Future College Parents

You’re almost a college parent, but not quite there yet. Or perhaps college still seems a long way off, but you’re starting to think about it.

Good for you! The best time to start thinking about what it will be like to be a college parent isn’t when the admission letter arrives – or on Move-in Day. The earlier you start, the better.

Although college admissions, tuition, and financial aid are essential topics to consider, here at College Parent Central these topics are not our main focus. We think that makes us different.

There’s lots of information available (some of it better than others) about admissions and financial strategies. But there are two other topics that we think are equally important – and often ignored. They are how to prepare yourself for your new parenting role and how to prepare your student for a successful college experience.

As parents, we want the best for our children. That’s why many of us started college funds early, and why so many of us are so involved in the college admissions process. But what happens once your student is accepted and your financial plan is in place? What now? What does appropriate involvement look like? How will you know if your student will know what to do to be successful once he/she starts college? These are the additional things we need to consider early.

Starting to build the right kind of relationship with your student while he/she is in high school – or even middle school – will help you both make the momentous transition later.

So what can you do now – before college – to help ensure that things go more smoothly later?

You begin on College Parent Central.

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Preparing for the college experience

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Making the most of the admissions process

Why College?
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Is Your Student Heading to College for the Right Reasons?
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The College Decision Dilemma
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Delaying the college experience?

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Should Your Student Consider a High School Post Grad Year?

Don’t Stop There

Check out the following categories for more articles that may be helpful to you right now – and then browse the rest of the site and get a head start on the college parent experience. Take your time, bookmark the site and return as you need more information.

High School and Admission
Orientation and Transition
Communicating with Your Student

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