#005 – Communicating with Your College Student

When we think about our communication with our students, we often think about how to get them to talk – but we less often think about our end of the exchange. In this episode Vicki and Lynn talk about three different aspects of communicating with our students – how we listen, how we encourage them to share, and how we respond when they do. Good communication is not going to fix every problem, but it is a great way to help both you and your student feel connected and on the same team.

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In this episode we briefly mentioned that our students today are considered Emerging Adults. This term is part of the work of Dr. Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, who defines the ages from 18-25 as a unique phase of development. You may recognize your college student in the description!

You can read more about Dr. Arnett’s thoughts in this article on College Parent Central: Getting to Know Your Emerging Adult.

Or you can go directly to Dr. Arnett’s book: Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road from the Late Teens Through the Twenties.

We also talked about the idea of being a sounding board for your student as they share their thoughts with you. Here’s some more information about that concept.

College Parents: Hold That Advice!

And here are a few additional articles that may help you think about your communication with your college student.

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