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The more that college parents know and understand about the college experience, the less we worry and the better we will be able to help our students to succeed and thrive throughout their college career.  However, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there on the web.   We’d like to help you find some of the information that might be most interesting and useful to you as a college parent.

In News and Views we share recent college related news and sources we’ve found as we do our research.  We hope that this feature will help to introduce you to new ideas and to help you keep up with some of the current issues that may affect your college student – and you.

We invite you to read some of the articles suggested below – and to let us know what you think of some of the ideas included here.

The Academic Adjustment from High School to College

Moving from high school to college involves so many transitions! Students can anticipate many of them, but the changes in the classroom may be more than they anticipate.

Smartphone Apps Your College Kid Needs, Social Media Accounts Parents Should Follow

Some of these are ingenious! Check them out.

How Parents Can Identify Mental Health Problems in Their College Kids

Hopefully, you won’t need to worry, but here are some things to watch for. Keep the communication channels open.

How We Build Resilience at College and at Home

Resilience is an important characteristic for college success. Do all you can to help your student build it.

Six Key Areas of Adjustment for First-Year College Students

This is a great way to look at the challenges that your first-year college student can face.

Parents Are Using Smartphones to Track Their College-Aged Kids

I’m not completely comfortable with this if we’re trying to let our kids know we trust them.  What do you think?

The One Thing Parents Should (But Often Don’t) Consider Before Sending Their Child to College

Talking to your student about mental health can be awkward. But it’s crucial that we get past the hesitation. This article explains why.

Supporting Mental Health – A Checklist for Families of College Students

Mental health is a growing concern on college campuses. Make sure you address the topic with your college student.

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  1. Hello , yes this is his second year of college. We are so happy for all advices you sent to us. The advices help us to keep eyes on him to a better success. Thanks a lot.


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