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What’s the College Parent Central Podcast all about?

You don’t stop parenting the day you drop your student off to college on Move-in Day.  Your role simply changes.  (Actually, it’s not simple at all, but it changes.) You’re a parent for life. Join Lynn Abrahams and Vicki Nelson, higher education professionals and former college parents, as they explore the topics that can help you be a more effective and supportive parent to your college bound student.  Whether you already have a child in college, college is still a year or more away, or your student is about to step out, start now to gather the information that empowers you to be an effective college success coach to your student.

#050 – We Celebrate Our 50th Episode with 50 Top Tips

We’re thrilled to be celebrating the 50th episode of the College Parent Central Podcast! We hope we’ve shared helpful information, advice and support in our first 50 episodes. We had fun brainstorming 50 helpful tips for parents and students to celebrate our 50th episode. They range from “Go to Class” (for students) to “Don’t Call Professors” (for parents.) Find the suggestions that speak to you and your student and see how many you can practice right now. Thanks for joining us on the journey so far!  We look forward to our next 50 episodes!

#049 – The Middle Years of College: Getting the Work Done

Sophomore and Junior years make up half of your student’s time in college. Yet these years don’t often get the attention that those transitional first and last years receive.  In this episode, Lynn and Vicki explore the unique nature of each of these middle years and discuss the challenges and the growth that your student may face and how parents can best support them.

#048 – Your Freshman is Off to College: An Interview with Authors Laurie Hazard and Stephanie Carter

In this podcast episode we had an opportunity to talk with Laurie Hazard and Stephanie Carter, about their book Your Freshman Is Off to College: A Month by Month Guide to the First Year. This book should be on every new college parent’s bookshelf.  Laurie and Stephanie highlight information about healthy transitions from high school to college, how to support students in their growing independence, and how parents can shift into their new coaching role. Listeners will not want to miss the wealth of knowledge and experience that these professionals share.

#047 – College Lingo – Can You Talk the Talk?

So many mysterious terms and acronyms to understand when your student heads off to college! In this episode Vicki and Lynn define and discuss several of the insider terms that colleges use that may not be clear to parents. We cover topics from FERPA through disability laws, admission waitlists and various faculty roles. We’re only scratching the surface of this new language, but it should get you started being able to understand and Talk the Talk.

#046 – A Story of Hope for Parents of Struggling Students: An Interview with Marie Force

In this episode writer Marie Force shares the story of her son’s journey as he struggled with learning challenges throughout school. Now that Jake has graduated from college (with honors!) and is headed to graduate school, Marie recounts her personal journey as a parent. Marie’s story will inspire parents whose students might be struggling. Helping your student find their motivation and staying optimistic will be key.

#045 – Transitioning from Summer to College: The Importance of the First Six Weeks – Part 3

In this final part of our summer college preparation series, Lynn and Vicki discuss how to support your student on Move-In Day and throughout their first six weeks on campus. Parents and students who are prepared for the emotional peaks and valleys of transitioning into the world of college, are better able to feel in control of their experiences. In this episode we offer suggestions for how to support your student on this exciting new journey.

#044 – Summer Conversations to Help Your Student Prepare for College – Part 2

Summer is a perfect time to begin conversations that will help both you and your student prepare for the transition to college.  From roommates to money to autonomy and independence, these conversations will help your student articulate both their concerns and expectations and help you get to know your student in a new way. Because Lynn and Vicki are both college professors we also leave parents with a homework checklist of tasks to complete before the summer ends.

#043 – Using Summer to Help Your Student Prepare for College – Part 1

So many decisions! The summer before college is filled with a flood of information, decisions to be made, and a roller coaster of emotions. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki share advice about what to expect during this crossroads summer. They suggest ways you can help your student organize their tasks and make important decisions about the fall.

#042 – The Ins and Outs of College Scholarships: An Interview with Scholarship Coach Janet MacDonald

The scholarship application process can feel overwhelming and complicated to many students and their parents. In this episode, scholarship coach Janet MacDonald shares some of the secrets to making this process more approachable and productive. She helps us understand when to start, what to do, how to get organized and how parents can best support their student. According to Janet, there are more scholarships available now for more types of students than ever before. If you have a student heading to college, this is information you need.

#041 – More Summer Reads for Parents . . . Two Authors, Four Books

In this episode, Vicki and Lynn again share some of their favorite books for college parents. This time, we focus on Jessica Lahey and Julie Lythcott-Haims who have each written two books that are essential reading for parents. Whether your child is younger, or you have someone heading to college, you’ll find information, inspiration and support. After you listen to this episode, you’ll want to find a copy of The Gift of Failure, The Addiction Inoculation, How to Raise an Adult, and Your Turn:  How to Be an Adult. Happy reading!

