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What To Do If Your Student Is Academically Dismissed From College

When you send your student off to college you hope and assume that he will be successful.  Most students are successful and do well.  However, some students struggle – either socially or academically – for any number of reasons.  No parent wants to receive the news that his or her student has been academically dismissed from college because of poor performance.  It is distressing and disheartening news.  But it does happen, and parents need to help students deal with the situation.  Although you may be disappointed, and possibly angry, your response may be a large factor in helping your student move forward.

Here are some things to consider if your college student is academically dismissed from college.

What does academic dismissal mean?

A student may be academically dismissed from a school for failure to make “satisfactory academic progress”.  This may mean various things and may be defined differently by different schools.  Generally, it means either that the student’s GPA or Grade Point Average is too low (she received poor grades) or that she has not made satisfactory progress by completing enough credits (she dropped or withdrew from too many courses each semester).  A student who does not make satisfactory progress may then be dismissed or told that she can no longer be enrolled in the college.

Should your student appeal the decision?

In some cases, a college may allow a student to appeal the decision to dismiss.  The purpose of the appeal is usually to allow the student to explain extenuating circumstances or to provide additional information that may not have been available at the time that the decision was made.  He may be able to demonstrate that some circumstance has changed – perhaps a health situation, work situation, family situation, or even a change of focus or field of study.  It is important that you and your student remember, however, that an appeal is meant as an exception and to demonstrate extraordinary circumstances.  It is not meant as an avenue simply because the student is unhappy with the decision of the college.  An appeal may not be in the best interest of the student.

Should your student apply immediately to another college?

If your student is dismissed, his first thought, and yours, may be to apply immediately to another school.  This may be appropriate.  However, before doing that, you and your student may need to consider what factors caused the problems that warranted his dismissal.  Jumping immediately back in may not be the best solution.

Has your student taken time to reassess?

A student who is academically dismissed from college is not doomed to failure.  You may need to help your student view this as a time to reassess his abilities, behaviors, and priorities.  He was originally admitted to the college because of his abilities and potential, but something has prevented him from living up to that potential.  Now is a time to step back and reevaluate.  Before you and your student decide to immediately appeal the dismissal or to apply to a different school, consider carefully whether taking a break may be the best course of action for your student.

Would some time out be beneficial?

An academic dismissal from college happens for a reason.  Something has prevented your student from succeeding.  She may need your support more than ever now to think about how to proceed and how to use her time off.  For many dismissed students, taking a break from their current routine and setting may be the best path to success, even if it involves an unexpected detour.  Your student may decide to spend a year working to gain experience and perspective.  Your student may decide to take a course or two at a local community college to achieve some success and/or explore a new area of study.  Your student may need to move back home for a semester or a year to achieve some balance and focus. How you respond to this situation will help your student know how to respond.  Helping your student see this as an important, if unplanned, step in her path will help her to use the time constructively.

Should your student apply for readmission or reinstatement?

In most cases of academic dismissal, the student may be eligible to apply for readmission or reinstatement after a certain period of time.  This is different from appealing the decision at the time of dismissal.  One thing that your student will have had time to consider during his time off is whether or not he wants to return to the same institution or to transfer to another college.  If he wants to return, he should check the policy of his college.  Most schools require that a student “sit out” for a semester or a year.  When students apply for readmission, the college may be looking for certain factors.  They will be looking for indications from the student that things will be different if he returns.  He may be asked to submit a personal statement giving a compelling argument that he has addressed whatever challenges he had prior to dismissal.  They may be looking for successful completion of some credits at a community college or some other institution.  They may ask whether social, family, or personal issues have been addressed.

Is your student prepared for a fresh start?

If your student has used his time off from his college productively, he may be ready to return to school with a renewed focus and a new outlook.  Many students who have been dismissed return to their previous college – or another college – and are completely successful.  Helping your student see this time as an opportunity rather than a set-back will mean that he can use the time off to his advantage.  This may not be the path that either of you originally had in mind, but it may be a path that, in the long run, will be most beneficial to your student.  Having your support as a parent will help him to discover and accomplish his goals.

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1 valentine { 06.25.11 at 9:41 pm }

Can you still recoup an average of 3.0 GPA if you have a history of Dismissal?

2 Vicki { 07.18.11 at 8:05 pm }

Hi Valentine,
If you have a history of dismissal, the important thing to do is to figure out what went wrong and try to fix it. One way to do that is to take a class or two at a local college and do well. You might end up continuing there and getting a 4.0 if you have made some changes in the way you study! Also, remember that if you transfer to another college, you do not bring your GPA with you. So you will have a clean slate. It will all depend on what you do from that point forward. Good luck!

3 smith { 11.16.11 at 12:35 pm }

can you be denied transfer if your gpa is too low and what can you do if the other college denys you

4 Vicki { 11.16.11 at 3:16 pm }

Whether a college will deny you transfer based on your GPA would depend on the individual college. Most admissions offices would be happy to talk to you about their requirements. One possibility might be to take a semester at an open enrollment school such as a community college and do well. Then you would submit both your first transcript and the second transcript with the higher GPA. Communicating with the school you want to attend throughout the process would be a great idea.

5 sandy { 01.03.12 at 3:11 am }

i was dismissed from my college and am now enrolled in a commuity college for spring however i am in the process of applying tas a transfer to the other colleges hoping that i will be in a new college by fall. I want to show the other colleges that I have made progress but most of the deadlines are right in the middle of the semester. Should I just wait until I have a semester completed at the community college before applying as a transfer or can I give the schools mid-year reports to show that I am improving? Am I moving too fast?

6 Vicki { 01.03.12 at 9:02 am }

Hi Sandy,
Good for you for taking some community college classes. You’ll be using your time well by earning some credits and showing that you now can do the work. You might talk to someone from the admissions office at the school(s) to which you are applying and ask them about their suggested timing. If they suggest doing a full year at the community college and then applying for admission for next January, that could make sense. However, they may be willing to accept midterm grades and/or a letter of support from your current instructors. When you submit your application, you might also include a letter/essay about what went wrong the first time, what you’ve learned from it, and what you plan to do differently the next time around. Good luck!

7 Raj { 03.07.12 at 7:57 pm }

My son who graduated from High School with GPA 3.72 was accepted at Cal poly San Luis Obispo in 2009.
Started with Comp.Science Eng. major, received disqualification due to his GPA dropped to 1.89 after two and half year, Is told to come back after one year with 33quoter or 22 semester unit ( has to be lower division Classes) with GPA 3.0 or above. Since He has already completed 96 units, most of the lower division classes and some of the Major classes at Cal Poly, His chances are very little( not enough lower division classes left for him to take at other institute)

After came back from Cal Poly, enrolled quickly at community college (Without missing any time), taking 10 semester units this Semester. Planing to take Biology class during summer, Calculus 4, Physics and other GE class next fall.

Now He is thinking to go to other CSU instead of going back to Cal Poly.
Please can you advise what he need to do to meet transfer requirement for admission to another CSU ?
We been taking to near by CSU’s and answers are very disapointing, look like he will not get second chance to go back to college! is that true?
Does any of the requirement change if he decide to change his major that may help him get admitted?
Any recommendation greatly appreciated.

8 Vicki { 03.10.12 at 3:54 pm }

Hi Raj,
I’m sure this is all very disappointing and overwhelming for both you and your son. He is very lucky to have you working with him to help him find his path. I’m not sure that I can help you with much specific information. This specific field, and the California university system are unfamiliar to me. I certainly don’t want to point you in a wrong direction. My only suggestions are to continue to talk to various schools – both admissions personnel and faculty in specific departments. They may be able to give you more answers. You might also want to explore smaller, private colleges. These schools might be more flexible in accepting transfer credits and also in helping your son find a good match of a major. Smaller schools are often more creative in their approach. I am sure that there is a good program out there in which your son can complete a degree. Although this process is certainly difficult for you all, in the end he may have more focus and understanding of exactly what he wants than if all had gone smoothly for him. Good luck to you both!

9 Aisha { 03.15.12 at 11:37 am }

I have placed on academic probation and dismissed from my community college within the pass two years. My grades were on a decline withing the first year of attending that school. At lot of personal situations including me working full time came about which limits the time I have to study etc. Since I have been out of school I believe I am more than ready to get back into school since I am more comfortable with my situation and I know what I can and cannot handle. My only problem is “What school is going to take me?” I already failed community college what is next step I should take? Any suggestion you give will be greatly appreciated.

10 Teigh { 03.23.12 at 1:06 am }

I was recently dismissed from Central Michigan University after two semesters. I was taking my first online classes, and the teaching method and accelaration of the class was extremely overwhelming. I really would like to continue my studies at another college with hopes of success. What steps should I take when applying at a new school? CMU policy states that dismissal would take affect after three semesters, but I was dismissed after only two. Should I appeal the decision? What obstacles could I face? Please advise accordingly.

11 Joe { 04.25.12 at 12:44 am }

Hello, I was a first time college freshman majoring in electrical engineering back in 2004. At the same time as my freshman year my family went through a foreclosure. I took on a full time job to help redeem the property and was placed on academic probation because I failed every class without dropping. I appealed my academic probation status and was allowed to continue the next semster but still ended up failing my classes. I was then dismissed from the university. After the situation at home was fixed I ended up saving money so that I could pay for tuition out of pocket, retook all the classes a failed and Aced them all. I’m now a junior with a 3.6 GPA but wanted to know if I am wasting my time pursuing my degree because of my bad freshman year and dismissal (especially because of the competative field) or will I be able to get a decent job after I graduate? Also, will I we eligible for internships my senior year?

12 Vicki { 05.05.12 at 1:41 pm }

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your comment. It is a great story for parents to hear.

I absolutely don’t think that you are wasting your time to accomplish your college degree. Many, many students have a rough college beginning and then “figure it out” later – even without all of the hardships that you have dealt with. Most employers looking at your transcript will see the change in the later years. Hopefully, you’ll also have an opportunity to explain what happened – as well as the important lessons you’ve learned from the experiences.

As far as internships, that is more specific to your institution. Talk with your department or Career Services office to see what they can tell you.

Congratulations on that great GPA – and good luck!

13 SandyG { 05.06.12 at 12:14 am }

I have a friend who was recently dismissed from a very prestigious school due to family issues which turned her focus away from school work. Coming from out of state, she ended up with $160,000 debt from the school she was dismissed from without a degree. Now, she will be starting community school in her home state in the summer. However, its very hard for her to cope with this because she knows she has so much more potential than to be attending a community school and her parents are very disappointed. How should she cope with this situation? How can her parents be supportive?

14 Vicki { 05.15.12 at 7:29 am }

Hi Sandy,
It must be a difficult time for your friend – she’s lucky to have someone like you to stand by her! The cost of college is so high now. It is obviously a tough financial situation for your friend as well as her academic situation. She may now have to juggle two goals – repaying her debt and finishing her education. It might even make sense for her to take a break from school for a year to work and pay as much of her debt as possible. She could then take some classes at her community college to get back into the academic mode. She can then have some perspective to make a decision about what is next. There is no right or wrong answer, but she may need some time to make sure her family situation and finances are in order before she decides what to do. Sometimes the path to success has some detours, but we end up in the same place in the end. She will probably be very grateful for a friend to support her.

15 Addie { 05.17.12 at 9:47 pm }

Hey, I was recently dismissed from my school after completing over 60 credits 2 semesters ago. I work full time, and I feel I’m ready to go back and finish my degree. I have decided to that instead of going back to my previous school, I’ll just enroll to an online class and be able to work and study on my own pace. I’m wondering if it’s a good idea tell this online school that I was dismissed, and I hope it won’t be a problem for me to get admitted.
Note: I haven’t taken any classes for the past year, just took time off to get myself straight, and now I’m ready.

16 wanda beckett { 05.20.12 at 7:24 pm }

hi! my name is wanda and i was recently dismissed from a community college. which i am very dissappointed in myself because i was half way through with getting my associates in earlychildhood education and this happens to me something i never expected. as well as having other problems in addition like not having that family support that everyone need.i know that i have way more potential and i can do this!!i was wondering if my 31 credits that i have will transfer to the college that i want to attend called weschester community college and will be able to have financial aid again as well??my fear is them not accept me ,not getting financial aid also,and me being dimissed my gpa was a 1.17???any suggestions

17 Vicki { 05.21.12 at 7:12 am }

Hi Addie,
As a general rule, it’s best to be honest and up front with any school about your past education experience. They may even ask to see a transcript. Accompany any information with an explanation of what you’ve been doing for the past year and why you think things will be different this time around. College admissions personnel understand that sometimes things go wrong, but that people and circumstances change.
Good luck with this second time around!

18 Vicki { 05.21.12 at 7:19 am }

Hi Wanda,
One of the most important things is that you need to be sure that you understand what went wrong. Think carefully about why your GPA was so low and what would be needed to make things different next time. Be honest with yourself. Think carefully, too, about whether you are ready to jump right back in or whether a semester or year away from school, getting yourself ready and perhaps earning some extra money, might be helpful.
Next, I’d contact the admissions office at WCC and talk to them about your situation. Be honest about your record and the reasons that you did so poorly. It’s important that you not blame others, or even blame circumstances (although they may have been a factor), but that you take responsibility. Ask them whether they will admit you and whether financial aid would be possible. They will certainly be looking for some indication that this will be a new start and that things will be different.
If you are admitted, make a commitment to change and welcome the fresh start! Good luck!

19 MD { 05.30.12 at 9:48 am }

My son, dealing with personal issues, simply didn’t go to classes this spring semester while away at school. Obviously he failed all his classes, which brought his 2.3 gpa low enough for him to be dismissed from the university. This was his 4th year at the university, and is considered a 2nd semester junior, credit wise. We are looking for options. The source of his issues have been dealt with and he is looking to move forward and complete his degree.
I didn’t believe that cc was an option because he is on 300+ level classes. Didn’t know if transferring was an option, with his gpa being below 2.0.
Looking for any guidance that you might be able to provide us with.
Thanks in advance!

