Book Review: College Success: Advice for Parents of High School and College Students

From time to time, we like to review some of the books available for parents of college students.  There is a wealth of literature available to help parents cope with the transition to college and the changes that occur throughout the college years.  We’ve created lists of recommended reading, and there is something for everyone.  See our Resources and Tools page for suggestions.

College Success: Advice for Parents of High School and College Students by Bob Roth covers a lot of ground.  We especially like the breadth of topics covered in this book as well as the explanation that college success begins early and is a developing process through both middle school and high school years.  The author recognizes that academic success has its foundation in the readiness skills that begin early – and in the family setting.

This book begins by looking at the early years in your child’s life and how those lessons learned at home can provide the skills that students will fall back on later, in college.  Each short chapter ends with “Advice to Parents” so there is an important practical aspect to the book.

Perhaps the one of the greatest strengths of this book – its breadth – serves also as its greatest drawback.  While we value the breadth of topics, we would appreciate more depth to some topics.  The book touches upon many important areas of concern for parents, but might develop some topics more fully.  Parents who have particular concerns may feel they do not have enough information or depth.

We would recommend this book to parents because of it view of the whole student and the importance of early, developmental years.  It will help parents recognize that students’ success in college builds upon many of the early values and lessons that parents instill.

About the author:

Bob Roth is a former campus recruiter for a large, international corporation.  He is the author of two other books for college students and their parents: The College Student’s Guide to Landing a Great Job and The 4 Realities of Success During and After College.  He has written and published many articles on college and career success, and provides articles to College Career Offices, Campus Newspapers, Parent Associations and Employment Websites.  He is known as the “College & Career Success” Coach.

As the father of four young adult children who have faced the same issues in college, Bob has a parent’s perspective.  He knows many of the parental questions and concerns.  He has been interviewed on numerous radio programs across the country and by many newspapers. In recent years he has served as an adjunct at Marist College, teaching a course in Career Development.

What the author has to say about the book:

This book will help to answer the question, “What can parents do to help their children get off to a good start in college and in life?”  This book is for parents who want to help their children achieve the success they desire in college and beyond.

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