Semester’s End and Winter Break: 18 Helpful Posts for December

Post-Thanksgiving break and the beginning of December always mark the home stretch for the fall semester for college students.  Not only is the semester coming to a close, but the holiday season is upon us and students may lose some focus.  This is a time of festivities, but the season is often overshadowed by the stress of the end-of-semester responsibilities.  The more that parents can understand the rhythm of the academic year, the more we can help students as they navigate their way.

As the end of the semester approaches and the holiday season is in full force, students are busy – and probably feeling overwhelmed.  There’s lots to do to get through these last few days or weeks before they can relax.

Here are a few posts that may be especially helpful to you, and to your student, as you wrap up this semester – and begin to look ahead to the next semester.

Winding up the semester

It’s Final Exam Time: What’s a College Parent to Do?

What FERPA Means for Your and Your College Student

Cheering Your College Student On From a Distance

The End of Semester Push: Can Parents Help?

Parents Can Help College Students With the End-of-Semester Stress Meltdown

Signs That Your College Student May Be in Trouble


Reflecting on the past semester

Helping Your College Student Avoid “How Do I Tell My Parents?” Fears

How Parents Can Help College Students Value Their Mistakes

What to Expect from Your College Student’s First Semester Grades

Talking to Your College Student About Grades

Can My College Student Dispute a Course Grade?



Looking ahead to winter break

Welcoming Your College Student Home for Break: What to Expect

Welcoming Your College Student Home for Break:  What You Can Do to Prepare

Gift Books for College Students: Some Recommendations

What Can My College Student Do During Winter Break?

New Year’s Resolutions for College Parents – and Their College Students

Holiday Gifts for College Students: Some Suggestions

New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your High School or College Student



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