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Parenting College Students: Still More Recommended Reading

This post includes a list of fourteen books of interest to parents of college students.  We’ve previously published a list of fourteen titles and then another list of twelve additional titles which you might want to check out. There are certainly even more resources available, but these lists should give parents a good start on material to support them through the college years.  All of the books have different styles and approaches, so it is important to find the books which resonate for you.

We are not necessarily endorsing these books, but we’d like to help you find material available.  You won’t want to read them all, but you might look for some titles and approaches that intrigue you.

Over the next few months, we will continue to review some of these books to provide a bit more guidance about their content and perspective.  Check our “Reviews” category to see what we’ve reviewed so far.  Happy reading!

The Praeger Handbook for College Parents (order directly from Amazon)

Akinc, Helen W.

(2010) ABC-CLIO

(Read our review of The Praeger Handbook.)


How to Survive Your Child’s College Education from Application to Graduation (order directly from Amazon)

Baack, Donald

(1997) Citadel Press


The Happiest Kid on Campus: A Parent’s Guide to the Very Best College Experience (for you and your child) (order directly from Amazon)

Cohen, Harlan

(2010) Sourcebooks

(Read our review of The Happiest Kid on Campus.)


Keep Your College Daughter Safe: 161 Ways College Women Can Prevent Sexual Assault (order directly from Amazon)

Hart, Richard

(2009) Verum Publishing


The iConnected Parent: Staying Close to Your Kids in College (And Beyond) While Letting Them Grow Up (order directly from Amazon)

Hofer, Barbara and Sullivan Moore, Abby

(2010) Free Press

(Read our review of The iConnected Parent.)


Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Mind (order directly from Amazon)

Light, Richard

(2004) Harvard University Press

(Read our review of Making the Most of College.)


The Parent’s Guide to College Drinking . . . facing the challenge together (order from Amazon)

Matthews, Jim

(2007) Jim Matthews


Launching: Parenting Your Child to College and Beyond (order directly from Amazon)

Reiter, Annette and Rhode, Barbara

(2010) Wasteland Press

(Read our review of Launching.)


College Success: Advice for Parents of High School and College Students (order directly from Amazon)

Roth, Bob

(2010) AuthorHouse

(Read our review of College Success.)


When Your Kids Go to College (order from Amazon)

Salvi, Lucantonia and Hunt, Michael

(1995) Paulist Press


Binge: What Your College Student Won’t Tell You (order directly from Amazon)

Seaman, Barrett

(2006) Wiley


No Safe College (order directly from Amazon)

Truman, Ruth

(2008) AuthorHouse


The Parental 411: What Every Parent Should Know About Their Child in College (order directly from Amazon)

Watkins, Boyce

(2004) Blue Boy Publishing


Dying to Drink: Confronting Binge Drinking on College Campuses (order directly from Amazon)

Wechsler, Henry and Wuethrich, Bernice

(2003) Rodale Books


If you’ve read any of these books, please leave a comment and share your opinion and recommendations.  We’d love to hear what you think.

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