Moving In, Moving On, and Moving Out: Your College Student in Transition

College is a time of transition.  There is much discussion about the student’s transition to freshman year and to college in general.  But in many ways, college is a time of continual transition.  Your student moves into college, into and out of dorms and apartments, into (and sometimes out of) majors, and move on up the ladder of college class rank.  For some students the transition includes moving on to different colleges or to alternative paths.  Finally, students begin the transition out of college and into career.

Recognizing that this is a time of continual transition and change will help you support and encourage your student as he navigates his way through college.  We’ve included here some information about some of the transitions your student – and you – may face.

Moving In – The First Year Transition

When Is It Too Late to Apply to College?

Can a College Revoke My Student’s Admission?

Why Summer Orientation is Important for Your College Freshman

Why Doesn’t My College Freshman Want to Attend Orientation?

What is a College Summer Bridge Program?

Summer Preparations for Your College Student’s Transition to Freshman Year

Summer Before College a Summer of Decisions: Financial Decisions

Summer Before College a Summer of Decisions:  Student Life Decisions

Summer Before College a Summer of Decisions:  Academic Decisions

The Problem With College Placement Exams

Should My Student Consider Taking a Gap Year Before Starting College?

Should My Student Consider Deferring Enrollment for College?

College Parents Can Help Freshmen Understand the Differences Between High School and College

College Parents Can Help Freshmen Overcome First Semester Challenges

Eight Life Skills You Should Teach Your Freshman Before He Heads to College

Preparing for Your College Freshman’s Move to College

How Parents Can Help Make College Move-in Day a Success

Freshman Seminar: Your Student’s First Step Into College

What Do I Do If My College Student is Homesick?

Twelve Places on Campus Your College Student Should Locate Early

How to Help Your College Student Prepare for Living With a Roommate

Eight Decisions You and Your Student Should Make Before College Begins


Moving On – Continuing and Going Beyond

What’s Ahead for Your College Student: The Four Year Journey

Seven Things Returning Students Might Consider to Enhance Their Experience

Parenting Your College Student Through the Transfer Process – Part 1

Parenting Your College Student Through the Transfer Process – Part 2

Parenting Your College Student Through the Transfer Process – Part 3

What to Do If Your Student is Academically Dismissed from College

Helping Your College Student Prepare to Study Abroad

Help!  My College Student Wants to Drop Out of College!

Study Away – Alternative to Study Abroad

Why Your College Student Should Consider an Internship


Moving Out – After College

The Path to Graduation:  What’s Your Student’s Timeline?

Reasons Why Your College Student Might Not Graduate in Four Years

Will Your College Student Graduate on Time?

Fall Preparations for Your College Senior’s Transition Out of School

Is Your College Student Preparing for the World of Work?

Are You Ready for the Pomp and Circumstance?

College Commencement’s Coming:  Is Your Student Ready?

Boomerang Kids: When Your College Student or College Graduate Moves Back Home

How Does Your College Student Feel About His First Job?

Eight Factors That Can Help Your Student Land a Job and Build a Career

Encourage Your College Student to Join a Professional Association

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