20 Vicki { 05.31.12 at 6:52 am }

Hi MD,
It is so difficult to determine what the next best step is for students who hit a major bump in the road. It sounds as though your son was managing well until this past semester? Has he looked into the possibility of appealing his dismissal? We have written a post about appeals that might prove helpful. If his school has an appeal policy, he might try pointing out his record until this point, explaining what went wrong this semester, and explaining what he has learned and what he will do differently moving forward. Obviously, if he can be allowed to continue next year that would be a good outcome. Transfer might be an option, depending on the school(s) he is considering, however, he may lose some credits because not everything would transfer. He could also check his school’s readmit policy. Many schools ask that students who have been dismissed take a year off and then they can apply for readmission. If that is the case, he might decide to take a break from school and work for a year and then return. This would change his timetable, but could also provide a year of valuable experience and maturity.
One of the important things is that both you and your son realize that there are options out there. It may take some strategizing and investigating as well as flexibility, but I am sure you and he will find a path that works. Good luck!

21 Abby { 06.06.12 at 2:02 pm }

Hi! I was dismissed last fall of 2011 from the university I was attending, but before I attended a community college and had just transferred a year before. As soon I started attending the university my relative passed away. After that my family had financial issues due to my family member getting injured that led to immediate surgery and no work for several months. I was attending full time school and working two jobs as well as an internship. I was a junior. My grades were not so good that fall and spring of 2011 I did not do well either because I was injured during an accident. I continued school in the hopes of finishing faster, but should have taken time off for myself and get better. I also was struggling with math classes becuase math and me don’t get along at all. I did study my butt off to do well, but did not meet the required gpa to get off of probation. I continued classes in the summer while going to therapy for my injury. Then in the fall of 2011, I was diagnosed with a disease that changed the way I eat everything. I was super depressed with my health and at the same time trying to save my parents house from bankruptcy. I was dismissed that fall of 2011. I have been very sad since. I did attend the community college I transferred from and ended up taking 5 classes and dropped 2 because I was diagnosed with other health issues. So currently I’m dealing with a lot of health issues where my doctor has asked me to take time off from school (a semester or so) but I really want to go back to school this Fall of 2012 and I have improved my study skills where I ended up on the Dean’s list at my community college. I am allowed to make an appeal at the Univeristy if I decide to go back, but I don’t know what to do. Am I suppose to write a letter explaining what happened or meet with an academic advisor? I’m really scared and nervous, but I have many reasons for why my grades weren’t good and that is due to personal family issues and health issues. I need some advice. What should I do? Thank you so much

22 Ally Kirk { 06.20.12 at 5:52 pm }


I was recently academically dismissed from my school a year ago and I was wondering if it was ok to apply for financial aid again since a year had passed.

23 Vicki { 06.21.12 at 7:29 am }

Hi Ally,
You have a good question, but it is one that is probably very specific to each school. You should check with your college to ask what their policy is. If it isn’t clear, I’d suggest going ahead and applying – there is no downside in trying. Good luck as you get back to school!

24 ace { 06.22.12 at 3:31 am }

Hi I was recently on academic probation but I got a 3.0 in my prevous semester but cumulative i have under a 1.75 but they put on my transcript scholasticly dismissed and I want to transfer to cal poly san Louis obispo what are my options
BTW I attend fullerton college

25 elena { 06.28.12 at 9:33 am }

Hi my son was recently placed on academic dismissal for a year- we were given the chance to appeal and then he was placed on suspension for 1 year. What do i do ? should he take community,onlnecollege courses?,should he tke the year off andwork? what happens to his scholarship? I am so confused- they said he can reapply agagin in a year – or is better to start fresh elsewhere. He attended sfaud santa fe arts and graphic design

26 Vicki { 06.28.12 at 2:30 pm }

Hi Elena,
I’m sure both you and your son are feeling overwhelmed right now. Have you talked to him about what happened and what he thinks would be best for him during the next year? Unfortunately, there is no one answer – each student and each circumstance is different. Some students find that working gives them a change of perspective that is helpful. Perhaps your son could take one or two courses at a local community college at the same time. Small academic successes would boost his self-confidence and also show the college that he can do the academic work. He will also have to decide whether he wants to return to his school or transfer. He might investigate what credits would transfer and this might help his decision. Many students who are dismissed from school return after some time away with a new sense of purpose and then do very well. I hope that this is true for your son. Good luck!

27 elena { 06.29.12 at 12:34 pm }

thank you – do they normally return to the same school ? or will other schools ACCEPT him after being on academic suspension? we are looking at small community college options now and time management courses online and anything that would help my son. In their appeal denial letter they mentioned he was very talented but preferred to be out on the field and he needs to correlate the two so he can earn a degree.

28 Bryan { 06.29.12 at 1:14 pm }

Hi Vicki,
In 2001, I was academically dismissed from Rutgers after not attending any classes. All Fs. Community college, turned it around a bit, went back to Rutgers 2002. Academically dismissed again after 1 semester of not attending classes. 2 Fs and 3 Withdrawals. 2 more community college classes, passed, but I was done. Simply put, I was troubled and had no real sense of self or responsibility… I was a young fool.

Now, 10 years later, I have a limited but passionate self-taught skill set that has created a good reason and very strong desire for specific schooling. The lost kid who mindlessly wasted those opportunities has grown into himself in many ways, but the past follows me. Community college is an option, though my academic interests are generally not offered there and it would likely take even more than 2 semesters to pull my GPA up enough to transfer.

I wonder now, is it unheard-of for a school to remove marks from a students 10-year-old academic record? What aspect of a school’s administration would have the power to do something like that, assuming an incredible level of exception and kindness?

29 michelle { 07.12.12 at 11:41 am }

hi, i have a quick question. i submitted my appeal letter for academic dismissal, and the appeal got denied. what should i do next?

30 michelle { 07.12.12 at 11:47 am }

hi, i have a quick question. i submitted my appeal letter for academic dismissal, and the appeal got denied. what should i do next? is there any waus for me to get back to college?

31 joe { 07.13.12 at 12:49 am }

Hi Michelle going through the same issue. I was dismissed ffrom engineering appeal didn’t work. Tried to transfer into other easier colleges at my university but couldn’t get in because engineering sunk my gpa below a 2.0. Transfer is hard with below a 2 as well.

32 Vicki { 07.13.12 at 7:34 am }

Joe and Michelle,
Thanks for sharing your stories. Being dismissed is distressing – but it can be an important message that obviously something wasn’t working. It’s hard to think creatively right now, but you will need to find a different path to your goal. Give yourself time.

You might think about taking a year away from school to work or intern and get some real world experience and perspective. It’s probably not what you planned, but it can be very useful time. While you are doing that, work hard at defining and clarifying your goals. Make sure you know what you really want – and then think about all of the steps required to get you there. At the same time, consider one or two classes at an open enrollment school such as a local community college. Prove to yourself that you are capable of getting some strong grades. If you do well, think carefully about what is different – why can you do it now, but couldn’t do it earlier? Is it the subject matter, your lifestyle, your focus?

After some time away, you’ll be ready to decide what’s next. You can apply for readmission to your previous school or transfer to another school. You’ll have some experience and a few good grades to show them that things will be different.

Be open minded and creative in your thinking. Remember that there is more than one path toward your goal. Good luck!

33 Cathy { 07.25.12 at 1:14 am }

hi. this college thing has be giving me nightmares. i was on probation during my 2 year on college then i transferred to a community college and that didn’t work out either; i was on probation again and then suspended. it’s been awhile now and i finally figured out what i wanted to study, what should i do now to get into the same college?

34 Vicki { 07.25.12 at 7:06 am }

Hi Cathy,
Your situation is not unusual. Many students have difficulty with college because they aren’t focused and don’t know yet what they want to do. Congratulations on feeling that you have found your direction! Of course, every college has different policies about students in difficulty and about readmission. I’d suggest talking to someone in Admissions and being honest with them about your difficulties the first time and why you think this will be different. You may be asked to write a letter or essay about what you will do differently this time. If the same college won’t work, investigate other possibilities. Although you might lose some credits if you transfer, one advantage might be that you would start with a clean slate and a new GPA. Talk to Admissions people. They are usually very helpful. Good luck!

35 Jazzy { 08.05.12 at 3:41 am }

Hi my name is Jazzy. I just recently got suspended from my college at the end of Spring 2012 and now Im appealing to get readmitted for fall 2012. Some family issues and health problems was occuring with me at the time and made me missed 60% of my class days. By me missing all those day the teachers withdrawn me from all the classes and now I owe the school 3,000.00 back. By me being withdrawn from the college messed my financial aid up and now all my loans got sent back to the lenders. I appeal back into school and got admitted back. My question::: Is I’m going to get my financial aid back, and do I have to pay that 3,000.00 back or financial aid going to cover all that in the fisical/financial department.

36 Sarah { 08.06.12 at 12:26 am }

Hi Vicki,

I was recently dismissed from my program after a 2.44 gpa after 2 semesters. The first semester I received a 2.62 and the second semester I received a 2.35 and that made my gpa a 2.44. We have to have a 2.7 gpa for this medical school. The dean decided to dismiss me and I appealed with the president. The president said I could come back if I took 2 of the hardest classes of my first year and got B+ in. Unfortunately I did not get B+ in those classes and was dismissed without further appeals. What should I do? Its very hard because I already have two degrees and don’t understand what happened here. I’m considering consulting an attorney because the dean dismissed me initially, but a guy in my class that had the exact same situation as me except he flunked a class our first semester and his gpa was much lower got to stay and the dean didn’t even dismiss him. I’m confused and I don’t know if I should just cut my losses, fight till the end, or just stay there and enter into pharmacy program in another year.

37 Vicki { 08.06.12 at 9:11 am }

Hi Jazzy,
Unfortunately, I can’t answer your question about receiving your financial aid and repaying your previous loans. Financial aid is a very specialized area and I would suggest that you ask for a meeting with someone in your school’s financial aid office. They will be able to explain the process to you. If the financial aid office can do anything to help you be able to attend the school, I’m sure they will. Their job is to make it possible if it makes sense.
The one thing I would tell you, though, is that if/when you are readmitted, make very sure that the problems that got in your way are resolved. You don’t want the same thing to happen to you again. If it makes sense to take a semester off to get everything settled, you might want to do that. Be sure that you can manage both financially and family/health issues. Don’t jump back in too soon.
Good luck!

38 Vicki { 08.06.12 at 9:21 am }

Hi Sarah,
Your situation sounds complicated and something that you will need to give some serious thought to. I can only suggest a couple of things for you to consider as you make your decision.
I would try not to compare your situation to anyone else. Another student may or may not have been dismissed for a similar situation, but you need to consider what is best for you. Think carefully about what might happen if you are reinstated. Do you see yourself succeeding? This may require some difficult thinking and some honest answers to yourself. If you haven’t been able to achieve the success in your classes up to this point, do you think things will be different if you continue? Perhaps you should take some time and/or rethink your direction. Although it may seem unfair to you now, perhaps the school administration understands that students who cannot accomplish a certain GPA at this point will ultimately not be able to complete the program. They may be saving you from wasting a lot of tuition money.
Consider carefully what your ultimate goals are and whether this is the best or only way to achieve them. If you believe that you need to do this and you believe that you will be able to succeed, then that will help you know what to do. If not, then consider a different direction. Does your school have a career office that might help you think about alternative paths?
Take time to make the right decision. Good luck!

39 Lizzie { 08.07.12 at 6:14 pm }

Hi Vicki,
I have been put on Academic Dismissal and I have a few questions:
1. I am worried about telling my mother. The reason why is that this has happened before, and I did so well coming back from that setback, only to have it happen again. What do I do?

2. My mother said the last time that if I had changed my major when I appealed last time, I would have gotten back in. Is this true?
3. I was thinking of taking this “break” to attend a community college and work, but I think the monotony of college work got to me (all I did was get up, go to classes, come home and do homework, sleep, repeat). Would that be a cause to put in my appeal or no?

40 David { 08.07.12 at 9:03 pm }

Hey Vicki, recently I was dismissed from college from failing two classes which resulted in a low 1.3 GPA. Right now I think its too late to apply to community college and my college sent me a letter that it is too late to appeal and would be reevaluated on Spring 2013. What should I do? Should i wait ’til next spring and reapply? Or should I work? And I’m not sure if community colleges application accepts after august.
Thanks in advance!

41 Lizzie { 08.07.12 at 11:39 pm }

@ David I think it depends on the community college that you are planning on attending. For example, the one I plan on going to still takes applications, but acceptance will come at a later date. What I am trying to say is check the website and its application process. If it says that they will still take applications, then do so. Though I would suggest that you try and see if the classes that you want to take will be available first. It would not make sense if you can get in the school, and would not be able to take classes.

42 Vicki { 08.08.12 at 9:39 am }

Hi Lizzie,
Telling your mother that you’ve been dismissed will certainly be difficult, but obviously, it is important that you be honest. Think carefully, and honestly, about what happened and about what you think your next steps will be. It is often easier to tell your family what has happened if you also take responsibility (don’t blame the college or the professors) and if you can talk about your next steps. Knowing that you have a plan should help your mother worry less about what is next.

As far as changing major to appeal, that probably depends both on your major and on your institution. The right choice of major is crucial to your success, so don’t change your major just for an appeal. If the major doesn’t seem right, perhaps that is one reason why you have not been successful.

Taking a break from school for a semester to work might be a good thing to do. It will give you time to think about why you are “bored” in school, consider your major, get some work experience, and save some money. You might use the time to do some informational interviews with people in your chosen field to learn more about the job market and what courses will be important. Then, if you go back to school at mid-year, you will have a fresh start.

Good luck!

43 Vicki { 08.08.12 at 9:43 am }

Hi David,
Lizzie has good advice about checking community college websites for application deadlines. Many may still be taking applications or might at least let you register for a class or two.

See my advice to Lizzie, above, for some suggestions about taking a break for this semester and using the time to work and learn more about your chosen major and profession.

Remember that this is a detour, but not necessarily the end of the journey. Keep perspective, have a plan, and you will keep moving forward.

