A Message from College Parent Central Founder, Vicki Nelson

College Parent Central is a website designed to support parents through the college years.

I began College Parent Central nine years ago because I believe that college parents can best provide support to their sons and daughters when they understand what their students are experiencing.   Parents also have work to do as they prepare their children for adulthood by arming them with the skills they will need to succeed in college.

Vicki Nelson, author of College Parent Central

I am a (former) college parent myself.  I have weathered the college experience successfully with three children. (Yes, you will survive!)  I understand many of the questions, dilemmas, joys, trials, milestones, and concerns that college parents face.

I also bring to College Parent Central nearly forty years of experience in higher education as a college professor, academic advisor and administrator.  I work with college students, and their parents, every day.

My experiences as both the parent of college students, and as a professional in higher education, provide me with a special perspective on college students and their parents and that is what I’d like to share through College Parent Central.

If you are a college parent, I’d like to support you as you navigate that delicate balance of guidance, appropriate involvement – and knowing when to get out of the way.

I hope that you will find the information provided here at our College Parent Central website, or through our newsletters and workshops, helpful and thought-provoking.

Take your time, browse our categories and articles, bookmark them and return often.  College Parent Central is intended to guide you as you make this journey along with your student.

And if you have feedback about any of our material, I’d love to hear from you.

Vicki Nelson