Holiday Gift Ideas for College Students – 2012

Whether you’re anxious to get out to the stores to shop or plan to shop online this year, we’ve got some suggestions for your college student or soon-to-be college student.  We hope you find these suggestions fun and that they help you start to do some of your own creative thinking.

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Here are some suggestions for your college student for the 2012 holiday season.

  • Touchscreen gloves – these gloves allow your student to text or use electronic touchscreen devices while still keeping hands warm.
  • Bluetooth speakers for iphone, ipad, or ipod – your student will be able to enjoy streaming audio from phone, computer or other Bluetooth devices.
  • Lightweight laptop backpack – if your student carries a laptop, he may appreciate a sleek, lightweight backpack.  Help him lend a more professional look while still carrying the laptop and all of the necessary accessories.
  • Noise cancelling headphones – not only will your student be better able to hear her music without bothering others, but she’ll be able to use these to cancel out unwanted sounds.  Great for studying or sleeping in a noisy residence hall.
  • Wireless charging station – allows your student to keep his devices charged without a mess of wires.
  • Solar charger – allows your student to use the power of the sun to keep her devices charged wherever she is.
  • Computer Lapdesk – as practical as their desks may be, that is often not where students do their work.  If your student works from a chair, sofa or bed, he’ll appreciate this computer lapdesk to make his work go more smoothly.
  • Portable Scanner – lightweight portable scanner makes saving and sending papers, forms and documents easy for your student.
  • Recording Smartpen – takes the stress out of notetaking for your student.  Records lectures while linking recordings to your student’s notes. Replays audio with a tap on the handwritten notes.  Makes taking notes and staying organized easier than ever.
  • Resume kit with paper and envelopes – It’s not all about electronics.  If your student will be looking for an internship or first job, consider a kit with resume quality paper and envelopes.
  • Fruit of the Month – Although college food has come a long way in recent years, students still often snack on less healthy chips and sweets.  Treat your student to some healthy snacking with a shipment of fruit each month.
  • Storage compartment water bottle – Water bottles are everywhere.  This one has a built in storage compartment for your student’s key, ID, or a bit of cash.
  • Subject pillowcases – OK, sleeping with your textbook under your pillow may not help you learn the subject.  Neither will these.  But they are fun.

Feel free to join the conversation and add a comment if you have other ideas.  Enjoy thinking about your college student during this holiday season!


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