44 Sam { 08.09.12 at 11:39 pm }

Hey Vicki, I was recently dismissed from UC Santa Barbara for the Fall 2012 term. I appealed my case but was rejected the past Monday. I’m currently in summer school here at the university but with the given news, I feel a bit demoralized.

I’m planning to either quit my enrollment of summer school and go back home and start the next semester (or the semester after that) at a community college or stay here and continue to be enrolled in summer school at Santa Barbara and try to salvage my GPA.

I’m heading into my 5th year in college (credit wise, I’m barely a Senior, just broken the Senior status barrier 2 wks ago) as a Math major. My academic career has been very disappointing (2.12 GPA overall). I have major depression disorder throughout the last 4-5 years and thought I could manage it on my own without any help but unfortunately, I couldn’t and because of that, my grades suffered along the way. Not until recently, I met with a psychiatrist who prescribed me new medication for my depression. I feel more normal and level-headed now. It’s too bad because I thought this could have began a new beginning towards academic success entering my Fall quarter and beyond.

That said, I don’t know what to do. Should I take a quarter, 2 quarters, 3 quarters, a year off and start working/taking cc classes? Can you help me? Thank you for your time.

45 Vicki { 08.11.12 at 9:50 am }

Hi Sam,
Congratulations on feeling that you have your depression under control. Obviously, that can cause more of a barrier to success than many people realize. It sounds as though you are ready for a new path.

Each person’s situation is so different, that it would be difficult for me to tell you what to do. You will need to think through the options carefully. The one thing that I would suggest is that if you feel your summer classes are going well, you might want to finish them out and get the credits. Whether you stay at the same school or end up transferring, you will have more credits.

Taking some time off to work and go to a local community college is often a good option. It will give you time to let things settle, gain some confidence, and earn some money at the same time. You can decide whether you think a quarter or a year would be best as you go along. Then you can also think about whether to reapply to your current school or to transfer for a new start.

Good luck as you move forward.

46 Michelle { 08.15.12 at 1:02 am }

Hi Vicki,

I was recently dismissed from a city university in NY after my first year there and I am currently attending Bakers College online. Is it possible to transfer back to a city university in NY if I get an associates degree from an online college? Is there any chance that I will get accepted into one of the better universities if I manage to get 3.7+ gpa along with an associates degree?

Thank you for your time!

47 Vicki { 08.15.12 at 10:52 am }

Hi Michelle,
Good for you for continuing to work at your education in spite of an unexpected detour. Because every college/university is slightly different in terms of what they will accept in transfer, or what it takes to get readmitted, I’d suggest that you contact the admission office of the university you’d like to transfer back to. They can tell you what they will look for when you apply for readmission. They may also give you some guidance about what courses would be best for you to take as part of your Associates degree. Communicating early and often with the admissions staff also shows interest in the university.

Good luck!

48 Jay { 09.05.12 at 3:44 pm }

What if I have descent GPA, but last term I got an F grade on one of my classes which put me in academic dismissal. Lets say I decided not to do the appeal, how many units do I have to take/pass this semester in order to get my financial aid back?

49 nana kwadjo { 10.18.12 at 9:29 pm }

I have been withdrawn from my tertiary
institution and I don’t know how to break this news to my parents. I cant also continue to hide it from them and im so confused. I need help

50 Vicki { 10.19.12 at 11:50 am }

Being up front and honest with your parents is almost always a better idea than trying to hide something this important. They will find out eventually, and the longer you try to hide the truth the more difficult things will become. Every situation is different, but consider being honest about what happened. Take responsibility. It might also help if you have given some thought to what will change now and what your plan is. Don’t be afraid to ask for their help in planning your next steps. You may be surprised at how supportive your parents can be as long as you are honest and direct about the truth. Good luck!

51 Mark { 10.25.12 at 6:41 pm }

Hi Vicki,

I’m from another country with a different school curriculum, but i still hope you can provide me with some insight.

I took up BS-Civil Engineering in a prestigious school. It was a course I only took because I had several friends there. As a result, I had low grades, withdrawals, and failing marks. I decided to stop for a year to sort things out. I also ended up working for a while.

I made up my mind to transfer to a different university for a fresh start. This time I took up BS-Tourism Management, a course that I really love. Although I had subjects that could have been credited, I just took everything again. I wanted to make things right, so that’s why I didn’t mind becoming a “freshman” again. Never did I imagine that things would turn around for me. I’ve been a dean’s lister every semester. Now that I’m graduating, I can actually be a candidate to be magna cum laude. However, there is a section in our school handbook that can possibly prevent me from doing so:

“No failing grade in any subject (in TUA or in another school) prescribed by the curriculum and must have been in residence for at least two (2) years immediately prior to graduation. In computation of the final average of students who are candidates for graduation with honors, only resident credits shall be included…”

Am I still considered a transferee even after I haven’t credited my grades from my previous university and started as a freshman again? I know it’s really up to the school to deliberate on my case. But knowing that I was determined to change my life for the better and did well academically for 4 years in my new school, I truly believe I deserve to become magna cum laude and make my parents proud of me. I want to fight for it, and I hope you can help me. Thanks!

52 Tina Provo { 11.27.12 at 1:54 pm }

One thing everyone needs to keep in mind is that, often, if you are academically dismissed from one college or university, you are considered to be no longer a student in good standing. For most SACS accredited universities, one of the admission requirements is that you be in good standing with your previous university. Even if you want to change schools, you may have to petition to be reinstated at your old school first.
If you would like to discuss this with me, just send me an e-mail at

53 Vicki { 11.27.12 at 11:29 pm }

Thanks for your comment, Tina. You make a good point about checking the requirements at any school a student decides to apply to. Each school is different and it’s important not to make assumptions. It is important that students know that they have options – but they’ll need to do their homework to be sure they understand those options clearly.

54 Annette { 12.07.12 at 6:19 pm }

I actively dropped from a CSU due to my poor performance there. I feel that I need a fresh start, so after some time, I enrolled in a community college. Being there, I realized what I really wanted to do in life, but I am finding it discouraging. I want to become a physician. I know I am capable of doing so. During my time at the CSU, I struggled with depression and suicide and it’s reflected in my grades. I know I am better than that, but will a UC see that? Any advice?

55 Dee { 12.19.12 at 12:16 pm }

Hi, I am currently on an appeal plan B I am passing my classes with a 2.8 gpa, but I have an Incomplete for one class this semester. According to the stipulations in the appeal I have to pass all my classes to keep financial aid for next semester. So far I have been told the Incomplete will make me ineligible for financial aid as it has no grade yet, so because of personal reasons I was unable to finish 1 class out of my many this semester and now I am being cut off even though it will be receiving a grade in a few weeks. Is there anything I can do?

56 ornac { 12.19.12 at 4:26 pm }

Hello, My son was a freshman last year at anelite East Coast school. We live in CA. While on the East Coast he became very depressed, was self medicating and ultimately was was suspended due to poor grades. This fall he has been in intensive treatment and has been attending a local CC and has been doing very well with both school and his health. He has decided to apply to a nearby school as a Freshmen where he had previously been accepted and even given a scholarship. Any advice on how to present this situation to the new school? Thanks

57 james { 12.21.12 at 1:04 pm }

hi, im having the same situation as well. i was on probation for 6 months from my community college, then they sent me a letter stating that i was dismissed from the college. i decided to apply to other community colleges but i was also denied entrance because i had a gpa below 2.0 which is the requirements. i need to get back to school. i know what i did was wrong and dull, but now i know whats right.

58 james { 12.21.12 at 1:06 pm }

can someone please help me…..

59 Brent { 01.02.13 at 8:10 pm }

Hi, i have been academically dismissed from school for the first time. At the same time i still have a remaining balance at the university i have been attending. having that balance stops me from receiving my transcripts to present at another university for this upcoming spring semester. What can i do to get back in school before my loans need to be paid in the 6 months of my absence from my former university?

60 Tina Provo { 01.03.13 at 10:04 am }

James, the best option for you is to fulfill the requirements for your probation/dismissal, get re-accepted to your previous school, and go back and do better. Once your gpa is above 2.0 you can then consider changing schools. As long as you are not in good standing at your previous university, you cannot be accepted to another university.

Brent, really, the same applies to you. Before you can attend another university you must be in good standing with your last. The only way to get yourself back in school is to pay your outstanding tuition, fulfill the terms of your dismissal, and do what you need to do to get re-accepted. Then you can decide whether to change schools, or keep going at your current school.

61 DAna { 01.04.13 at 2:34 pm }

hi I attend clinton community college in 2012 it was my first semester I had no finiacial aid or anything I paid out of pocket for my own education, at the end of the fall semester I got dismissed , and it hurt really bad :/ I sent the apeal and I’m still here waiting for a reaponse from them , I put in it that i will pay for my own. Expense and I will pay for everything out of pocket do u think they will accept me back knowing the fact it was my first semester there ? And my first semester in college ?

62 Tina Provo { 01.04.13 at 4:33 pm }

It is possible. Were you dismissed because of a low GPA? Follow through with the appeal, and there is a good chance that they will take you back- unless you were dismissed for behavior or plagerism, or other serious issues.

63 DAna { 01.04.13 at 6:33 pm }

No I was not miss behaving I had a good behavior , I was never in trouble my gpa was vey low

64 DAna { 01.04.13 at 10:07 pm }

it was just my gpa I was not even warned about probation or anything

65 Vicki { 01.06.13 at 4:02 pm }

Thank you to everyone who has shared your stories through these comments. And thank you to Tina for joining the discussion with some advice. Each person’s story varies, but the themes of concern and confusion are consistent. There have been so many comments here that I’ve just written two new posts on academic dismissal to try to address some of the questions that have come up here. Go to Academically Dismissed – Time for a Reset and Academically Dismissed – Next Steps for more thoughts about this situation.

66 Sharen Stegall { 01.13.13 at 8:07 am }

My daughter h as been attending a small college of about 10,000
students. Last semester she made two Bs one C and two Fs. She had and A or B in the Classes that she failed, but she had two many tardies. She was living off campus and had transportation
problems. She was riding a bus that was late almost all the time.
She is now on probation. She was told if she got semester after this semester that she could come back in the Spring. I have
sent them a number of e-mails and letters wanting to know if she
will get her financial reinstated in the Spring. Noone wants to
answer this question. What is the answer?

67 Vicki { 01.13.13 at 11:03 am }

Hi Sharen,
Hopefully, your daughter will have a better semester this spring and will not be dismissed. It sounds as though she did well in most of her courses and knows what the problem was with the others. That is the first step toward fixing things. I’d encourage her to also take advantage of any support services offered.

As far as financial aid, each college has a different policy, so it’s impossible to answer that. I’d suggest two things. Check carefully on the college website to see if the financial aid policy is explained there. Second, I’d have your daughter contact the financial aid office to ask the question. If she is on campus for the beginning of classes, she can try stopping by in person to make an appointment. Hopefully, she will be able to get the information that you both need, and she will feel part of the process of moving forward.

Good luck to you both!

68 jerrick moore { 01.16.13 at 3:15 pm }

yes what happen was i went to a community college and i i got academicy dismessed i was just wondering if the school will give me a second chance and speak to a consoler and be able to get final aid

69 kyasis { 01.18.13 at 2:02 pm }

My first semester if college in 2011 was the fall, I finished and was put on financial aid probation, going into my spring 2012 semester my family member I rode to school with got hospitalized and I moved out of state and missed my whole spring semester without withdrawing and made all f’s, not I’m on academic suspension, i did not attend any school the whole year of 2012, i enrolled back into college 2013 spring semester and got assigned all my classes, now i get a letter in the mail saying financial aid denied my appeal letter, i have 12 credits/hours i don’t think i have enough to transfer, i have one week left to drop my classes if i want i have no money for books, when i sun my appeal letter i did not attach any documents because my cousin got hospitalized not i, i fell like I’m in a whole big mess, what should i do?

70 Vicki { 01.19.13 at 8:20 am }

Jerrick – Thanks for your comment. I think you are absolutely right that what you need to do is to speak to a counselor at your school to discuss your options. A school counselor will be able to tell you what your financial aid options are as well as what you will need to do academically to regain good standing. They will help you form a plan for next steps. Good luck!

71 Vicki { 01.19.13 at 8:24 am }

Kyasis –
It sounds as though you have a lot going on in your life right now. One thing that I would caution you about is starting the semester if you do not have a plan about how to make it work. If you cannot afford your books, you will not be able to succeed academically. If you have been denied financial aid, will you be able to pay your tuition bill to complete the semester? Think through what you will need to be able to do. Perhaps you need to take a semester off to work and earn some money so that you will be in a better position next year? Perhaps you can attend a less expensive college for a year to successfully complete some credits so that you will be in better academic standing for financial aid? You might want to talk to someone at your school about options. We have 2 new posts on this website about academic dismissal and options. Perhaps there will be some additional suggestions for you there. Be patient and plan ahead. Good luck!

72 Diana { 01.29.13 at 4:19 pm }

I graduated high school back in 2000 and went to a community college. I was young and careless thirteen years ago and basically enrolled in these classes and never went back… I decided to go to a technical school and got a certificate in 2009, and this past year I signed back up at the community college, without even thinking that me gpa from thirteen years ago would haunt me. In the middle of last semester I receive a notice I am on academic probation. The only way to prevent being swap ended was to bring a .19 (or some low score like that) to 2.0. That would be impossible for me to do that! I assumed since it has been so long, when they review my info they will see how long it has been an hoe different my current grades are. The last semester I got a 3.0 and was suspended… This makes no sense to me, considering the amount I time. My question is what should I do next? Should I file an appeal and hope to be given the grant again? I am concerned to carry the gpa … Or do i you suggest I reapply and see about getting into different school where I can start with a fresh gpa? What are the chances of me being approved a grant again? Did my messing up thirteen years ago cause me to lose this grant opportunity!!

