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Your New College Student’s Schedule of Classes

You have a new college student in the family.  Congratulations!  Now that the college decision is behind all of you, both you and your student may be starting to think specifically about next year.  Your student may be focused on finding a roommate and worrying about whether she will have friends, but you may be thinking more about your student’s classes.  What will she need to take?  How will it all come together?

As a parent, you want to make sure that your student makes the appropriate choice of classes, and you worry about what might happen if he doesn’t.  There are many factors that go into creating the best schedule for your student, and most colleges work very hard to help students understand their requirements and to put together their first schedule.  This may be something that your student will do at an Orientation session.  Some schools may even simply assign incoming first-year students their first schedule.

Although you need to remember as a college parent that you will need to take a back seat in this process and let the college guide your student in his choices, we’ve collected a number of posts that will help you talk to your student about scheduling issues.  Remember, though, that this is your student’s schedule.  He is the one who will be attending classes, working with his advisor, and ultimately making sure that he meets all requirements.  By all means, have conversations with him about his choice of classes, but then encourage him to work with the college to create and understand his schedule.

Here is some food for thought – and conversation:

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