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If you’ve found the information here at College Parent Central helpful, don’t stop here.

Remember, you’re not alone on this journey. We’re anxious to share more information with you and your parent group to help you feel comfortable and empowered in your changing role.

From Caretaking to Coaching: Successfully Guiding Your Child To and Through the College Years is an interactive workshop designed to help parents know what to expect and find ways to be productively engaged in their child’s college experience.

Whether your group is a high school parent group, a church group, a college orientation session, or just a gathering of friends or work colleagues, we’d love to share our insights with you. If you’ve never attended college, this workshop will help you understand a little more about what your child will be experiencing and how you can help. If you attended college “a few” years ago, you’ll learn that some things may have changed.

  • What can you do during high school to help prepare your student for college success?
  • How do you stay involved productively with your students once college begins?

Learn more about the college experience and how you can participate in that experience without getting in the way of your student’s growing independence. We’ll help you turn that negative “helicopter parent” label around.

Remember what it was like the first time you sat in the passenger seat and let your child take the steering wheel of the car? You may have been terrified! You no longer controlled the car, your student was in charge! But you needed to be there to mentor and support your student through all of those hours of practice driving.

Much like a good coach, parents can participate productively, guiding their student toward independence, if they have the right information.

We’ll talk about how coaching your student can make a difference, what topics you and your student should do and discuss, and how to approach important conversations with your student.

Specific topics in our workshop include:

  • Using the final months (or years) of high school to prepare your student for college success.
  • Making the transition from high school to college – for both you and your student.
  • Preparing for changes in your college student.
  • Embracing your new role as a college parent.
  • Understanding FERPA and other parental rights.
  • Communicating with college officials and knowing when you need to step in.
  • Understanding college life and college expectations of both you and your student.
  • Improving communication with your college student.
  • Knowing when to swoop in – and when to get out of the way.

We help you learn how to change your role from Caretaking to Coaching.

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