73 Hektor { 02.06.13 at 12:47 pm }

I was disqualified from SDSU and thenI decided to go to a community college. I was given a chance to go back to SDSU but through open university. I decided to stay at the community college and transfer to another school. I was conditionally accepted to CSUDH but now they are asking for trasncripts of both school. Do you think they are going to deny my admission? i raised my gpa and I’m in a good balance on the community college

74 Tina Provo { 02.06.13 at 1:55 pm }

Unfortunately, often one of the conditions of acceptance at a University is that you be in good standing at previous schools. It is very possible that you will not be able to attend your new university until you go through the process of petitioning for acceptance back into your former university- even if you do not plan on attending again.

75 Hektor { 02.06.13 at 3:35 pm }

Hi Tina,

So that means that even though I’m allowed to go back to open university at SDSU, that does not mean I’m in good terms with them?

76 Tina Provo { 02.06.13 at 4:03 pm }

I think I misread/misunderstood what you were saying. Did you mean that you applied to SDSU, did not meet their standards and was not accepted, then went to a community college, and are now going to CSUDH?

77 Diana { 02.12.13 at 11:05 am }

I have talked to the school and geez! It is so hard to get anyone’s help it’s kinda discouraging… I was told in order for me to become eligible for this grant again, I have to bring my GPa up and pay out of pocket. The only way I was able to attend school was because of the grant. This is super frustrating and I’m not going to give up. I don’t understand how or why I would’ve been approved for a grant in the first place if my gpa from 11 years ago was going to set me back like this. My first semester back in college went great and I did so well… A week before school I find out the classes I enrolled in with grant money will have to be paid out of pocket! I’m a single mom with a 7 year old and live on a dental assistants income. I feel like all the work I did last semester is for nothing. I can’t believe grades from eleven years ago overlook the grades I made a month ago…Why wouldn’t they have just denied me before I started? Who else can I go to for help with other options? The office at school, everyone gives me very little information I about this. They act like I’m bugging them wih stupid questions and like I should already know. I have been outta the loop for a long time and can’t get anyone’s help or advice. An appeal is also a chance for you to explain a significant reason on y the GPa is low but my reason is I was only 19. I’m now 30 with a 7 year old who depends on me. Last semester brought my gpa up but not enough.

78 Diana { 02.12.13 at 11:06 am }

I have talked to the school and geez! It is so hard to get anyone’s help it’s kinda discouraging… I was told in order for me to become eligible for this grant again, I have to bring my GPa up and pay out of pocket. The only way I was able to attend school was because of the grant. This is super frustrating and I’m not going to give up. I don’t understand how or why I would’ve been approved for a grant in the first place if my gpa from 11 years ago was going to set me back like this. My first semester back in college went great and I did so well… A week before school I find out the classes I enrolled in with grant money will have to be paid out of pocket! I’m a single mom with a 7 year old and live on a dental assistants income. I feel like all the work I did last semester is for nothing. I can’t believe grades from eleven years ago overlook the grades I made a month ago…Why wouldn’t they have just denied me before I started? Who else can I go to for help with other options? The office at school, everyone gives me very little information I about this. They act like I’m bugging them wih stupid questions and like I should already know. I have been outta the loop for a long time and can’t get anyone’s help or advice. An appeal is also a chance for you to explain a significant reason on y the GPa is low but my reason is I was only 19. I’m now 30 with a 7 year old who depends on me. Last semester brought my gpa up but not enough. Who else can help me other than the school office

79 jeanne1492 { 05.01.13 at 2:18 pm }

hi good day!
i have read your post and it really matched to what i am experiencing right now…. i have beed academic dismissed due to excesive failure of subject. but before that i am a 4th year college student and only one semester left and id be graduate but then due to my Excesive failure of subject (EFS) i probably not going to graduate in time as i calculated about another one year.. then when i was about to enrol to in my 2nd semester the dean of our college intervine and didnt let me enrol because of my EFS .. it took me so hard to process those decision and made me depress in some point ..also i didnt tell that to my mom because i am very ebarassed to dissapoint her.. another thing is that the reason ive got alot of EFS is because of personal matter i have been bullied when i was in 2nd year college also that makes me dont want to go to school also family matter but then even though that happened i strive hard though not that hard to catch up with my studies… i have passed some subject also i failed some subject …. then because of my dean decission i stop for a sem and reasses myself now im really ready to come back to my problem is this.. is it still possible to come back to my college though the dean decision is academic dismisal .?. will that be mean i cant go back to my old course?…also because of that im having a hard time to shift to different course or transfer to differ university because of my low GPA… will there be a legal ground about staying to old course? thankyou for listening hope to get back from you soon godbless…

80 Abe { 05.08.13 at 11:46 am }

Hey guys,

So recently, i came clean with my mom and she was super happy I told her. Apparently, she knew about this from the moment it happen. However, this is my situation, I use to go to a UH but I messed up bad. I was put on academic suspension for 1 semester because I just plain did not care. I left with a GPA of .94! (This is hard to come clean with any one, especially your parents). Then for the past 2 years, I have been attending a community college where I had a major and did quite well(went form a physics major to a computer science major). Now I can proudly say that my GPA now is 2.72 and expected to come close to 3.0 after this week of finals. However, when I try to apply to UH as my new major they will not let me. They tell me I need to re-apply as a physics major, pull my GPA to a 2.5 from the UH GPA of .94. So I looked into his and it will take 4 semesters of taking four classes with all A’s. frankly I and willing to put the effort but let’s be honest, all A’s with no mess ups is nearly impossible and I really don’t want to spend 2-3 just to be able to change majors. Is there anything I can do here? Should I go back and take the extra time? Some please help me :)

81 Armand { 05.24.13 at 11:11 am }

I was dismissed from school and i sat out for two semesters. i have a 1.5 gpa and its difficult for me to get back in school because alot of schools require a 2.0 to get back in school. How do i boost my gpa up?

82 Vicki { 06.04.13 at 9:52 pm }

Hi Armand,
I’m sure it must seem discouraging to need to raise your GPA to get back into school. One suggestion would be to consider an local community college with open enrollment. Take some classes there and work hard to have a strong GPA. Then you can consider transferring to another school. If you can demonstrate that you are serious and can do quality college level work, other schools may consider your application. Good luck!

83 Hektor { 06.11.13 at 7:55 pm }

An update on my story, So I got accepted to all the colleges that I applied to. Basically after being disqualified I went to a community college and I retook the classes I failed and I raised my GPA and my past academic history didnt seemed to affect on my admission. Even though I did not reapplied to the San Diego State University, I applied to other California State Universities and they accepted me. Now I need an advise. I’m on school housing waitlist for the school Im attending and I was encourage to look for another alternatives near school. Is there any websites for me to look for housing for college students?

84 Fern { 06.14.13 at 5:16 am }

Hektor, I am seriously in the same situation as you except I went to cal poly and i’m taking the same steps as you in going to a community college and currently in the process of trying to re take all the classes I have failed and then applying to another college. Your story really reassured me on my future because after looking for answers on what I am going to do and if any colleges would accept me i honestly couldn’t find any at all! Your story really helped me realize there is hope and that I have a chance at getting into another college :’) I have a question though, did you happen to apply to any UCs?, because I really want to apply to UCs but I don’t know if I have a chance at all, and basically what steps did you take in applying to the other colleges?

85 Hektor { 06.14.13 at 6:55 pm }

Hi Fern,
I’m sure you have a great chance to get admitted to a UC if you retake all the classes and you meet the requirements from the UC school you want to go. In college confidential I saw stories of people who where in the same situation as you and I where. They seemed they where able to go to a UC from a community college after being disqualified from a State University. In my case I just applied to state universities because I was told by people that It would be hard for me to get accepted anywhere. But I got accepted everywhere where I applied. Now this fall Ill start in Cal State Dominguez Hills. Just make sure you don’t hide any academic history and you bring up your GPA and you will get accepted.

86 Lullie { 06.17.13 at 7:16 am }

I have a question…About three years ago, I decided to attend ASU and ended up with a 1.63 GPA and of course, they put me on academic probation. I ended up transferring to a community college and bring my grades up. Then decided to go to a different unviersity and I have a 3.7 right now. My concern is…how will my academic probation affect me in graduate school? I do not plan on returning to ASU to “improve” my gpa.

87 Jayy { 06.20.13 at 12:42 am }

Hektor, I’m in a situation and I was wondering if I can get some advice since we both attended SDSU. I was on academic probation on my second semester as a freshman at SDSU but on my second semester I did really good and got out of it. But I did not pass the math class that was necessary to clear my elm requirement and since I pretty much failed my first semester classes they are now telling me I’m not able to receive financial aid and I’m being told I need to pay my student loans soon. I was wondering if I decide to leave the university and attend a community college here in LA will I be able to receive financial aid? Where you able to receive financial aid at the community college you attended after being disqualified? And would my F’s affect my transcripts at the community college or would I be able to retake the classes to replace the F’s I received? My main plan is to stop attending Sdsu and continue at a community college and hope to transfer to another CSU but was wondering if it would be hard or not? Please help! Thank you!(:

88 Hektor { 06.20.13 at 8:38 pm }

Hi Jayy,
I was not able to recieved financial Aid at the community college because of my gpa was below the minimum required GPA to qualify for financial aid when I transfer my transcript from SDSU to get credit for the classes that I passed there. So I just applied for BOGW which cover the expenses for my classes. I just had to pay for the extra fees that some courses have and Health fee that the BOGW doesn’t cover which is not much to pay. Once you raised your GPA to a 2.0 and above you qualify again for financial aid. Its not hard to transfer to another CSU just meet the requirements that they required transfer students to have and you’ll get excepted.

89 Jayy { 06.21.13 at 3:10 pm }

Thank you Hektor!(:
I have a 2.10 so I think I should be good to receive financial aid! I really appreciate your time! Btw how long did you spend at a community college? Was it challenging?

90 Matt { 07.04.13 at 6:55 pm }

First of all, I really appreciate your responses! I have learned a lot just by reading them. I do have a similar issue with being Academically Dismissed. I was attending the Univ. of South Florida and majoring in Gerontology. I attained my Associate in Arts degree prior. I did very well my first 2 semesters at USF, but then some personal tragedies began to unravel my life. My partner and I had been together for about 6 years and we had gone through college together and were attending USF together. I won’t get into details, but he decided to explore other people and I was told to move out. I am not from Florida. I don’t know anyone at all here, but miraculously an old friend from Seattle, WA (where I’m originally from) had moved here. So I basically had to let go of everything I owned and leave behind my entire life. I was a hair away from homelessness and was sleeping on my friends couch for about 6 months. I was only working part time since I was in school, but needed money to live on my own. I was offered a promotion and I took it. Unfortunately, due to my living situation being turned upside down and also my car breaking down and having to buy a new one, school was not feasible. I stopped attending class because I had to go to work. I was a mere 20 credits away from my degree. I am so disappointed in myself for not going to class, but I can’t help but think that at the time I had no other options. I have looked into completing my B.A. in Gerontology online from a regionally accredited university. I have pretty much given up on returning to USF due largely to the fact that I am in no position to quit my job or go down to part time to accommodate going to campus for class so this is my next best option. My question is this: Will my financial aid be restored if I transfer to another University after being dismissed? My financial aid has been terminated due to dismissal. If not, how do I get my financial aid restored so I can finish my degree? I had so many dreams of going to Grad School and becoming and LCSW (Clinical Social Worker). I am the first and only one in my entire family to pursue a college education and this situation has totally disheartened me. I just don’t know what to do at this point. I would go to a CC, but I can’t even get financial aid there because I wouldn’t be considered a “degree seeking” student. I apologize for the novel, but I really need some assistance with this and I am not getting anywhere with the Financial Aid office at USF or the local CC. I am ready and determined finish this though. It was less than a year ago I was making the dean’s list and had a decent 3.2 overall GPA. Now my GPA is down to a dismal 2.4 overall. Any assistance is greatly appreciated at this point. Thank you!

91 Christine { 07.12.13 at 4:03 pm }

Hello, I currently attend a university. They maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. I currently have a cumulative GPA of 1.98 and I passed my class last semester with a C. the semester before that I passed my classes with a C+ and a B. Even tough I passed my class this semester with a C, and just two points away from the required cumulative GPA, the university has placed me on academic dismissal. I have had a medical condition, and have had several doctor visits, along with several annoying symptoms that I put off for awhile, that interrupted with my studying. I decided to have appeal the decision of dismissal, but have not heard back from them yet. Do you think that they will have me reinstated?

92 Vicki { 07.13.13 at 12:30 pm }

Hi Christine,
It is always difficult to wait for an important decision such as this. Sometimes the committees that usually make these decisions may not meet as often in the summer. If you have not heard back from the college in a reasonable amount of time, it would make sense to contact the college to ask when they think they will have a decision. It is difficult to say whether they will reinstate you, but if you are close to their standard and have a reasonable explanation, that will help. They may also be looking for an indication that your grades are gradually improving and that you will be able to make some positive changes in the future. Good luck!

93 Vicki { 07.13.13 at 12:34 pm }

Hi Matt,
I am sorry that I cannot offer you any specific advice. Your determination may be your best weapon, but you may need to add patience to that. I would continue to work with the financial aid office and also see whether there is anyone else at the college who can give you advice. Did you establish a good relationship with any of your professors? Alternatively, you may need to take a break and use the time to earn some extra money so that you can attend the community college to boost your grades. Then you can apply for reinstatement. Good luck – and don’t give up!

94 kaylie { 07.25.13 at 1:52 pm }

Hello, I am currently an LVN nurse graduate from a private college. I really want to go back to school (public college) and pursue further education. However, I had a really bad academic record with “W” and “F” grades, my GPA was around 2.5 only. I had been told by some counselors that I should choose another career instead of going for nursing because they won’t accept the repeat classes. I wonder if there is a way for me to start my academic again? I don’t mind to redo all the courses, or event start everything from the beginning, but I do want to know if it’s possible for me to transfer and get treat equally. Does the old record (which had been 3-10 years ago) affect my admission when I apply to any university for nursing? please help…Thank you very much

95 joseph { 08.13.13 at 8:06 am }

I went on academic susepesion after my first year. Went to community college got a 3.0 appeled my suspension got nack in. After one semster went back to academic suspension. I’m going to return to the community college and graduate from there. But will another school take me? What do I show them when I apply for transfer?

