#006 – Home from College: That LONG Winter Break

Winter Break is special because for many families it is so LONG. Some students have as much as four to six weeks of vacation. That’s a long time to have them home. It’s wonderful, of course, but some structure and focus may be needed as you adjust to the new person that your student has become. In this episode Lynn and Vicki share some ideas about what to expect, how to ensure this is a constructive time for everyone, and how to enjoy your time together.

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In this post we took a look at what makes Winter Break different from some of the shorter breaks like Thanksgiving or Spring Break.  It can be a new experience for your student to have a Break this long – very different from the week long breaks most high schools schedule.

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It’s a good idea to use some of this longer break to get some of those things done that students won’t want to deal with during the regular semester. If it’s not already completed, this is an excellent time to work together on completing the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Remember that Financial Aid forms need to be completed every year.

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