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Roundup of Helpful Posts for August 2011

As a college parent, you are trying to learn many things about the world of college, trying to help your student make a successful transition – either to the first year of college or to a subsequent year of college or even a new college, trying to determine how you can be most helpful as part of the college equation, and trying to remember that this is a time of transition for you as well.  There seems to be so much to try to take in and to juggle.

As we begin this busy month just before your college student heads off to school, we offer a collection of posts that may be most helpful at this busy and sometimes stressful time of preparation and leave-taking.

Be sure to check out our Roundup for August 2009 and August 2010 for more helpful information for this time of year.  This current Roundup contains posts written in the past year, since last August

You may find some posts more helpful than others – and some of what you consider helpful may depend on your individual student and where she is in her college journey.  Take some time to read and review any of these posts which seem to speak to you, and you will be well-armed for the month ahead.

Preparing for the Road Ahead

Talk to Your Student About Preventing Theft in College

Eight Decisions You and Your College Student Should Make Before College Begins

Send Your Student to College with a “Comfort Pack”

Thinking About Your College Student’s Finances

Can a College Revoke My Student’s Admission?

The Problem with College Placement Exams

Important Dates for New College Parents

Your College Student’s Roommate Match

College Parents:  Use the Summer Before Freshman Year Wisely

What’s Ahead for Your College Student?  The Four Year Journey

Summer Homework for College Parents

Summer Before College a Summer of Decisions: Financial Decisions

Summer Before College a Summer of Decisions: Student Life Decisions

Summer Before College a Summer of Decisions: Academic Decisions


The College Experience

Helping Your College Student Increase His Chances of Success

Understanding Your College Student’s Class Schedule

College Parenting with the College Calendar

Talking to Your College Student About Grades

What is Add/Drop or Course Shopping Period?

Helping Your Study Abroad Student Stay Safe


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1 Meg { 08.11.11 at 1:18 pm }

This is a great collection of resources. We have shared a lot of this information on our site as well. Thank you for compiling this list for college parents to use.

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