Coming Soon! The New College Parent Central Podcast

A lot has been going on behind the scenes at College Parent Central in recent weeks. We’re busy preparing for a new adventure! That’s right, it’s a podcast.

Yep. We’re stepping into a new world and launching a podcast to share information with you in a new form. Hosts Vicki Nelson and Lynn Abrahams will be chatting about all things college parent in the new College Parent Central Podcast.

You don’t stop parenting the day you drop your student off to college on Move-in Day.  Your role simply changes.  (Actually, it’s not simple at all, but it changes.) You’re a parent for life. Join Lynn Abrahams and Vicki Nelson, higher education professionals and former college parents, as they explore the topics that can help you be a more effective and supportive parent to your college bound student.  Whether you already have a child in college, college is still a year or more away, or your student is about to step out, start now to gather the information that empowers you to be an effective college success coach to your student.

We’ll cover some of the topics we’ve written about on the website, as well as some new ideas. We’ll be joined occasionally by some guests who can bring their expertise and perspective to share with you as well. We’ll help guide you through your parenting role as you prepare your student for college, support them during the college years, and help them step out into the world after college.

We’re excited and we hope you’ll want to join us on this adventure. It’s still a week away (look for our launch on November 20), but we wanted you to know it’s coming.  Get your earbuds ready!


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