96 Tina Provo { 08.13.13 at 8:13 am }

You will have to be in good standing at the university that put you on suspension, which means you will have to petition for reentry- even if you don’t intend to return there.

Keep your grades good from your community college, and your other grades will not have as much of an impact. Just be sure that your overall combined GPA (from all schools attended) stays at 2.0 or above so that you will be accepted into another 4 year university when you are ready.

97 Jessica { 08.19.13 at 3:24 pm }

Hi I was kicked out of my program bc there was a issue w the clinic site I was doing work-study at. On the papers it said “withdrawal,” but it wasn’t my decision at all. I was devastated! I called the lady over the program best advice she had was saying I could appeal if I thought the decision was unfair but my professor said it was useless time so I didn’t. Now I owe Pel Grants bck for the percentage I couldn’t go back. Is this right ? I thought that was only if the student quit, and I definitely didn’t

98 Sid { 08.26.13 at 7:46 pm }

I was currently dismissed from my university. My GPA is 1.36 and I do not know what to do. I really want finish my undergrad and get into a PA Program in Texas. My major is/was Biology at the university but had struggle with Chemistry courses. I have 93 credit hours and as of right now I do not know what to do. Please help me figure this out. I have went ahead and applied at a community college but the advisor I spoke to through online chat said there probably less chances of me finding classes for second start.I really do not want to wait a whole semester. The University that I was attending said I have to sit out for 3 semesters (fall,spring,&summer). Then after I apply again I will have to petition and wait for there decision. At this point I am very stressed and have no idea what to do. Please help me.

99 Tina Provo { 08.27.13 at 6:11 am }

Unfortunately, your only option at this point is to attend the community college, get your GPA up, and petition to get back into your university once the three term deadline has passed.

The community college advisor said there was less chance of finding a course- not no chance, so give it a shot. At this point, what do you have to lose. Missing one semester is better than missing three, and you may be able to find a course that will work for you. Just keep moving forward!

100 Jessica { 08.28.13 at 5:46 pm }

Thanks for your help Tina !

101 Fern { 09.06.13 at 2:16 pm }

Hey Hektor, I have another question. How many units did you take at sdsu before you got disqualified, and now many units did you take at the community college level? Because I am concerned of whether I need to take all 60 units required to transfer (classes I didn’t pass included) or just take a certain amount of units so both my classes from cal poly and community college add up to 60 units. I would really like to know because I asked an advisor and he was literally NO help, he didn’t bother to understand my situation.

102 Jessica { 09.06.13 at 2:31 pm }

Ok screw you all thanks for no help but how bout take me off this stupid ass list so I don’t get notified of every time you didn’t help me

103 Jessica { 09.06.13 at 2:32 pm }

Ok screw you all thanks for no help but how bout take me off this stupid ass list so I don’t get notified of every time you didn’t help me. PLEASE

104 Tina Provo { 09.06.13 at 2:35 pm }

Jessica, just scroll to the bottom of the page and unclick the “Notify me of new posts” box.

Sorry we couldn’t give you the answers you wanted.

105 Dorina nina { 10.20.13 at 7:37 pm }

I have this class but it’s so hard for me so far all my test I’ve been getting F’s I’m on probation what can I do ?

106 Dorina nina { 10.20.13 at 7:44 pm }

I’m on probation can’t drop my class but it’s so hard so far all I’ve got are F’s on my testthe class is to. Hard its music theory I have no experience in music how can I drop it with out affecting me? Help

107 Anna D { 11.06.13 at 8:48 pm }

I think I’m going to get suspended for a quarter but would this mean that it will affect my financial aid status and reenteace into the school?
Or am I allowed to get back in once my suspension is over?

108 Alice { 12.05.13 at 7:25 pm }

My son, before he went to the top 10 engineering school, he had completed 60 college credits and the GPA is 3.3, he had healthy issue when he went to the college one year and turned out to get academic probation,(GPA 1.8), he transferred to another college right away, now he makes straight A this semester (15 credits) and have a very good paid research, My question is, when he apply the graduate school, does all of the GPA (in every college) count? if he makes 4.0 in current college when graduate, does the GPA need to average with the previous school GPA? does he need to tell the graduate school admission counselor that he was academic dissmissed before (even though it is not the current school?), does the record will stop him to apply a decent graduate school? Thank you for your information.

109 Vic { 12.26.13 at 7:51 pm }

I am on my 3rd year and currently have a 2.0 GPA at a California UC after on probation with several failed classes.I would like to go to a community college close to home and start all over a gain and figure out what major I want to study.Do I need to transfer my current transcripts to the local comunity college when apply for attending there?Can I just begin fresh from a community college and apply to a different UC or CSU? Please help me figure out what to do.Thanks

110 Dan { 12.27.13 at 3:37 am }

I recently just got dismissed from a FL university. I had previously attended CC and graduated with a 2.0 my GPA this past semester is at a 1.4 this has served as a wake up call for my i am going to take my make up classes at the local CC and try and get my GPA up. My question is how or where do I transfer to finish my degree? also I had dreams of applying to pharmacy school but I don’t know if any schools will take me anymore?

111 Vicki { 12.27.13 at 8:49 am }

Vic, good for you for working hard to raise your GPA! A fresh start may be just what you need, so the community college approach sounds like a good plan. You should check with the admissions office of the college you’d like to attend to see what they say about sending your transcripts. If they have an “open door” policy, you may not need to send them, but otherwise, colleges do expect to see all of your transcripts. This may or may not be an important factor for admissions, but it will help them know what help or support you might need to be successful. The college has the same goal as you do – your success. When you begin at a new school, however, you begin with a new GPA – that doesn’t transfer. So you really will have the fresh start. Then when you are ready to apply to another 4 year school, you’ll send all of your transcripts, but your most recent will have (hopefully) a strong GPA. When in doubt, work with the admissions offices of the colleges you want to attend. They will help you out with their specific information. Good luck!

112 Vicki { 12.27.13 at 8:56 am }

Dan, sometimes it takes a crisis for the wake-up call to happen, so congratulate yourself on finding a new direction. Before you transfer to a new school, though, make sure that you are ready for that. Some students find it helpful to take a semester off to work and then get a fresh start in September. That might give you some perspective to think about a new major if that is what you decide to do. Be aware that while courses transfer to another school, GPA generally does not. So it is likely that taking make-up courses at the community college will not raise your GPA at your current school. If pharmacy is still what you want, you’ll need to do some research about schools that offer that. Then work with the admissions offices of those schools to see what you need to do. It may be a bit of a difficult path. You might want to explore a related degree and then some time spent working in the field in some way – and then look at pharmacy school later. If this is really what you want, be willing to take the time that it may require to get there. Take it one step at a time. Good luck!

113 gabby { 01.03.14 at 2:46 pm }

Hi my name is Gabby,
I recently got denied for financial aid because my GPA was 1.8 I appealed it the semester before and was approved my financial aid with one condition that I must get nothing lower then a c in ALL my classes, of course I did not pass one of classes and I can no longer appeal the decision of my denial of financial aid. I took last semester off because I had no money for school, now I am ready to go back, do not want to take any more time off so what other options do i have? BTW this is for CSU dominguez hills. Please help!

114 Crystal { 01.06.14 at 7:52 pm }

Hey my name is Crystal. I’m 27 and I have two children my son Isaac who is 6 and my daughter Autumn who is one. I have recently discovered that I have been put on academic dismissal because I failed my biology II class but I passed my other classes. I feel that this is so unfair because I’m suppose to graduate in December. I don’t know if they will allow me to finish up this semester even if I pay out of pocket. I feel like I’ve let my kids down my mom who is deceased let along myself. Do you think they will allow me to finish being that I only have a few classes to complete I mean literally a few classes this is so devastating.

115 Vicki { 01.07.14 at 7:40 pm }

Gabby, I suggest that you work with the Financial Aid Office of your school and/or the Advising Office. You might also read our post about Satisfactory Academic Progress. It is possible that you will need to work for a semester without financial aid until you can raise your GPA above the required threshhold and be in good standing once again. Then your aid will be restored. There are certain federal guidelines that all schools must follow, so your school may only be able to make certain exceptions. Your financial aid office should be able to give you advice and let you know what might be your best plan. Good luck and don’t give up!

116 Vicki { 01.07.14 at 7:45 pm }

Crystal, congratulations to you for being able to attend school and raise your children. I know it must be difficult balancing everything. Check with your advisor or advising office or even the Dean’s office about your school’s appeals policy. (I suggest you also read our post on Academic Appeals.) You may be able to appeal your dismissal and finish your degree. I am sure there are people at your school that will be able to help you figure out how to move forward. Continue to be persistent until you find the right person.

117 Adi { 01.19.14 at 2:18 am }

hi i have been dismissed after finishing 52 credits i just want to know are there any other colleges apart from community colleges which would accept me for transfer on probation.

118 YU { 01.26.14 at 5:54 pm }

i got suspension from my college and the Dean from my college wants me to take courses in local community college just for spring semester, then how am i apply and enrolled into the community college?

119 Chris E. { 02.10.14 at 4:44 pm }

Hey Sandy,

I just received an email stating I’m in academic probation and its pre-dismissal. I have the option to make a progress report. I was wondering, before I get dismissed could I transfer to another Community college and will my units transfer over? It says if I do get dismissed it will be in fall of 2014, does this mean I can continue to take classes until fall and hopefully bring my GPA higher?

Thank you for your help.

120 Vicki { 02.11.14 at 9:48 am }

Chris – It sounds as though “pre-dismissal” is a heads up that you need to bring your GPA up this semester. Since you are probably already enrolled in classes for this semester, you need to give it everything you’ve got and use this semester to raise your GPA. Two things to think about – 1) Don’t try to navigate this alone if you’re not sure what probation means at your school. Talk to your advisor or find out who at your school oversees probation students. Work with them to find out what you need to do this semester and what support is available to help you. 2) If you are thinking of transferring, check with the school you’d like to transfer to. Find out what they will accept in transfer. Most schools will not accept credits with a grade below C or C-, so if your current grades are low, they may not transfer. Again, don’t try to figure it out alone. Talk to the admissions office at the school you’re considering.

Probation is just that – a warning. Use this semester to try to turn things around. Think hard about what went wrong and what you can do differently this semester. Take advantage of the second chance. Good luck.

121 Chris E. { 02.12.14 at 9:09 am }

Thank you

122 Eduardo { 03.06.14 at 5:56 am }

Hi Vicky. I was put in std after my first quarter in college (F in calculus, C- in composition, and F in physics). This quarter I am definitely failing one class, might get a C in math and a B in philosophy. I am doing better but unfortunately the odds are I will get dismissed. I do not know if I should try the appeal process. I want to stay in UCLA because of many reasons, but I’m also thinking that it might not be the wisest choice. I think that I am not ready for the kind of work, dedication and dificulty required (I am a first year). Do you think I should stay, or go back to my home town and enroll in a community college until I can reapply to UCLA?

123 Vicki { 03.06.14 at 6:47 pm }

Eduardo, whether to appeal a dismissal, or whether to take a break from college is a very personal decision. You are truly the only one who can know whether you should try to stay at school. It sounds as though you have some insight into yourself and feel that a break may be helpful. That is possible, and sometimes it takes courage to admit it. If you are dismissed, remember that the appeal process is intended for special circumstances. We have a post about appeals that you might find helpful. Even if you are not dismissed, you might think about taking a break and, as you suggest, taking a couple of courses at a community college until you are ready for full time studies. Many students who take a break return to school with a renewed outlook and do very well. Take your time making a decision. Good luck to you!

124 Nick { 03.11.14 at 11:16 pm }

Hi vicki, I appreciate your input on all of the problems that current students have and i hope You can help me out as well.

Well basically, my problem is that, i am majoring in biological sciences, and i am currently a senior. I will be graduating this may, (fingers Crossed) and hopefully either going to grad school for my masters OR Physical Therapy School for my Doctorate. However, I have been dismissed from a college, but i have been desperately trying ti recoupareta from that at my new university.
I am concerned, because the application process for grad school and PT school require EVERY transcript from EVERY institution attended, which includes the one i was dismissed from. My concern is that how badly will my dismissal affect my chances of getting into PT school, or Grad School? my current GPA is a 2.7, and hopefully it will be higher at the end of this semester.

But do i have any chance of getting accepted to any Grad schools/PT schools? I am studying hard for my GRE examinations, so if i do well on my GRE, will that balance out the fact that i was dismissed from a university?

125 Vicki { 03.12.14 at 8:19 am }

Nick, every situation and every school is different, so it is impossible to predict what a graduate school will do. You are correct, though, that you will be required to submit every transcript. I’d suggest that you start by meeting with someone from the admissions office of the school(s) to which you want to apply. Explain your situation and ask their advice. You will likely be asked to submit a letter along with your application and transcript explaining what happened, and what you’ve learned or how you’ve changed since your dismissal. An admissions office is interested in who you are now, and the potential you have for success in the future, rather than who you were a year or two or three ago. Work with the school, and be completely honest. Good luck!

126 Raj { 03.13.14 at 2:25 am }

My son was recently withdrawn from MS program in IIIrd semester of electrical engineering for not maintaining his grade. He got B- in two subjects and c in one. The expenses were huge and we are feeling very sorry for our son. We have not been able to make out what went wrong with him. We still want to support him and want him to recover from this situation and complete his MS. Need your advise please, he is back home in India. Thanks

127 Vicki { 03.13.14 at 11:41 am }

Raj, I am sure this is a difficult time for you and your son. Of course, every situation is different, so I can’t know what will work for your family. Your son may need to begin by thinking hard about what caused his difficulty in the first place. Did he have trouble applying himself to his work, or is this program not what he wants to be doing? If he had difficulty in the subjects, would a change of program or focus make a difference? Then you and your son will need to discuss options. It is important that you both be open and honest. Does he need to spend some time strengthening skills? Does he need to change program? Does he want to return or remain at home? With open communication, honesty, and the support you are already providing, he will find a path – even if it is not the path he, or you, originally planned.

