Good Communication Can Be an Important Key to Your College Student’s Success

If you have read several of our posts here at College Parent Central, you’ve certainly seen by now that we feel that good communication is one of the important keys to many college students’ success.  That good communication must take place between the student and the college, between the parents and the college, but most importantly between the parents and the student.  Good communication is transactional and involves both talking and listening.

Because we feel that good communication is so important, we have several posts about improving or maximizing communication. There are some ways in which we can all improve our skills. We recommend that you take some time to read some of the following posts and think about both your own communication skills and those of your college student.  Is there room for improvement?

Five Principles of Good Communication

Being aware of good communication goals is a great way to start or improve your communication with your college student.

The Very Important Skill of Listening Well

Sometimes the less we say the better we communicate.  Listening well isn’t as easy as it seems.

The Many Forms of Good Communication

Good communication involves how well you listen, and what you have to say – but also so much more.

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