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College Parent News and Views

The more that college parents know and understand about the college experience, the less we worry and the better we will be able to help our students to succeed and thrive throughout their college career.  However, there is an overwhelming amount of information out there on the web.   We’d like to help you find some of the information that might be most interesting and useful to you as a college parent.

In News and Views we share recent college related news and sources we’ve found as we do our research.  We hope that this feature will help to introduce you to new ideas and to help you keep up with some of the current issues that may affect your college student – and you.

We invite you to read some of the articles suggested below – and to let us know what you think of some of the ideas included here.

5 Tips to Transform Teen School Indifference to Engagement

Interestingly, when we really think about it, we realize how much our reaction, and our handling of the situation might affect our student’s attitude.  Some good suggestions in this article.


Soft Skills Are Hard to Assess, and Even Harder to Live Without

The soft skills that are invaluable in business often matter to college students as well.  Think about how this list might apply to college students – and what you can do, as a parent, to help your student learn these soft skills.


11 Things College Parents Should Know

This is a good list of things to consider as you work with your student through the college admissions process and early college years.  We especially like #11.


Personal Economy and Liberal Arts

Don’t be fooled by the title of this article.  It is an insightful look at what students need from a college education to truly succeed in the world.  Ask your college student whether he/she is learning these lessons.


Ten Common Mistakes Parents Today Make

We might have benefitted from this article when our children were younger, but it’s never too late to help our kids find balance.


College Admissions Season: When the Answer is No

A must-read for all parents who have even the most remote possibility that your child will get a college rejection.  It’s going to be OK.


The Dark Side of Getting Into College

A cautionary tale for the parents of all students in the college application process.


4 Ideas to Help Students Navigate Their Anxiety

Students today have more stress than we realize.  These are some great suggestions for help students cope.



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