#040 – Our Favorite Books to Share with College Students

The college journey actually begins in high school, so don’t wait until your student is in college to give them food for thought about the college experience. In this episode, Vicki and Lynn discuss some of their favorite books for you to share with your student. Reading these books will inspire students to take charge of the next step in their lives. Topics include making the most of your college experiences, understanding how your brain works, coping with health concerns on your own, and listening to advice from students who’ve gone before you. Several of these books will make ideal gifts for your high school or early college student (and don’t forget to sneak a read before you pass it along!).

 #039 – Adulting: Can You Help Your Student Prepare for Life After College?

It’s time to take a look at preparing our student for those first steps out of the door of college. Adulting means “behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks.” Basically, it means being a grown-up.  College is the perfect time to work on those life skills that don’t necessarily come naturally when you graduate. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki talk about some of the ways that parents can help their student function successfully in the post-college world.  From concrete skills like laundry and finances, to abstract questions like “what gives my life meaning,” parents still have a role in supporting their student’s growth.

#038 – The Addiction Inoculation: An Interview with Author Jessica Lahey

We were honored to be able to spend some time talking with Jessica Lahey, author of The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed,  about her new book The Addiction Inoculation: Raising Healthy Kids in a Culture of Dependence. Jessica’s new book weaves together her personal story about addiction with a tremendous amount of information about topics such as brain development, drinking culture, substance use disorder, and ways both parents and schools can approach this sensitive topic. The book contains suggestions and scripts for conversations with your kids from pre-school through elementary, middle and high school as well as college. With this book, parents will be armed with the information they need to talk to their kids about alcohol and drugs.

#037 – A Discussion About Academic Coaching and Resilience: An Interview with Adina Glickman

In this episode Adina Glickman, Founder of Affinity Coaching joins Vicki and Lynn to talk about her Resilient Learner Model and how she coaches college students to meet their full potential. Adina’s background in social work as well as her tenure as Director of Learning Strategies at Stanford University inform her holistic approach to building resilience in students. This episode highlights how parents can ask important questions to help their student craft individual strategies for academic and personal success.

#036 – What’s On Your Mind? Answering Some of Your Questions

In this episode Vicki and Lynn answer some of the questions that have come to College Parent Central. Topics include how to start the college search, access to student academic information (FERPA), what to do when your student is unhappy, and dealing with remote learning fatigue. We don’t have all of the answers, but we share some suggestions based on our professional and personal experience.

#035 – Making the Most of Student/Professor Relationships

Professor are people, too! When students get to college, they have an opportunity to work with experts and leaders in their field. But the relationship between professors and students requires effort on both sides. Vicki and Lynn help you understand how you can coach your student to navigate this relationship proactively and positively. This episode includes tips and strategies students can use to build a strong working relationship with their professors

#034 – A Discussion About College Students and Mental Health: An Interview with Dr. Eric Endlich

Dr. Eric Endlich is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years of experience working with teens and adults and the founder of Top College Consultants. In this episode Lynn and Vicki chat with Dr. Endlich about some of the most common mental health concerns facing college students today. Whether it is anxiety, depression, addiction, or learning challenges, parents and students can work together to help students find ways to cope. Dr. Endlich emphasizes that parents don’t always need to have answers, and that communication skills are key to exploring solutions.

#033 – Looking at Failure Differently: A Layered Approach to Building Motivation

You’re never done with the job of parenting – even at the college level. Many students have a fear of failure and feel pressure to succeed. Some students are unable to handle failure when it happens. As parents is can be more painful to watch our student struggle than to struggle ourselves. We try to build confidence in our students, but we actually need to let them build their own competence by making mistakes and learning from them. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki discuss some of the frustrations college student learners feel and how parents can support them to redefine success and gain the resilience and grit that they need to thrive.

#032 – Helping Your Student Make the Most of Remote Learning

As we look toward yet another semester of remote learning for many, this is an excellent time for students to evaluate their challenges and successes. Some students are thriving in their remote classrooms and others are struggling mightily. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki explore some of the challenges students face and offer suggestions to help students make the most of their online experiences. From their perspectives as a classroom instructor and a Learning Disabilities specialist, Vicki and Lynn have gathered stories of resilience and tips to help students maintain their motivation throughout the semester.

