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Roundup of Helpful Posts for April

As April rolls around for your college student, the finish line is in sight.  Your college student is possibly feeling overwhelmed about how much still needs to be done before the end of the term, and at the same time trying to plan a schedule for next year and arrange for housing.  There are many end-of-year activities taking place.  She may also be worrying about a summer job or internship.  If your student is a senior, the ultimate concern is with a job or graduate school.  As other students at school begin to plan schedules and choose dorm rooms and roommates, the reality of next year’s possible uncertainty sets in for many seniors.

Your patience and support may be especially needed right now as your student tries to manage his time in the present – and also plan ahead.  Last April we listed some posts that are particularly applicable at this time of the year. We recommend that you look at last April’s Roundup.   Here are a few posts written since last April that may be helpful as you, too, try to juggle this busy time of the academic year.

Beginning the college journey:

Thinking About Your College Student’s Finances

What Might Jeopardize My College Student’s Financial Aid?

When Should My College Student Choose a Major?

Using Senior Year to Prepare Your Student for College Success

The Problem With College Placement Exams




Finishing the year and looking ahead:

Parents Can Help Students with the End-of-Semester Stress Meltdown

Why Your Student Should Consider an Internship

How to Help Your College Student Use the Summer Months Wisely

Signs That Your College Student May Be in Trouble

How Parents Can Help Their Student in Trouble

When Your College Student is Unhappy

How You Can’t Help Your College Student Stay in School

Is Your College Student Stressed?  Probably.

Talking to Your College Student About Stress




Graduation and beyond:

How the College Career Office Can Help Your College Student

Are You Ready for the Pomp and Circumstance?

College Commencement’s Coming: Is Your Student Ready?

How Does Your College Student Feel About His First Job?

What Do Employers Want From Your College Student?  A Liberal Education

Is Your College Student Preparing for the World of Work?

Will Your College Student Graduate on Time?




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