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Helping Your College Student Get Ahead in the New Year – 21 Helpful Posts for January

January always brings with it the promise of new beginnings and the hope for a fresh start in many areas of our lives.  For college students and their parents, January marks the beginning of a new semester and all that it promises, as well as the start of a new year.

If the fall semester was a bit rocky at times, either personally, socially, or academically, this is a chance to start over again – with a lot of wisdom gathered during that first semester.   For students who began their college career in the fall, the return to college for a second semester marks an opportunity to put into place important lessons learned during that sometimes tumultuous first semester.  For students nearing the end of their college career, the new beginning of the year also marks the beginning of a transition to a new post-college phase.  For parents, new beginnings for students may mean important new beginnings on parenting phases as well.

Here are a few posts that might be especially helpful at this time of the year.  Think about how you can help your students get off to a great start this semester.

Resolutions for improvement and/or a new approach

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New Year’s Resolutions for College Parents and Their College Students

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Encouraging Your Student to Exercise in College

Helping Your Student With Goal Setting – and Action Plans

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Are Extracurricular Activities Really “Extra”?  Why Your Student Should Participate

Ten Wise Decisions Your College Student Can Make to Improve His GPA


Building on the past and moving forward

Parenting Your College Student Through the Transfer Process

What to Do If Your College Student Is On Academic Probation

What to Do If Your Student Is Academically Dismissed from College

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Helping Your College Student Jump Start the Second Semester

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Helping Your College Student Be a Better Student: Twelve Questions to Ask

When the College Experience Hits a Roadblock: Helping Your Student Deal with Dissatisfaction

Is Your College Student Getting in His Own Way?



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