128 Amanda { 05.01.14 at 12:18 pm }

I am on the verge of being academically dismissed from my community college. I have been suspended twice, and while I do believe I will pass all my classes (The only time I will since starting college), I wont be able to bring my GPA high enough to stay. I want to try and appeal, explain that I should have studied. That comming to class and getting the homework done just isnt enough, and Ive now learned that I need to set aside time everyday to study, and that I cant be shy anymore about asking for help. That I can ease the stresses of comming to campus by taking online lectures so that I can study in a calm and familiar enviornment. That I am now taking medication regularly for my depression. Do you think this is a good idea?

129 K { 05.08.14 at 7:25 am }

I was put on academic suspenssion yesterday after my second semester on probation and only raising my sememster gpa to a 2.0 (which I guess is less when other semesters gpa’s are added). Part of me wants to go back, but the other part wants to go to the tech school I was already was planning to attend. The tech school called me first (after getting my GED), but I decided to wait and go to commutiny college because I wanted to transfer to University. When that no longer looked optional, I decided after getting my degree I would tranfer to the same tech school since I originally just wanted to be a vet anyways. However, I’m still wondering if they’ll even take me now, will I even do good, and would I bother my parents about having to pay yet another tuition and classes after paying for the first one (this ones probably more expensive)?

130 Brett { 05.17.14 at 1:46 pm }

I’ve always been fully capable of getting a 4.0 my entire life, but i always get distracted and i’m a huge procrastinator. I partied a lot my first two years of college and failed out of san diego state with a low gpa. i submitted an appeal and got it approved and i was re-instated a year later. during my time off, i worked full time and took some classes at a jc. my first semester back at sdsu, i got a 3.75. During my year off i was considering moving to la to attend santa monica jc, ace all of my classes, and transfer to USC. i decided not to because of the cost of USC and risk of not getting into USC after failing out of a less prestigious school. I really want to go there still…do you think there’s any point in applying to USC to finish my undergrad after proving that i can do well at sdsu while working full time…and include a very well written essay explaining why i haven’t lived up to my full potential and how i’ve changed? or should i just finish sdsu with a 3.75 gpa/or higher in my remaining classes and try my luck at applying to a prestigious school for my masters?

131 Leah { 05.22.14 at 3:01 pm }

I can’t find an answer anywhere online. Hopefully someone here can give me some insight. I got my associate degree in computer programming in April of last year. I enrolled for online courses to get my bachelor. I completed one semester, fell behind in the second semester and failed that semester. They put me on academic suspension for the next semester but I ended up falling behind that semester too. I failed and they dropped me. I’m a single mother of two children (ages 3 and 7) so it was extremely tough trying to balance online school and taking care of them by myself. I feel like doing online was a huge mistake on my part but at the time I could not afford childcare for my youngest. At times, my internet would get cut off because I couldn’t afford that either. My daughter will be starting pre-school in August and I desperately need to go back to school to get a degree in something that will guarantee me a job so I can afford to take care of my family. My main question is how will student loans work if I try to apply for a different college? Do I have to pay them back before I can go to school for something else?

132 Michele { 05.23.14 at 8:42 pm }

We just found out our 19 year old son who got 33 ACT (36 language) is failing college. We are heartbroken as we cannot determine what caused this. He was accepted to many schools but chose a local university and he commutinignHe is an computer and electrical engineering major.

133 Michele { 05.23.14 at 8:54 pm }

We just found out our 19 year old son who got 33 ACT (36 language) is failing college. We are heartbroken as we cannot determine what caused this. He was accepted to many schools but chose a local university and was commuting there whole working a part time job, sometimes up to 30 hours/wk. Though we kept talking him into quitting the job he asked for reduced hours but was not granted them. He is an computer and electrical engineering major.
He is telling us that he feels the job and being close to home is stressful and would like to transfer to campus setting (which is what we recommended initially). Anyway, how will he apply for any university if he failed this year? Should he apply as a freshman? I am thinking no one will take him as a transfer due to failing grades. I am still not sure how it is possible for a smart kid to do so poorly and am wondering if some time off would be better. He seems totally unmotivated. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks you

134 Vicki { 05.24.14 at 1:47 pm }

Thank you for leaving your comment/question here, Michele. I know this must be a difficult time for both you and your son. Because each student and each situation is so different, it is impossible to tell you what would be best.
It does sound as though a 30 hour a week job would have an impact on a student’s ability to do his best. A general rule of thumb for studying is that students should expect to spend 2 hours outside of class for every hour they spend in class. If your son is a full time student and registered for something close to 15 credits, that would mean that he should be spending a minimum of 30 hours studying. Some majors might require more. That plus 15 hours of class means 45+ hours studying. A 30 hour/week job takes time away from that.

Talk to your son about the option of taking some time off. It might make sense. If he transfers, he should think carefully about how he will do things differently. He would apply as a transfer student – and should explain what got in the way of his success this year and how it will be different. Perhaps he could consider a semester at a local community college to take some basics and have some success before he applies.
Good luck to all of you!

135 Vicki { 05.24.14 at 1:51 pm }

Leah, talk to your a financial aid advisor or someone associated with your loans to get a clear answer. Sometimes, as long as you are a student you can delay repaying your loans. Then you begin payments when you graduate or leave school. But be sure to get a clear answer about your specific loan before you make any decisions. Although the information may seem overwhelming to most of us, financial aid offices deal with these situations all of the time and are in a position to help you out.

Good luck completing your degree!

136 Vicki { 05.24.14 at 1:54 pm }

Brett, you need to talk with the admission office of the school that you want to attend. Explain your situation clearly and ask their advice. They will give you an idea of whether, given your circumstances, you should apply or not. In most cases, the admissions office wants to make it work for you, but they will be honest in letting you know if the is just no chance. Be honest in explaining your situation. It’s always worth a try.

137 Vicki { 05.24.14 at 1:58 pm }

K – As far as getting into the tech school, talk to the admissions office. Be honest in explaining your situation and grades and ask them whether it is worth applying. If they say it is worth trying, then go for it. But wherever you go, you’ll need to be very clear in your own mind that studying and doing the work – and getting support and tutoring if necessary – is a priority. Be ready to do the work and believe that you can succeed – if you are all in. If you’re not ready for that kind of commitment, then perhaps consider doing something else for a year or so until you’ve found what you really want to do.

Good luck!

138 Jason { 05.24.14 at 3:02 pm }

I recently was kicked out of college due to my failing grades and multiple family situations. Since then I have reevaluated my life and want to go back to college and finish my degree but I don’t know if I should start over or transfer my credits to a community college and finish there. My parents were devastated when I broken them the news because I graduated as an honors students and was a one of top students at my high school. My immaturity and lack of responsibility led to many situations and now I want to get back into school and finish the task that I have started but find myself at a bit of a cross roads.

139 Vicki { 05.27.14 at 8:04 am }

Jason – Your path is a more common one than you might think. It may have taken you time to decide what was right for you, but good for you for now defining your goal. I would definitely suggest transferring any credits that you might have to a community college – or wherever you decide is the right place. When you apply, include a letter or essay explaining your situation and why this time will be different. Committed students such as you, who have finally figured out what is important to them most often succeed, and most colleges consider that when looking at your application. Good luck!

140 ABkaplan { 05.31.14 at 12:02 am }

i have a very important question for my friend. He was recently dismissed from mays business school at texas A&M university. he received a 1.9 and really struggled this semester with several family issues as well as personal issues. He has applied for an appeal but we fear it will not get accepted. Heres the catch, he already has completed 109 hours and is only 7 classes away from graduating. He now has to many hours to transfer majors and to many hours to apply to a different college. None of his classes can be taken at a community college and his advisors have said the appeal is the only option. He is $40,000 in debt and is paying for college himself. If the appeal is not approved we fear he will not be able to get a college degree from any institution , period. What should he do if the appeal does not get accepted?
we really need advice! HELP please!

141 Martha { 06.01.14 at 5:07 pm }

I have recently been put on academic suspension at the university I was attending. This was my freshman year and it was a bit overwhelming for me. My question is, can I take community college courses even if I’m on academic suspension? And, if not, what can I do?

142 mom { 06.22.14 at 8:40 am }

Our son, flunked out his first year, while telling us, “everything is fine”. He was on academic probation, after semester 1, so we encouraged him, to seek out the “free help” and study groups. He did nothing. He did not even pass public speaking or english.
He waited until June to apply for summer jobs, so now he is just playing video games with his college friends, who ARE all doing just fine.
His tuition is contingent on him keeping his grades up, and showing “character”, as his grandmother left him an educational trust, that ends when he is 25. He is throwing away a free education, and with that, he also got a used vehicle and expenses. I have to cut him off according to her will, since he did not meet the criteria. His car tax bills are here, and car insurance bill is coming in another month. Frankly. I wish this trust fund did not exist. He does not care, because he does not have to pay anything back.
I think I am more upset over him lying to us then the terrible grades. I do not know what happened to him. He was on the honor roll in high school, and passed AP UCONN English.
What went wrong is anyones guess. He is irresponsible, immature, and ungrateful for this, “free ride” he was given.
I was thinking of having him sign a contract, that if he fails at the community college, he has to pay back the money. Do you think this is a bad idea?
He cannot get a job at all, so I thought more volunteering would be better than him being idle all summer.
Community service was required at his high school and he was on the robotics team, so it was impossible for him to work (paid) during that time. Now everyone tells him he has “no experience”.
What a mess he is in….he took off last night, and did not come home.

143 Sarah Weedon { 07.02.14 at 10:57 am }

Have you ever heard of a college. Terminating someone after they graduated them.
I attended my graduation. They called my name walked the stage and got an empty folder I suspected cause I was still on my work experience then 2 days after I got a letter of termination in the mail.

144 Mom { 07.02.14 at 2:29 pm }

Why do most people get a reply, and others like me, are ignored?
Even the most rude person, above got a reply from you.
“Cherry picking”, who you respond to leaves the rest of us unvalidated
and, frustrated.
What a waste of time coming here……bye-

145 Vicki { 07.03.14 at 9:19 am }

I have no idea whether you will return to see my reply. I am sorry that you are frustrated. I try to reply to as many comments as I can, but it does sometimes take a while.

I can certainly understand your concerns about your son. Because each situation is different, and every family dynamic is different, it is impossible for me to tell you what to do. You have clearly already thought through some options, and I think they are good ones. There is no reason that you should continue to pay (or that the trust should pay) for your son to be in school if he is not going to do his part.

If you are going to attempt to have your son sign a contract, you might sit with him and have him help decide what should be in the contract. What does he think is reasonable to expect of himself? What is he willing to do on his part? What are the consequences if he doesn’t? Try making arrangements for a “meeting” and come to the table ready to listen as much as to talk. Perhaps he has been lying and procrastinating because he is paralyzed and doesn’t know what to do next. He may be more afraid and concerned than he is willing to let on.

It is difficult to have patience in a situation like this, but having patience doesn’t mean that you need to do everything he wants. Decide what your expectations and limits are – and ask him about his. Good luck to both of you.

146 Vicki { 07.03.14 at 9:22 am }

Sarah –
No, I have never heard of a student being terminated after graduation – but I don’t know any of the specific circumstances in this case. I would certainly start by calling the Dean’s Office or the Registrar (or whoever sent the termination letter) to ask why you were terminated. Ask for an explanation if there was no explanation in your letter. Then ask whether there is an appeal process. If you are very close to graduation, they may be anxious to try to help you finish.

147 Vicki { 07.03.14 at 9:24 am }

Martha –
Yes, you can usually take community college courses after you have been dismissed or suspended. This is sometimes a very good way to prove to your college that you are capable of good college-level work. After a semester or year of good grades, you might be able to apply for readmission. Good luck!!

148 Vicki { 07.03.14 at 9:30 am }

ABKaplan –
Your friend is certainly going through a difficult time. I hope that his appeal is successful. That is certainly his best option. If it is not successful, he may need to consider transferring to another school. The catch may be that he will not be able to transfer all of his credits and/or he will need to take a certain number of credits at the new institution. Most schools require that you take a minimum number of credits with them – sometimes 30 or so (this varies by school). So your friend could transfer, but would still need to take that many credits at the new school. Yes, it will take longer (and more money) but he should be able to complete a degree somewhere.

And your friend is lucky to have a friend to help him through.

149 mom { 07.05.14 at 9:51 am }

Thank you for your response. I am back to read it and I am grateful for your opinion.
Have a lovely holiday, while I try and muddle through this circumstance.

150 Bri { 07.07.14 at 12:32 am }

I was academically dismissed after 2.5 years of school (total of 89 credits) with a GPA of 2.3 after a recent diagnosis of PTSD. The first semester of my junior year I had a ending semester average of 1.9 which was apparently enough to get me kicked out. I spent my semester off taking classes at a local university and took 9 credits ending with a GPA there of 3.9 and worked 16 hours a week at an autism center. I’m working on my reapplication and I think I did everything I possibly could. I go to counseling regularly have been working hard over the summer to work up money for tutoring during the year and will be signed up for accommodations as needed. Is there anything else I can do to succeed if I do get reaccepted and is there anything else I can add to my reapplication to sound focused and ready? Thanks for your help

151 Vicki { 07.07.14 at 10:34 am }

Bri –
Congratulations to you on not allowing yourself to be defeated and for creating and following through with a plan to reapply. It sounds as though you are doing everything right. Reapplying with a strong GPA and a plan for how to turn things around is exactly what most schools want to see. When you reapply, be sure to include all of the information that you included in your comment – and then be sure that you stick to your plan. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll do well.

