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Giving Your College Student a Fresh Start for Second Semester

For many new college students, the first semester of college presents a major learning curve – and not just inside the classroom.  The transition to college is exciting; but it can also be stressful and difficult for many students.  We sometimes assume that once past that first semester, students will be all set for smooth sailing, but the second semester provides its own challenges.

Whether your student had a wonderful first semester, or struggled,  the second semester can be a time to make a fresh start – or to upgrade the college experience.

Students begin the second semester of college with a semester’s experience behind them, but they may not be sure how best to make the most of this their experiences.  As a college parent, you may wonder whether your student is ready to maximize this second semester. Your student may need some help making this new start.

At College Parent Central, we are committed to not only helping you, as a college parent, navigate the college experience and support your student, but also to helping your student as well.  Our subscription newsletter for second semester students, appropriately called FreshStart! is designed specifically for students as they build on their experiences in the first semester.

Whether your student needs to turn around a poor semester or simply build on a strong foundation, FreshStart! can help.

We’ll send our FreshStart! newsletter to your student once each week throughout the spring semester and provide tips, suggestions, and sometimes gentle reminders of things to do to make the most of opportunities.  Each newsletter covers basics such as time management, study skills, campus involvement and relationships with faculty members, and also helps students build on leadership opportunities, career exploration, adding value to college experiences, and how to  prepare for the transition to sophomore year.

Since you’ll receive each FreshStart! newsletter along with your student, you’ll have some topics to talk about together.

Consider registering your student to receive FreshStart! now. Visit our FreshStart! page to learn more about our newsletter and how to include your student.  We think you’ll find it worth the investment. It’s a bit like providing an academic coaching session for your student each week.

Subscriptions are now open, but registration closes January 31, 2014.

Whether or not you choose to sign your student up to receive FreshStart! be sure to have a conversation about taking advantage of the new beginning that a second semester provides.


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