#019 – Students With Learning Differences: What Are the Key Changes Between High School and College?

What colleges and universities do to support students with learning differences changes from K-12, not only because the laws are different but also because the goals for students shift in college. These changes may be bigger than most students and parents expect. In today’s podcast, Lynn and Vicki explore differences in how the laws protect students and how the key responsibilities of both the institution and the student change. The more you understand these differences, the more comfortable you and your student will be, and the better you will be able to support your student in transition.

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Lynn takes the lead in this episode as we explore the differences students with learning differences encounter as they move from high school to college. Lynn brings her background as a professional working with students with learning differences to the podcast to help parents (and students) know what to expect.

We explore the legal differences regarding who is responsible for identifying, testing, and making curriculum decisions.  Lynn also helps us understand the differences between services, accommodations and modifications as well as what assistive technology is and what it can do for students.  Lynn also stresses the importance of good communication between parents and students and why it is so important at the college level that students be able to articulate not only what they need, but also why they need it.

Lynn mentioned her newest favorite book on the subject. The book was written by faculty at Landmark College and is helpful for both faculty members and parents.

From Disability to Diversity by Lynn C. Shea, Linda Hecker, and Adam R. Lalor

We also promised some links that might be helpful:

Learning Disabilities Association of America

ldonline – All about learning disabilities and ADHD

National Center for Learning Disabilities

Lynn has written two articles on College Parent Central that also cover this topic:

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