#031 – 30 Episodes In! Reflecting on the Past Year of the College Parent Central Podcast

The College Parent Central Podcast is one year old! During this year, we’ve explored a range of key topics for college parents. In this episode Lynn and Vicki reflect on how the College Parent Central podcast began and where the journey has led throughout this most unusual year. This episode explores some of the core themes that can help parents feel less overwhelmed as they embrace their new college parent role. Join the hosts as they reflect on the past year and preview a new season of the podcast in 2021.

#030 – Transfer Students: Making Decisions and Navigating the Process

Although college transfer may seem the norm for many students these days, when it is your student transferring it is a significant event for your family. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki explore some of the reasons your student may consider transferring and how you can help them make this important decision. They identify ways that parents can help students navigate the sometimes complex information-gathering and application process. Vicki and Lynn offer suggestions for how parents can be instrumental in helping students make the transition and settle in to their new environment.

#029 – Steps to Success for Students with Disabilities: An Interview with Elizabeth Hamblet

The shift from high school to college can be challenging for all students, but it may be even more daunting for students with disabilities. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki talk with Elizabeth Hamblet, author of the book From High School to College: Steps for Success for Students with Disabilities. Elizabeth shares essential information that students and parents need to know as they prepare for and apply to college. Understanding the differences between high school support and college accommodations can help pave the way for a smooth transition. Parents will learn what questions to ask and how to encourage the independence and self-advocacy  required of their student in the college environment.

#028 – Signs of Trouble: How Do You Know If Your Student Is Struggling?

Once your child steps into the world of college – even if it is in the next room – both parents and students begin experiencing a new stage in development. Students are exploring the academic and social world of college; parents are exploring the experience of stepping back and watching them do it.  But, it is also part of the parenting package to worry.  In this episode, Lynn and Vicki highlight some of the signs that parents can watch for that may indicate that their student is struggling. All college students will hit a few bumps in the road, and the more parents can think about how to identify signs of trouble, how to explore situations further, and how to  decide whether or not to intervene, the better armed they will be to support their student’s growth.

#027 – Student Anxiety: Helping Your Student Cope

College can be a time when many students face new academic and social challenges that can feel overwhelming. Differentiating the stress of these situations from the anxiety students experience is a first step toward helping them cope with their feelings. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki share some strategies to help students channel their stress in positive ways. Parents learn how to help students understand and handle their own anxiety.

#026 – College Parenting at a Distance

When your student goes away to college you may feel that your parenting job is ending. You’re told to “let go,” but in reality, your role just shifts to a new stage. In this episode, Vicki and Lynn talk about some of the changes that take place as we find new ways to parent our students from a distance. It is important that parents think about how to stay in touch without hovering, how to make the most of opportunities to communicate with their student, how to detect potential difficulties, as well as what to do when you can’t attend those special events. Parents can use this process of changing roles to establish new and lasting ways to connect with their emerging adult students.

#025 – College Parenting Up Close: When Your Student Lives at Home

Your college student may be living at home out of choice or out of necessity. Whether they are taking fully online classes or commuting to campus, your role as a college parent changes and will require some new thinking and communication skills. In this episode Vicki and Lynn discuss some of the problems students living home may encounter and how to support your student in their transition. As you and your student continually re-evaluate your living situation and roles, you have the opportunity to establish lasting and rewarding ways of being together as adults.

#024 – College Student Health: An Interview with Dr. Jill Grimes

A major concern for almost everyone who has a child in college this fall is their student’s health in the midst of COVID-19. Whether your student is going to be on campus or learning remotely, there are some basic preventive practices that all students should know. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki talk with Dr. Jill Grimes, author of The Ultimate College Student Health Handbook, and specialist in college student health. Dr. Grimes shares valuable information, tips, and strategies about what to do and not to do to avoid getting sick. She also shares personal experiences and advice about common college student health questions, as well as essential tips for parents putting together that all-important college dorm first aid kit. Parents will feel informed and reassured after listening to Dr. Grimes’ frank discussion.

#023 – Parental Anxiety: It’s time to look at ourselves (instead of our college students!)

Anxiety is a part of our DNA as parents. It is normal and natural, but we have a responsibility to honestly look at it. We need to become aware of how our anxiety can affect our students, and discover strategies for all of us to find relief. In this episode, Lynn and Vicki begin by looking at some of the unintended messages we may be sending to our students when we are tempted to step in too quickly to fix their problems. This episode focuses on creative strategies for dealing with parental anxiety so that you can be better prepared to support your student.

