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Roundup of Helpful Posts for the Spring Season

Spring is in the air!  As we approach March, winter may still have something left for us, but we know it won’t last long.  Students and parents also know that there are still a few months left to the school year, but the end is beginning to be in sight.  Whether your student is a high school student looking ahead to college or a college student looking toward career or graduate school, or even a college student wondering about the next phase of college, March is a good time to look ahead.

Each year at this time we do a roundup of posts we feel might be most helpful during this “looking ahead” time of year.  Be sure to look at our March 2011 and March 2010 roundups.  Here are some posts to consider now as you and your student look toward the future and your student’s next phase (and your next phase of college parenting as well).

For high school students looking toward college

Waiting for the College Acceptance Letter: How Parents Can Help

Making Sense of Your Student’s College Financial Aid Package

Parents Can Help High School – And College – Students Deal with Disappointment

Ten Things You Can Do to Increase Your High School Student’s College Readiness

Soft Skills, Strong Success: Fifteen Skills for College Readiness

Is Your Student Heading to College for the Right Reasons?

College Acceptance – or Rejection – Letters: Ten Ways Parents Can Help Students Cope

College Waitlist: Should Your Child Just Wait?

Should My Student Consider Taking a Gap Year Before Starting College?

Should My Student Consider Deferring Enrollment for College?

The Problem with College Placement Exams

Using Senior Year to Prepare Your Student for College Success

When Is It Too Late to Apply to College?

College Parents Can Help Freshmen Understand the Differences Between High School and College


 For college students looking toward the next step

There’s an Honor Society for Your First Year College Student

Eight Benefits of Taking Difficult Courses in College

Should My College Student Live Off Campus?

Ten Wise Decisions Your College Student Can Make to Improve His GPA

Should My College Student Consider Retaking a Course?

The Middlework of College

Seven Things Returning Students Might Consider to Enhance Their Experience

Will My College Student Experience a Sophomore Slump?

How Parents Can Help Their College Student Avoid a Sophomore Slump


 For college students looking toward graduation and career

Boomerang Kids: When Your College Student or College Graduate Moves Back Home

When Graduation Means a Move Back Home

How the College Career Office Can Help Your College Student

Are You Ready for the Pomp and Circumstance?

College Commencement’s Coming: Is Your Student Ready?

College Parents’ Role in the Job or Internship Hunt

Eight Factors That Can Help Your Student Land a Job and Build a Career

Encourage Your College Student to Join a Professional Association

Is Your College Student Preparing for the World of Work?

25 Gift Ideas for Your College Graduate


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