Ten Tasks Your College Student Needs to Complete Before Leaving Campus for the Summer

It is possible that your college student will be staying on campus for the summer – either for summer classes, a summer job, research or an internship.  But for most college students, the end of the spring term means returning home for the summer, or at least heading off campus. Your student is anxious and can’t wait to get off campus, but before he fills up that car and heads home, there are some things that he should do.  A little time spent now can make the return next fall go much more smoothly. 

Talk to your student about how he is wrapping up the semester.  It may not be easy for him to think past those final exams and papers, but suggest that he plan ahead to summer and to next fall and anticipate some of the things that will help.

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Ten (More) Gifts for College Graduates

We’ve written an earlier post with twenty-five suggestions for gifts for your college grad.  We think that list is quite comprehensive and even a bit creative.  If you’re looking for ideas for graduation, don’t miss looking at that list.  However, there are always more ideas that float to the surface.  Here are a few more ideas to get you started.

As with our previous list of gift suggestions, as well as our annual holiday suggestions, we know how personal gifts should be.  These gift suggestions are intended to be starting points for your own thinking.  Some will be out of range for you financially and some will seem silly to you.  Take them for what they are and add the spin of how well you know the personality, needs, and interests of your graduate.

Have fun imagining and growing your own ideas.

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Ten Ways to Use Your College Student’s Campus Mailbox

The number of ways in which we can communicate with our college students continues to increase almost daily.  You may use one method almost exclusively, or you may use several methods to keep in touch.  These days, most of our connections seem to be electronic.  We may communicate via cell phone, text messages, e-mail, Facebook, Skype, Google hangouts, Google chats, Facetime or any number of other interesting methods.  It’s important to stay in touch (although it’s easy to overdo it).

In the rush of the newest electronic forms of communication, one often overlooked and forgotten form of connection is good, old fashioned, snail mail.  Even with the advent of technology as a means of connection, most college students are still assigned a physical mailbox on campus.  The ritual of checking the mailbox is still a common one for most students.  No matter what means of communication you use most often, consider using this mailbox to reach out to your student. 

You don’t need to sit down and write a long, newsy letter to your student (although most students wouldn’t object to receiving one).  There are some simple ways to brighten your student’s day through mailbox contents.  Of course, there is the obvious practice of sending a full-blown care package to your student.  Students love receiving care packages.  You can contract a service to send a package, or you can put together a fun care package yourself.


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Happy Anniversary! College Parent Central Turns Four!

College Parent Central has just turned four!  We began this website on April 1, 2009 – somehow April Fool’s Day seemed an appropriate launch for something that thrust us into the unknown.  Four years (and 410 posts) later, we continue to believe even more firmly than ever that college parents are an important part of student success, and we’re proud to contribute to the dialogue.

After four years of writing about college parenting, talking to college parents, working with college students, and working and speaking with professional colleagues, we have learned even more than we have shared.  We are grateful to those people who have shared their stories and wisdom and helped us as we continue to reach out to parents who may find our information helpful,

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