Book Review: College Survival Tips for Parents

From time to time, we like to review some of the books available for parents of college students.  There is a wealth of literature available to help parents cope with the transition to college and the changes that occur throughout the college years.  We’ve created lists of recommended reading.  Check out our Resources and Tools page for suggestions.

This review looks at College Survival Tips for Parents by Ceil Hall.  The book is a companion piece for the author’s book, College Survival Tips, which is geared to students.  The subtitle for this book is Fostering Growth and Independence in Your Kids.

College Survival Tips for Parents is a tiny volume (58 pages) but it provides a good overview of the concerns and issues that face college parents.  Although there are many other reference books for college parents that cover topics in much greater depth, this small volume provides parents a good, brief look at the things they may want to consider.  Chapter titles include topics such as High School vs. College, A Shift in Responsibility, Changing Our Approach to Parenting, Coping with Parental Expectations, The Value of Mistakes, Maintaining Balance, and Checking In: Establishing Regular Communication Routines.

Parents who read College Survival Tips for Parents will undoubtedly want to read other books which cover topics in more depth, but for new college parents, this book is a great introduction to topics parents may not have considered. We especially like the philosophical approach of the book which states that, “the greatest and most important job you can do is to be a good parent.”

We recommend College Survival Tips for Parents as a foundational introduction to college parenting, but hope that parents will move on to meatier volumes that elaborate more thoroughly on the topics introduced in this pocket-sized volume.

About the author:

Ceil Hall works as a technical communication consultant.  Prior to her writing career, Ms. Hall has worked counseling groups, families and individuals as well as teaching therapeutic communication techniques to counselors.  She has also served as a student member of the Admissions Committee at the University of North Carolina. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Speech from Northwestern University and a Masters degree in clinical social work from the University of North Carolina.

What the author has to say about the book:

“We each have our own special ways of communicating with our kids – ways that are as individual as our thumbprints.  No two parents are exactly alike, and all our styles are equally valid.  Some of the guidelines in this book are very specific; others simply point the way toward effective interaction with college students.  But all of them give you room to continue relating to your kids in your own unique way.”

“Some of the examples in this book might not fit your particular circumstances.  If you can’t relate to one or two of the details, bear in mind that this book is not intended to impart specific recipes for success; it’s more like a map that guides you toward a general vicinity.  I encourage you to put your own “spin” on these tips, using them in a way that fits your own parenting style.”

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1 thought on “Book Review: College Survival Tips for Parents

  1. This is very well written book. An easy to read with all of the essentials. I highly recommend it to any parent sending a child off to school. Parenting means more than just giving birth. It demands a lifetime of commitment to your children no matter what course in life they choose.

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