#022 – College Secrets of Highly Successful People: An Interview with Lindy and Tom Schneider

Students and their parents focus a lot of energy on the process of getting into college. It is also essential to think about how students can use their college experiences to build a path to future success.  In this interview, Vicki and Lynn talk with Lindy and Tom Schneider, authors of the book College Secrets of Highly Successful People and explore their tips for making the most of the opportunities college presents. They share some of the colorful stories of famous and not so famous people who have taken advantage of their college experiences to build successful careers. Tom and Lindy’s use of humor and real life, practical stories and suggestions make their book, and this podcast, especially enjoyable.

#021 – College Roommates: Navigating This Complex Relationship

The topic of college roommates looms large for many students and parents.  It is common for students to feel anxious as many anticipate sharing a living space with a stranger for the first time. But with careful preparation, attention to communication, and an openness to new experiences, students can create a positive relationship with their roommate. In this episode, Vicki and Lynn discuss the important skills required and lessons learned from the work of building this important relationship.

#020 – Our Favorite Summer Reads for College Parents

Whether you are doing your reading this summer on the beach or safely at home, it is always nice to have some new book suggestions. In this episode Lynn and Vicki share some of the college parenting books they have found helpful. These books offer parents support, encouragement, guidance and suggestions for all stages of the college parenting journey. Some of these books are for parents and some should definitely be shared with your students.

#019 – Students With Learning Differences: What Are the Key Changes Between High School and College?

What colleges and universities do to support students with learning differences changes from K-12, not only because the laws are different but also because the goals for students shift in college. These changes may be bigger than most students and parents expect. In today’s podcast, Lynn and Vicki explore differences in how the laws protect students and how the key responsibilities of both the institution and the student change. The more you understand these differences, the more comfortable you and your student will be, and the better you will be able to support your student in transition.

#018 – Spiritual Health and College Students- An Interview with Rev. Terry Hofmann

We talk a lot about college student intellectual, social and emotional development, but there are fewer conversations around college students’ spiritual development. In this guest interview, Lynn and Vicki talk with Rev. Terry Hofmann who has served as a Director of Spiritual Life at a small liberal arts college for ten years. Terry brings to this conversation her wealth of knowledge and experience with college students as they explore their spiritual and religious identities. Terry shares ideas for supporting students in the various aspects of spiritual health and wellness.

#017 – How to Move Forward after Academic Probation or Dismissal

If your student is placed on probation or dismissed from college, it can feel devastating – like a virtual punch in the stomach – but this does not have to be the end of the road. In this episode, Vicki and Lynn suggest ways you can talk to your student about the situation. They help you understand what probation and dismissal mean, how to analyze what might have gone wrong, and create an action plan for next steps. No one begins college expecting to fail (though many may fear it.) Although this roadblock may feel overwhelming, focusing on moving forward will help you and your student find the opportunities this detour may provide.

#016 – Staying on Track to Graduate On Time

For those students who enter college intending to finish in four years, taking ownership of their progress is essential. However, not all students will be on the four year plan. Whatever timeline your student plans to follow, it is essential that they carefully track their progress toward the finish line. In this episode, Vicki and Lynn help parents understand what their student needs to know and do in order to complete college “on time.”

#015 – Special Episode – COVID-19 – One Month In – Challenges of Staying the Course

Now that your student has transitioned to their new online college environment, they face new challenges. Staying motivated and focused isn’t easy. Students are overwhelmed by coursework, miss their friends and social life, and don’t know how long this new way of life will last. Although the college semester has a finish line, it still seems a long way off.  In this episode Lynn and Vicki share with parents some observations about the specific challenges many students are facing right now both academically and in their daily lives as well as some suggestions for coping with these obstacles. Parents can’t fix all of their student’s issues, but understanding what they are can help parents provide the guidance students may need.

#014 – The College Decision Dilemma: What Happens Once Those Admission Letters Arrive?

The college admission process begins earlier and earlier and sometimes seems to go on forever. When those highly anticipated acceptance letters begin to arrive, the process enters a new phase. The ball is now in your student’s court to make a decision. What is your role as a parent at this stage? In this episode Vicki and Lynn unpack some of the emotions and practical steps you and your student can take as your student looks for the school with the best “fit,” perhaps moves to their second choice of school, or copes with being on a Waitlist. As your student makes this final decision, everyone’s roles begin to shift.

#013 –  COVID-19: When Your College Student Needs to Complete the Semester at Home

It seems as though the entire world has turned upside down. As the coronavirus rages worldwide, most colleges are sending students home to complete their coursework online. College-at-home comes with significant challenges for both students and their parents. This special episode contains essential suggestions for helping students learn to adjust to their new online learning environment.

