shift.

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In this episode, Lynn and Vicki talk about the decision that students face once those college admission letters arrive. There’s a lot going on at this time for both students and their parents. It’s not always easy as a parent to watch your student wrestle with what for many students is a difficult decision.

As we discussed students who might not feel they are ready right now to make the transition to college, we mentioned our earlier episode about taking a Gap Year or doing a Post-grad year of high school. If you or your student think this might make sense, be sure to listen to episode #011 – Should You Student Take a Gap Year Before College?

Vicki mentioned a book in this episode about making the most of your experiences in college, however she named the author incorrectly.  The book is It’s the Student Not the College by Kristin M. White.  The book by the author she mentioned, Kat Clowes, is also a great one about using college experiences fully.  That title is Put College to Work.  A third book that looks at the college experience in this way is Making the Most of College by Richard Light.  We recommend all three books for both parents and students.

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