Reading List: When Your College Student Graduates

Congratulations!  Your college student is about to graduate, or perhaps has graduated from college.  He is ready to take on the world!  But, as we all know, that doesn’t mean that your job is done.  You’ve done your work as a college parent, but now a different, and in some ways even more delicate form of parenting begins.  Your student may have a job and be out on his own.  He may have moved on to graduate school.  He may be returning to your nest for a while.  Current research and theory suggest that students who graduate from college are part of that group now being identified as “emerging adults” – certainly not children or adolescents, but yet not quite adults yet.  As a parent of an emerging adult, you now have a new role.

This post includes a list of nine books which may be of interest to parents of college graduates.  The list is not exhaustive, there are certainly even more resources available, but this list should give parents a good start on material to support them through this interesting time.  All of the books have different styles and approaches, so it is important to find the books which resonate for you.

We are not necessarily endorsing these books, but we’d like to help you find material available.  You won’t want to read them all, but you might look for some titles and approaches that intrigue you.

Over the next few months, we will continue to review some of these books to provide a bit more guidance about their content and perspective.  Check our “Reviews” category to see what we’ve reviewed so far.  Happy reading and good luck as you enter this new relationship with your former student!

When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us: Letting Go of Their Problems, Loving Them Anyway, and Getting On With Our Lives (Order directly from Amazon.)

Adams, Jane

Free Press (2003)

Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road from the Late Teens Through the Twenties (Order directly from Amazon)

Arnett, Jeffrey Jensen

Oxford University Press (2006)

How to Help Your Child Land the Right Job (Without Being a Pain in the Neck) (Order directly from Amazon.)

Barkley, Nella

Workman Publishing Company (1993)

Congratulations!  Now What?  A Book for Graduates (Order directly from Amazon.)

Cosby, Bill

Hyperion, (1999)

Mom, Can I Move Back in With You?: A Survival Guide for Parents of Twentysomethings (Order directly from Amazon.)

Gordon, Linda P. and Shaffer, Susan M.

Penguin (2004)

The Parent’s Crash Course in Career Planning: Helping Your College Student Succeed (Order directly from Amazon.)

Harris, Marcia B. and Jones, Sharon L.

Career Dimensions (2007)

Career Coaching Your Kids: Guiding Your Child Through the Process of Career Discovery (Order directly from Amazon.)

Montross, D.H., Kate, T.E., Ginn, R.J.,


The Hands On Guide to Surviving Adult Children Living at Home (Order directly from Amazon.)

Newberry, Christina



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