152 Derrek { 07.10.14 at 2:16 pm }

To: Appeal Committee
From: Derreck XXXXX
Subject: Academic Progress Insufficient

Dear Appeal Committee,
Last November, I decided to change my major to CIS due to my passion and previous success in programming. The Fall Semester went really well and I dedicated all of my time to my coursework. In April, my sister had to be rushed to the hospital due to her heart. After finding out she could die due her heart valve being half the size, I began to spend most of my time in the hospital with her. In June, she had to be taken into surgery again and during this time I was called upon for jury duty for two weeks. I spent the majority of my time in the hospital and allowed all the distractions to hinder myself from completing my coursework on time.
After having long discussions with both family and my academic advisor, I have devised a schedule in which I will be dedicating my time at the school in order to completely eliminate any distractions. Currently, my sister is doing very well and will recover nicely in the next month or so. I will contact my professors during their office hours, when I have any issue no matter how minor it seems. And I have also set up a schedule for my classes with Professor Dos Santos which outlines the classes necessary until graduation, if permitted to continue. Life hit me pretty hard but it was necessary so that I can learn from my mistakes in order to succeed in the future, no matter what the challenges. If reinstated, I will prove that my careful planning and dedication will enable me to be successful in finishing my degree.


-Please let me know what you think about my readmission letter. I need advice because I cannot afford to be denied. I have done everything in my power to ensure that the problem is resolved. I cannot afford to fail seeing as I have 100k+ debt and am close to completion.

153 Vicki { 07.11.14 at 7:18 am }

Derrek –
Congratulations on working hard to get back on track with your studies. I think your appeal letter is a good one. You acknowledge the problem and outline a plan (with support) to succeed in the future. This is usually what appeal committees are looking for.

My only (very small) suggestion would be that “completely eliminate any distractions” may not be realistic. Rather, you might talk about communicating early and finding support should any distractions or emergencies come up. There will always be obstacles, but having a plan to address them is more realistic than assuming that you can avoid them entirely.

Good luck to you! It looks as though you are on the right path!

154 Andres { 07.28.14 at 4:55 pm }

Hi, I’m from Puerto Rico and I attended the University of Puerto Rico for the last two years. Unfortunately, I was suspended a year for not doing well. I get that it was my fault, I started unmotivated and with a lot of personal problems and never reached for help until now. I’m currently seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist. I was majoring in the chemistry program, but my major goal was (still is) pharmacy.

My parents recently split up and my mom is thinking of moving to the US and I was wondering if I can start from scratch there, enroll in a new University and not show a transcript from my last one, only my GPA from high school which was 3.92
I’m still thinking on not studying for a year to get myself straight, my goals haven’t changed because I’m sure that’s what I want, but with a GPA so low and with a suspension I’m not sure I’ll ever get accepted at a pharmacy school.

Please leave any advice, I’ll appreciate it. I know I screw bad and the idea of two bad years haunting me for life is shameful.

I have heard of the National Student Clearinghouse, I wouldn’t like to be kicked out of an university for liyng about my previous transcript. I also considered the option of studying in some other south american country (or Mexico, Canada or Spain) without showing my first two years of college transcripts, then transfer to a University in the US, I don’t know if it is possible tho. I might end up completing college somewhere outside the US if it is the most convinient thing.

I’m really confused in which step to take once I’m ready to start studies again. Please leave an advise…

155 Vicki { 07.31.14 at 7:28 pm }

Andres –
You are certainly not alone in having had a difficult start to your college career. It sounds as though you are doing all of the right things at this point.

I think you are certainly correct that you want to be honest with any institution about your background. Don’t take any chances trying to hide your earlier history. Besides, you may have a few credits that could transfer and help you move forward.

I would start by contacting the school(s) to which you are interested in applying and ask them whether they require your previous transcripts. They probably will, but if you are moving from Puerto Rico to the U.S., it is possible that it may be different. If they require the transcript, send it with a letter explaining what happened, why you weren’t ready for college at that time, and what you have done in the meantime, and why you think things will be different this time.

Most schools understand that some students have a rocky start, but then turn things around and are excellent students. Keep looking until you find a school that will accept you for who you are.

Good luck!

156 Carvel St.John { 08.03.14 at 10:48 pm }

I was put on academic probation and I appealed cause I broke my right pinky finger and won my appeal but I am still on academic probation cause my gpa is 196 so now I want to switch majors and transfer to a college out of state and I went to University of North Texas. There is not a community college where my parents live at which is in Bowie Texas what should I do if I can’t drive cause of my injury.

157 Vicki { 08.07.14 at 1:21 pm }

When you are sure that you are ready to make a commitment to your academic work, you might investigate some online courses that will help until you can drive again. If you have a college that you plan to attend later, ask them what courses they will accept.

158 Fawn Walker { 08.12.14 at 12:31 pm }

My son was on academic suspension pending a summer school grade. He failed the summer class and received the notice that he had lost his appeal the same day that he received notice that he was financially settled and ready to go to class in the fall. Due to the notice being so late, the closest community college will not let him enroll because they have a 2 week appeal process themselves for those that are academically suspended. That makes it too late to enroll with them. He is checking with the community college in our county, but I do not know if they will admit him either. Best I can tell, if he is not enrolled, he will have to start paying his loan. His suspension states that if he attends elsewhere and has a particular grade average he can reapply in the spring to his original college. Seems like a tough solution if you can no longer be admitted elsewhere. Thank you

159 Vicki { 08.12.14 at 1:39 pm }

Fawn –
You are correct that this is a tough situation for your son. The timing seems to be against him. Do check about the loan repayment. Some loans give students a six month grace period and that might help. If he cannot get into either of the local community colleges, is there any possibility of online classes from an accredited school? If he reapplies in January, having a couple of successful classes under his belt might help. Otherwise, he may need to spend the fall semester working or doing something else and then try reapplying for spring semester. Sometimes a break from school will help students think carefully about how they will approach school when they return.
Good luck to both of you!

160 Pheng { 08.19.14 at 1:23 am }


My name is Pheng and about a year ago I was academically dismissed from NYU-Poly, I am a first generation student and it was the worst feeling ever. I had trouble asking for help because I grew up learning mostly by myself and I don’t really know if it was a pride thing or I was scared of being looked down upon, maybe a bit of both. But now that I’ve taken a year off, do u think I should apply directly to a new university and take my chances or enroll in a community college? I know I am capable, college was the first time that I was away from home (live in MN), and it was probably too big and quick of jump for me. But now that I’ve had time to think about my flaws and inabilities I want to get back to school. Disappointing my parents who did so much to give me a chance in this country hurt so much, that I don’t want to ever fail them again. What should I do?

161 Angela { 08.26.14 at 12:17 pm }

Hi, I was academically dismissed during my freshmen year because second semester was a big struggle for me. But I am more eager than ever to prove myself and take pride in the schools I attend. So I am planning on completing two years at a community college, then transferring to a university. My question is, does my GPA transfer to a cc, university, or a job application? Some universities require all transcripts from accredited courses, but I am confused because I was dismissed my first year. Do my failed courses count as credits and do they transfer to my GPA? I would love your advice.

162 david { 09.04.14 at 6:03 pm }

Hi I was academically dismissed 3 years ago and afterwards I enrolled to the local community college and graduated with an aa in history but I was still declined on my reinstatement app. What are my options? I want to finish my bachelor program.

163 Vicki { 09.04.14 at 8:21 pm }

David –
Congratulations on completing your Associate’s degree! After that accomplishment, I’m sure it must be discouraging not to be readmitted to your original school. If they have declined your readmission application, I would suggest beginning to look at other schools. Find something else. There is a school out there for everyone, but you may need to think outside of the box. When you apply, be sure to include a letter with an explanation of what happened originally and how you turned things around. One additional advantage to finishing your bachelor’s degree at a new school is that you will begin with a clean slate (GPA). Good luck!

164 tay { 09.05.14 at 2:39 pm }

I was academically dismissed from my doctorate program after failing classes this semester. This was my halfway point from my schooling and I am at the point where I do not know what to do at this point. I was looking to maybe transferring to a different school or changing my major but i feel the academic dismissal will make schools reject me immediately. I am confused as to what to do and how to go about continuing. My parents have been supportive but I am very discouraged. I want to continue in this field but at the same time I would not mind transferring to another field and seeing if they would accept my credits as I have already completed 112 credits. Any piece of advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much :)

165 Kyle { 09.11.14 at 6:52 pm }


So Im attending a Community College right now in California and sadly ive been dismissed twice for basically the same type of class which was math. The thing is my dream is to go to a four year and I know I need to apply myself and get the help, but is it still possible to get into a good school with two dismissals already If I applied myself and got my GPA up from now. I know I can do well, but I got lazy when I first started college and I regret it. I just really want to do better and go to a good school like UCLA or Santa Barbara or some type of good California 4 year, but I wanted to know if its still very possible to accomplish that after two dismissals from a community college. Thank you so much.

166 Thomas { 09.26.14 at 4:55 pm }


I was denied my appeal to my university after being dismissed in 2012., with my gpa being a 1.8. I was majoring in Journalism, which I initially loved but lost focus & motivation due to regret of not following my desire to be a Music Major. Is there an option for me to attend another university without going to Community College route? And or what is the best advice that you (anyone) would give considering my circumstances? I strongly want to become a music teacher.

167 Cain { 09.27.14 at 2:18 am }


I was dismissed from not 1, but 3 schools. My first school was full scholarship for soccer where I was removed for poor attendance. The 2nd two were both CC’s where I was suspended for having a terrible GPA. The 1st CC I actually attended, but the 2nd I don’t know how I could be suspended from considering I’ve never attended there and just applied this past month. On the same day my acceptance letter came another one came with it telling me I needed to write an appeal to be consider for the school and registration.

I applied to this community college because it has a 2 year PTA program that I would love to attend. Statistically 100 percent of the students that completed the program are currently employed as a PTA. I didn’t do good in school the first few times because I had no direction, motivation, or passion to learn what was being taught to me. I now have something I would love to do, but am being told I can’t.

Is it possible for me to be suspended from this CC when I haven’t even attended it?

168 Vicki { 09.27.14 at 7:35 am }

Tay –
I’m sure it is discouraging being dismissed from your doctoral program. The fact that you are considering a change of major seems to say that you are not completely committed to your current field. If that is the case, you might want to work in the field a bit before deciding. Doctoral programs are so difficult and so specialized that it is important to be totally committed. If you work for a while, you will have experience as well as interest on your resume when you are ready to go back to school. Whenever that is, find a school/program that you like and have an honest conversation with someone at the school about your background and difficulties and why you think things will be different this time. It takes some patience, but good luck!

169 Vicki { 09.27.14 at 7:45 am }

Every school is different in what they will allow. Probably the first thing that you need to do is find a way to get over the hurdle of the class that is giving you difficulty. Find a way to take, and pass, that class somewhere. Use all of the tutoring resources that you can to get help. Once you have some success, find some good schools in your area and begin to talk to the admission office and see what they suggest. There will be a school for you somewhere, it may just take some work to find it.

170 Vicki { 09.27.14 at 7:48 am }

Good for you for finding what you truly love. Find some good music education programs and begin to talk to them. Ask for some informational interviews and share your story with them. See what they suggest. At the same time, keep working on your music skills and opportunities to work with children so that you add experience to your resume/application. It may take some work and some patience, but you will find a good program.

171 Vicki { 09.27.14 at 7:51 am }

Cain –
Your story is a little confusing, but the school should certainly be able to clear it up for you. Contact the admission office and/or the registrar and ask for a meeting to clear up your status. If you need to appeal for some reason (perhaps because of your previous history) be clear and honest in explaining why this time will be different. Work closely with the people at the school and ask them for guidance about how to proceed. Good luck!

172 T { 09.27.14 at 6:45 pm }

I was disqualified from a CSU almost 3 years ago while in my 4th year of college. I have been working to support myself ever since. A counselor told me that since I got academically disqualified so late in my college career that it would be difficult for me to raise my gpa due to the fact that most of the classes I did poorly in were major classes. She suggested I retake C- classes at a CC which will take forever. I am curious to know if it is possible to apply to a University and finish instead of doing a CC? I know they have programs for older students but I want my Bachelors not a certificate.


173 Vicki { 09.27.14 at 9:45 pm }

T –
There are so many colleges and universities out there and they each have somewhat different requirements. The best way for you to find your options is to go directly to the schools that you are interested in. Go to admission and ask to talk to someone about your situation and your options. Keep trying different schools. I am confident that eventually you will find a school/program that will work for you.

174 T { 09.27.14 at 10:29 pm }

Thank you!

175 Will { 10.08.14 at 6:19 pm }

i was academically dismissed in 2007. do i need to fill out a general petition if i want to attend a different community college?

176 Vicki { 10.12.14 at 7:55 am }

Will –
The best advice that I can give you is to check with the college you want to attend. Policies are very different at different schools. Talk directly to the admissions office, registrar and financial aid office. Ask them what you need to do. Be sure to be completely honest with them about your current status and your background. Good luck!

177 Kati { 10.20.14 at 1:55 pm }

Hello, recently my boyfriend was put on Academic Probation and is failing to meet the requirements to stay enrolled in College. There are a lot of factors that have effected this outcome but they are being resolved. For his first three years he had good grades and was positively involved in many campus activities. Are colleges at all forgiving of this? It was his dream to graduate but other circumstances got in the way and I want to know if there’s hope for him or anything I could do to help the situation and help him stay enrolled. I fear that Academic Dismissal is just around the corner

178 Vicki { 10.21.14 at 7:06 am }

Kati –
Your boyfriend should work with the college – early and often. Suggest that he talk with his advisor and ask for help, work directly with his professors, go to the tutoring center, work with anyone else available at his school. Hopefully, all of this help will mean that he will do better and not be dismissed. But if he has difficulty and is on the dismissal list, he might appeal and being able to have some of those people with whom he has worked support his appeal may help.
Depending on those factors and how quickly they are being resolved, another option might be for him to take a break from school until he is ready/able to focus 100% on school.

179 Mom { 11.12.14 at 8:35 pm }

My son has an academic dismissal that is over 10 years old from Central Michigan University. Prior to the dismissal his GPA was 3.2, but the semester of dismissal obviously took his GPA way down. He now lives in California and has decided to go back to school. He currently attends a Community College in that state and is on his 3rd semester there. His current GPA at the CC is 4.0. However, he is being told by CMU specifically, that because of his academic dismissal he will never get into another major university. The degree he wants to pursue is available at UCLA and he is now concerned that he will not be able to get into that school because of an immature mistake he made over 10 years ago. I am wondering if the information he has received from CMU is correct or they unnecessarily scaring him? Thank you for your time and your response.

