Important Dates for New College Parents

Congratulations!  Your high school student has been accepted to college and is soon to be a new college student.  You’re relieved, excited, and anxious all at the same time.  Chances are you were involved in helping your student through the admissions process, and you’re happy to know that your student made all of the required admission deadlines.

Now that your student has been accepted, you and your student will need to continue to pay attention to several important dates and deadlines. Don’t let your guard down yet!  Each school will have its own requirements and deadlines, of course, but here are a few things to watch for.

  • Financial Aid Priority Deadline – Your student may have applied for financial aid when she applied for admission, but if not, check with the school about the deadline for financial aid applications.  Complete the FAFSA and Profile forms as soon as possible and contact the school about other forms they may require.
  • Enrollment Deposit – Once your student has been accepted, he will need to submit a non-refundable enrollment or admissions deposit.  This will let the college know that he is planning to attend.  The deadline for most enrollment deposits is May 1.
  • Housing Deposit – Your student’s school may require a separate housing deposit to reserve space in the residence halls.  Check with the school about this date.  Failing to meet this deadline may mean that your student will not be guaranteed a room on campus.
  • Summer Orientation – If your student’s school runs a summer orientation session for incoming students, you should encourage your student to attend.  Summer orientations give students a wonderful opportunity to get to know the campus, meet current students, and get to know some other incoming students.  Space at summer orientations may be limited, or certain dates may fill quickly.  Your student should reserve her spot as soon as possible.
  • Course Registration – If your student’s school runs a summer orientation program, your student may register for his fall courses as part of this event.  If not, your student may need to work with or speak to an advisor, or she may be free to register for classes on her own.  Check with the school to see when your student should begin selecting classes.
  • Summer Opportunities – If your student is planning to attend any events or programs over the summer, such as a Bridge program, summer classes, pre-orientation program, or leadership event, check on application and registration deadlines.  Space in these programs or classes may be limited, and application deadlines may be early.
  • Move-in Day – Mark your calendar early, too, for move-in day in the fall.  This will be a big day for both you and your student!
  • Tuition Deadline – Check the deadline for paying tuition.  Bills are usually sent in early summer.  Be sure to arrange payment well ahead of the deadline.
  • Family Weekend – If your student’s school has a Family or Parents Weekend, make your hotel reservations now.  Rooms often fill early.

Once your student arrives on campus, he will have other deadlines to meet as part of his college experience.  Responsibility for meeting these deadlines will be his.  During this time of transition between high school and college, you may be able to help your student meet some of these important deadlines.

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