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Roundup of Helpful Posts for June

College students (or soon-to-be college students) are often in yet another transition in June.  Those students already in college may have finished their formal academic year in May.  By June they have settled in to a summer term, a summer job or internship, or may be diligently looking for that first post-college job.  For high school students, June may bring graduation and the realization that college is just around the corner.  For parents, the summer months may be an interesting time of having a student return home after the year away or helping their student prepare to leave home for college.  There is something happening for almost everyone.

Last June we did a roundup of posts from last year that may be helpful to both you and your student at this point in the academic year.  You may view our roundup for last June here. It contains many helpful articles.  This post contains posts we’ve written since last June that may be helpful at this particular time of year.

Preparing for the College Experience:

Careful planning during the summer will mean a smoother transition in the fall.


What Kinds of On-Campus Jobs Are Available to My College Student?

How to Help Your College Student Prepare for Living With a Roommate

Teach Your College Student to Be a Packrat

Helping Your New College Student Consider Computer Needs

Eight Decisions You and Your College Student Should Make Before College Begins

Can a College Revoke My Student’s Admission?

The Problem With College Placement Exams

What Is a College Orientation Leader?

Important Dates for New College Parents

When Is It Too Late to Apply to College?

Your College Student’s Roommate Match

What Is a College Summer Bridge Program?


Reflecting on the Past Year:

If your student’s college experience is hitting some rough spots, this may be a good time to consider how to improve the experience next year.


How to Help Your Student Use the College Appeal Process Effectively

Signs That Your College Student May Be in Trouble

How Parents Can Help Their Student in Trouble

Talking to Your College Student About Grades

When Your College Student Is Unhappy

How You Can’t Help Your College Student Stay in School

What Might Jeopardize My College Student’s Financial Aid?

Can My College Student Dispute a Course Grade?


Continuing the College Journey:

Lay the foundation now for an improved experience next year.


Your Penny Pinching College Student

College Parenting With the College Calendar

When Your College Student Changes Majors

Helping Your Student With Goal Setting, and Action Plans

Does Your College Student Know How to Advocate for What She Needs?


Transitioning Your College Graduate:

Your student faces new challenges as she transitions to work or graduate school.


How Does Your College Student Feel About His First Job?

What Do Employers Want From Your College Student?  A Liberal Education.

Reading List: When Your College Student Graduates

Is Your College Student Preparing for the World of Work?

Eight Factors That Can Help Your College Student Land a Job and Build a Career

Recommended Reading for College Graduates


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