There’s an Upside to Sending Your Student to College

As you drop your student off for college, and then return to your empty nest, you may be thinking mostly about how much you’ll miss them.  You may be worrying about how quiet the house will seem.  You may or may not be worried about how well they will succeed at school, –  but you’re also thinking about the hole that remains in your family.

You’ll certainly miss your student.  And, although you may not believe it as you return to your empty (or at least emptier) house, you will get used to having your student away.  What you may or may not have thought about are some of the advantages of moving your college student out of the house and away at school. Yes, they exist!

We’d like to offer a slightly light-hearted reminder that there is an upside to sending your student away to college.

  • Your mountains of laundry may suddenly become molehills.  Once you’ve finished laundering all of the piles of things they left on the floor of their room when they packed, your loads may be lighter – at least until the first college break.
  • There will be fewer pairs of shoes left in every imaginable corner of the house.
  • There will be fewer piles of dirty dishes in the sink each evening – and morning – and afternoon.
  • Your water bill may plummet.
  • Your food bill may be reduced by a decimal place.
  • You won’t need to live in the midst of the tension each time your student has a test or project due at school.  Everyone in the house won’t need to walk on eggshells.
  • You won’t need to worry about curfews.
  • You’ll save cash on all of those lesson fees, activity fees, prom fees, senior fees, application fees.
  • You’ll reclaim your evenings and weekends from PTO meetings, athletic events, concerts, awards banquets,  planning committee meetings.
  • Your car will suddenly use a lot less gas.
  • You’ll still worry, but it may be more generally.  You won’t need to worry each time your student goes out, or is late coming home, or doesn’t call or text.

Sending your student off to college is a life transition for both you and for your student.  There will certainly be times for you to miss them and for them to wish they were back home.  Keep everything in perspective and enjoy the little bonuses that sending them off has provided for you.

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