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The more that college parents know and understand about the college experience, the less we worry and the better we will be able to help our students to succeed and thrive throughout their college career.  However, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there on the web.   We’d like to help you find some of the information that might be most interesting and useful to you as a college parent.

In News and Views we share recent college related news and sources we’ve found as we do our research.  We hope that this feature will help to introduce you to new ideas and to help you keep up with some of the current issues that may affect your college student – and you.

We invite you to read some of the articles suggested below – and to let us know what you think of some of the ideas included here.

How I Know You Wrote Your Kid’s College Essay

This is a great reminder of why we shouldn’t mess with our student’s college essay – even if we think we can make it better.  Be sure to read to find out how you give yourself away when you edit.

A Guide for Parents: Help Your College Student on the Path to Financial Independence

This is a nice reminder, from a student perspective, that helping your student become independent doesn’t necessarily mean “hands off.”

How Parents Can Support Teens’ Mental Health

With rising concern about the mental health of teenagers and college-age students, it’s important for parents to understand how to help students cope with issues.  Important read.

Exterminating College Process Termites

Termites!  Ick!  This article uses the comparison to termites, which is interesting, but the wisdom about how we worry about the college application process is spot on.

Communicating Effectively with Your College Kid

We have many articles on College Parent Central about communicating with your student.  It’s a complex issue.  But if we had to boil it down to just three suggestions, these are good ones.

How Can a College Parent Maintain Key Legal Rights?

Important advice.  Don’t gamble with your student’s health in an emergency.

Six Things College-Bound Students Can Do to Alleviate Parental Anxiety

High school seniors are not the only ones anxious about the college application process.  You might want to share this article with your student!



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