#012 – Talking About the First Year Experience – An Interview with Dr. Silas Pearman

In our first guest interview, Lynn and Vicki chat with Dr. Silas Pearman, First Year Coordinator at Curry College. Si discusses various types of first year programming and how students can benefit from classes that help them transition. Topics include questions parents and students should ask during the admission process to find the best fitting first year program, specific challenges first year students typically face, and strategies to help parents prepare their students for the transition. Si shares advice to parents on how to support their college student throughout their first year. Parents are urged to do their homework to evaluate options and find schools with intentional programming for first year students.

#011 – Should Your Student Take a Gap Year Before College?

What if you think your student may not be ready for college? What if your student feels they just need a break? In this podcast, Lynn and Vicki look at college admission deferral, high school postgrad programs and other gap year options. If you are thinking of a gap year you’ll need to consider the advantages and disadvantages, how to investigate options, and what to expect. This is an excellent opportunity for conversations about readiness, motivation, and specific goals for a possible year out.

#010 – Tips for Using Senior Year to Prepare for College

Senior year of high school can feel overwhelming. But this can be an excellent time to help your student work on the skills that can lead to success in college – and in life. In this podcast, Vicki and Lynn talk about your student’s path toward independence. Topics include the college application process, time management, and specific life skills that students need to make the transition to college. From getting themselves up in the morning, maintaining their own calendar, to doing laundry and managing their finances, this podcast explores how you can use senior year as a training lab for life at college.

#009 – The Importance of Anticipating the Key Differences Between High School and College

Understanding the key differences between high school and college directly impacts how we “parent” our students as we help them prepare to make the big transition. No one gives us a roadmap of exactly how to do this. It is helpful for parents to understand how their role changes when their student heads to college as well as the important skills that students need to succeed. In this podcast Vicki and Lynn examine changing roles for everyone, explain FERPA rules and regulations, and look at specific differences in time management and expectations in college.

#008 – Helping Your Student Take Advantage of College Resources

Many college students don’t utilize of all of the support available to help them succeed. The reasons for this can be as varied as the students themselves. Does your student feel comfortable asking for help when they need it?  Does your student know how to find what they need and how to take advantage of every resource? In this episode Lynn and Vicki look at six essential resources on most college campuses, how they can help students, and how students can make the most of what these services have to offer.

#007 – Second Semester of College: The Transition No One Talks About

You worry about a lot of things when you send your student off to college for the first semester – and then you think you’re done. You and your student may be taken by surprise when the start of the second semester of college seems so difficult. In this episode Vicki and Lynn explore why some students may experience the “second semester blues” and why some parents feel they need to increase their involvement. This episode focuses on strategies you can use to calm your fears and help your student make the most of this fresh start. There are some wonderful aspects to the second semester of college and knowing what to expect can help you send your student off more thoughtfully.

#006 – Home from College: That LONG Winter Break

Winter Break is special because for many families it is so LONG. Some students have as much as four to six weeks of vacation. That’s a long time to have them home. It’s wonderful, of course, but some structure and focus may be needed as you adjust to the new person that your student has become. In this episode Lynn and Vicki share some ideas about what to expect, how to ensure this is a constructive time for everyone, and how to enjoy your time together.

#005 – Communicating with Your College Student

When we think about our communication with our students, we often think about how to get them to talk – but we less often think about our end of the exchange. In this episode Vicki and Lynn talk about three different aspects of communicating with our students – how we listen, how we encourage them to share, and how we respond when they do. Good communication is not going to fix every problem, but it is a great way to help both you and your student feel connected and on the same team.

#004 – Here We Go! It’s Final Exam Time!

When you provide just a bit of understanding, encouragement, and support from home,  you can do a lot to help your student through the final weeks of the semester. Lynn and Vicki discuss how you can help your student deal with anxiety, prepare for the end of the semester and cope with the results.

#003 – Home for Break

Your student is coming home for break!  Vicki and Lynn help you think about what to expect, how to prepare for your student’s return and survival strategies for the whole family.

#002 – Mid-Semester Check In

Mid-semester is a great time for you to check in with your student to see how the semester is going.  Lynn and Vicki discuss potential concerns, available resources, and specific conversations that can help you and your student connect at this important time.

#001 – Welcome to the College Parent Central Podcast

Meet Lynn Abrahams, learning disabilities specialist for college students and Vicki Nelson, Communication professor and former Director of Academic Advising. Lynn and Vicki are also parents of 2 boys (Lynn) and 3 girls (Vicki) and have lived through the college parent experience.  Lynn and Vicki draw on their many years of experience and blend their perspectives as college professionals and parents as they look at the college parent role.


You can also listen to us on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Overcast, Google Play or anywhere you like to listen to your podcasts. Subscribe (for free) and download each of our episodes as we release them.





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