#002 – Mid-Semester Check In

Just when you think your student has settled in to that first semester of college it’s time for a reality check.  Mid-semester is a great time for you to check in with your student to see how the semester is going.  In this episode Lynn and Vicki discuss potential concerns, available resources, and specific conversations that can help you and your student connect at this important time.


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In this episode we talked about the importance of that mid-semester time for checking in about how things are going. Help your student reflect about how they are doing academically, socially, emotionally and with maintaining balance.

We shared some strategies for helping students make sense of mid-semester grades.

Lynn shared a story about the decision to transfer from Harlan Cohen’s book, The Naked Roommate. It’s a great read for parents and students.

Here are some additional articles that are helpful as you think about mid-semester.

Ten Suggestions to Help Students Through the Stress of Midterm Exams

Helping Your College Student Make Sense of Midterm Grades

Helping Your College Student Find Support on Campus

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