#030 – Transfer Students: Making Decisions and Navigating the Process

Although college transfer may seem the norm for many students these days, when it is your student transferring it is a significant event for your family. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki explore some of the reasons your student may consider transferring and how you can help them make this important decision. They identify ways that parents can help students navigate the sometimes complex information-gathering and application process. Vicki and Lynn offer suggestions for how parents can be instrumental in helping students make the transition and settle in to their new environment.

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In this podcast episode, Lynn and Vicki talk about something on the minds of many college students and their parents this year: transferring.to a different school.  As many as 1/3 of students may end up transferring at some point in their college career.

Lynn mentioned one of her favorite college parenting books: The Naked Roommate for Parents Only by Harlan Cohen. Cohen was a transfer student himself and includes some good personal information about the experience.

If you don’t already have the book, you can read our review of the book here.

Vicki went quickly through a checklist of things for your student to do if they are transferring.  Here are some of the highlights of that list:

  • Start early
  • Pay close attention to all deadlines – including financial and housing deadlines
  • Keep careful records
    • Date application or other documents are submitted
    • Who you talk to by phone – name and date
    • Copies of email exchanges
    • Any receipts
  • Follow up to confirm that important items have been received
  • Make sure your student deals with the transfer process, not parents (with your support)
  • Have patience. This is a complex process with several steps.

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