180 Tina Provo { 11.13.14 at 7:01 am }

They are scaring him unnecessarily, in my opinion. My university takes into account youthful mistakes, and will take either the cumulative GPA, or calculate the GPA for his last 30 hours of course work.
That being said, if he applies to a university which receives a high volume of applications each year (i.e. UCLA or University of South Florida) he may have more hurdles.
He can find a good university, so don’t let him give up on his education.

181 L { 11.18.14 at 11:30 pm }

My boyfriend was put on academic disqualification and he recently received an emailing saying that he was denied after he petitioned. He’s thinking about apply for the fall semester to a local university back home. The thing is his GPA is under a 2.0 and is not in good standing with his last school because of his disqualification. My question is how would he get back to good standing and raise his GPA if the school he attended won’t let him back in? He is so close from graduating, he’s only short 17 units and he will have his bachelor’s. Thank you

182 L { 11.18.14 at 11:44 pm }

Sorry for the mistakes I’m on my phone and the box is really small, and i was having troubles reading it.

183 Ahmad { 12.08.14 at 1:09 am }

Hi, I got dismissed from my university and I immediately enrolled in my community and college and I’m doing well. I don’t want to go back to my old university. I actually want to go to a better university. 2nd in the state for mechanical engineering. They require of me to be in good academic standing with my older schools if I want to transfer. What do I do? Thank you!

184 Aundrea { 12.16.14 at 5:50 pm }

This will be stressful for me because I’ve tried hard each semester and I gave it the best I got and I still feel like I have failed. I have recently been put on academic suspension due to lack of requirement and it’s really hurting me because I have family that have been so proud of me throughout the whole semesters that I have attended college and now since I’ve failed them it’s making me feel pretty much like a failure. I’m not planning on just sitting out for a semester just working because I’m too determined to walk across the stage to receive my degree. I don’t know if this academic appeal will go through as a successful or not but I need other options on what I need to do in order to keep myself into my education and climb towards the Marketing field I am destined to achieve to. I’m just having a hard time right because it feels like I’m doing all I can, but I’m constantly failing when my mind is so focused to doing what I need to do, but in reality it’s crashing down on me pretty hard :(

185 Olivia { 12.17.14 at 9:38 pm }

I attended ucr for one quarter but only took 3 classes and I did poorly in them. I’m planning on going to a cc and then transferring to csusb. I know that I’ll be successful at the cc but my question is will it affect my chances from getting admitted even thought it was just one quarter? I have my reason why I did poorly due to the fact I was unable to get to school since I didn’t have my license. Also those classes I took aren’t required for my major. Will they still accept me even though I did poorly there and explain myself why? Will the good grades at the cc override the bad grades I got in that quarter?

186 Kayla { 12.19.14 at 4:06 am }

Hi, I was recently informed about being dismissed from my community college(Mt. San Antonio College). Now, I am not going to be one of those people who explain the reasons for being dismissed except for the fact that I failed all of my classes and only passed 3…………I have been there for about a year and a half now and would like to know if it is possible to start off fresh in another close by community college instead??? What are my choices/opportunities???

187 Ritesh { 12.23.14 at 5:10 am }

I am doing my MS in mechanical engineering in california. I was on probation for 2 semesters and At the end of 2nd semester I was having 2.93 gpa. My graduate coordinator helped me and I filled reinstatement form for my 3rd semester. I repeated one subject and took 2 new ones. I am done with my 3rd semester and during the semester my mom had a serious surgery and she was in coma for 3 months. Because of that I was so stressed and couldnt study well in my 3rd semester and I got F in repeated subject and B and C in other 2 subjects. I am on 2.75 gpa now and my coordinator told me that I will be dismissed from the course.
Now what are my options? I thought about community college but I am worried about readmission at my college again. and how many units can i repeat after readmisssion?

help me please

188 Vicki { 12.27.14 at 8:12 pm }

There are so many comments here that seem to ask a variation of the same questions. Things aren’t going well, what do I do now? Will I be readmitted to my program? Should I go somewhere else? What are my options.

The fact that all of you are anxious about what is next is a good thing. It means that you want to get that degree. Determination helps.

It is impossible to give specific advice because every situation is different and everyone has a different story. 1)I’d suggest that you begin by thinking very specifically about what went wrong in the first place. What caused the problems and difficulties? There is a big difference between the subject material being too difficult and a family emergency that takes your attention and energy away from your studying. 2) Talk to as many people at your school about your options. They may be able to give you advice. They can tell you whether there is a chance of being readmitted or whether you should appeal a decision. 3) Think very carefully about whether this is a good time to continue. If there have been issues that caused problems, it might be a good idea to take some time (a semester or a year) off to get things taken care of or to recover so that you can focus when you return to school. 4) Investigate as many other options as you can. Are there other majors or programs that might be better for you? Are there other schools that might accept you in transfer? (Actually visit and talk to them to find out the real answers.)

Don’t try to do this alone. Find support at school. Ask your family for their support. Let your friends know that you need their help.

Take your time and be sure that you are ready. Good luck.

189 meera { 01.01.15 at 10:30 am }

i studied bca in thiruvalluvar university i completed 5 semesters during last semester some problem i cant complete my last semester now there is any chance to complete my course

190 Vicki { 01.02.15 at 12:37 pm }

Meera –
Work with someone at your school – an advisor or counselor – to get help strategizing about your options. They will be able to help you decide what to do next.

191 Jerrell { 01.05.15 at 10:50 pm }

Hello, i was recently put on academic dismissal for one year, and am not sure if i should try to apply to other local colleges to finish my general ed classes. I am nearly 70% percent done with my degree. I am ashamed and not sure what to do. Do you have any advice??

192 Vicki { 01.06.15 at 8:24 am }

Jerrell –
You can use this year to do some important things. 1)Think hard about what happened that caused you to be dismissed. What have you learned about yourself? What will you change when you go back? 2)Look for a job – if possible somehow (even remotely) related to the field you’d like to end up in. You’ll learn about the field, gain experience for your resume, and earn some money so you’ll have a bit less debt after college. 3) Consider taking a couple of courses at a local college so you’ll have a few more credits done. This is a detour you hadn’t expected, but you can make it a productive time. Good luck.

193 BMG { 01.09.15 at 10:48 am }

My son was dismissed for 1 year from a community college. He just didn’t know what he wanted to study (no major). He finally admitted to me that he wants to go to into military but still wants to go to college. He finally figured out that he wants to study criminal justice (wants to be a military cop). Now my question is can he start clean in another college. He doesn’t want to transfer any credits. Can that be done? His GPA in high school was a 3.25.

194 Vicki { 01.09.15 at 3:00 pm }

Good for you son for figuring out a direction in which he wants to go. I am sure that will make a big difference for him.
It is important that he check with the college to which he would like to apply to ask about his previous transcript. Most colleges require students to submit all previous transcripts. However, when he begins at a new college, he will begin a new GPA. Although his previous credits may or may not carry over, his GPA will not. If he can transfer even a few credits from his previous college, that will give him a head start.
If the college clearly says all previous transcripts are required and he does not submit them, the college could potentially deny admission or dismiss him if they learn of them later. It simply is not worth the chance. Checking with the school is always he best approach.
Best of luck to your son – and to you!

195 Jennifer { 01.10.15 at 4:40 pm }

My daughter was dismissed after her first semester at UCMerced. She won her appeal and is on academic probation for this coming semester. She has made a commitment to bring her GPA up to 2.0 this term in order to be in good standing, but she does not want to continue at this University beyond this semester since they do not have the major she seeks. She wants to go to a community college and then transfer to another UC. Is this a viable plan? I thought that dropping out of a UC meant that getting back in was nearly impossible. I spoke with the school and they said that if she maintains a good standing she can apply directly for a transfer to another UC campus. Between these two options, which seems more effective?

196 Sanya { 01.13.15 at 3:17 pm }

Hi, this is in view of my friend who was dismissed from his college due to low grades. He was earlier on probation but still could not cope up with his studies. He was going through an emotional situation and was unable to keep hold on himself. Being away from home he sometimes wasnt able to cope up. After hearing this news fro his college he is devastated. He doesnt know what the right thing to do would be, since this matter is very new to us being students and having no prior knowledge. On speaking with an advisor he was given options by which he would need to earn more credits, and if they see progress they may take him back. On the other hand we are very confused as to what would be the best option to earn these credits, and whether it would be possible to get an internship or is it viable tog o away from his country to another community college or take online classes or if he has any other options. Could someone please suggest a path we could move on because we are not very aware of the credit system. Thankyou

197 Andy { 01.13.15 at 7:18 pm }

Hi. I was dismissed from a University four years ago. I was studying engineering and science at that time and somehow things just didn’t go well as I had planned. I lost one of my parents, job, house etc. almost everything. I took a couple years off and moved to another state because of financial reasons as well. Wanted to start fresh so I joined a local community college full time, but this time I was interested in Business so wanted to study that instead. However, instead of just completing a semester and increase my G.P.A from what it was before (1.77) I decided on completing the entire associate’s degree here and then move to a local University to finish my Bachelor’s. My question is that even though I have a past record that is bad (failing out of a University), will I able to get in to the local Universities I am thinking about applying to for this Fall. This Spring I will have completed my Associate’s in Arts (Business) roughly 65 credits and my current cumulative G.P.A stands at around 3.9. I am hoping the new University will see that I have been able to show considerable improvement and give me a chance but I am “Really Nervous” and keep delaying my application. Any suggestions on how to deal with this or any chances the new University will accept me? Also since my major is completely different now, and my new grades and courses are also new, will my old G.P.A still matter. I will be sending transcripts from my previous college while applying because I want to be frank and honest but just feel a University might still reject me. Please suggest. Thanks.


198 shawna { 01.14.15 at 5:03 am }

Hello, I was just recently dismissed from my college due to my low gpa. I understand that it was my fault but they gave me no warning of what gpa would dismiss me and everyone would always tell me they had a grade probation for if you get below a 1.5. Apparently that was a lie because over my christmas break I recieved a letter stating I “am dismissed”. I did the appeal and even wrote extra explaining that I had messed up my semester due to keeping a job back home, which I would drive back and forth and hour and a half away for four times a week. This included weekends. On weekends I just stayed home and worked doubles so I was left with no time to study working around 30 hours a week and getting back to campus late all the time. I regret it all and I am the first in my family to go to college so It was all a learning experience for me. I did the appeal and started everything I did wrong and what I would due to fix it because I even quit my job in order to do well next semester. I just found out my appeal got denied and they just told me to apply to a college of my choice and reapply next semester. They want to see academic progress and thats why they want me to apply to another college. I just recently called to see what I had to do to apply to a college near me it is somewhat a community college or a branch of a main college and they said I would need at least a 2.0. I dont have that and I do not know what to do because I need to get my gpa up in order to go back. I regret everything but theres nothing I can do if noone will give me a chance. I was one of those kids to do well in everything and be conidered smart my whole life. I havent even been able to tell my dad the truth on why I had to come home because he is a very stressed out person and that is the best way to go about it. Not attending college is not an option for me. The community college said I could wait a year and then apply and the gpa I had before wouldnt matter, but I cant wait that long. I thought due to the fact I got kicked out I could just apply to another college and they wouldnt need my college transcripts bc im not transfering just applying. I dont have anyone to talk to about this. I dont know what to do and im about to have a breakdown. Please help me!
Thank you!

199 shawna { 01.14.15 at 5:08 am }

I also forgot to mention that in high school I took courses from the same “community college” and I did very well. I received 19 credits which transferred to my other college. All together I have 22 now but I guess that means nothing due to my gpa. In order to be considered a sophomore you need 30 I could do that and get my gpa up if given the chance but I do not know what to do. I am left at home with no job or school because I quit for school.
p.s – My other post is right above. Thank you!

200 Vicki { 01.15.15 at 2:02 pm }

Shawna –
I understand what a difficult time this must be for you. You certainly need someone to discuss this with. First of all, I suggest that you be honest and straightforward with your family. Of course, they will be disappointed, but getting the situation out in the open is important and will take some burden off of you. They may even be able to offer some suggestions to help. Then you need to talk to some people in the offices at school. Start with asking for a meeting with someone at the local school so you can explain your situation – especially having successfully completed credits there in the past. Ask for suggestions from them. Then you might also meet with someone from the school that dismissed you to ask them to help you create a plan. Look, too, to see if there are any other schools locally that you might attend. Or consider some online classes. You might even consider going back and talking to your high school guidance counselor if that is an option. As you do this, look for a job if you can so that you can also use this time away to earn some extra money so that when you return you can focus totally on your schoolwork.

This is a detour that you certainly didn’t expect, but you will emerge a stronger person – and a better student. Finding a support system is important and just don’t give up – keep talking to people until you can find someone who will be able to help.

201 Vicki { 01.15.15 at 2:05 pm }

Sanya –
Please see my comment above to Shawna. Your friend’s situation is very similar. Start by talking to someone at the school and then at local community colleges. Taking a class or two is probably preferable to an internship, because it will demonstrate classroom success. Online classes would certainly be an option – just be sure that it is an accredited school.

202 Vicki { 01.15.15 at 2:10 pm }

Andy –
Congratulations on completing your Associate’s Degree! That is an accomplishment. Most colleges will look at your whole history, but will certainly weigh your most recent history more heavily than an obvious rough beginning – especially with a change of major. Many students have difficulty at the beginning of their college career but then are able to find success later.

Don’t try to guess whether the University will accept you – talk to them! Make an appointment to meet with an admissions counselor even before you apply. Take transcripts and explain your situation and ask what you should do and what they think your chances are. Of course they will probably not be able to guarantee anything, but hearing your story in person will help – plus you will have an idea of your chances.

And remember, too, that there are many colleges out there. Consider applying to more than one. Good luck!

203 Vicki { 01.15.15 at 2:13 pm }

Jennifer –
I am not familiar with the UC system, so I’m afraid I don’t know what to suggest. From your description, it does sound as though remaining int he system and transferring directly might make sense. It is good that you called the school, but I would suggest that your daughter try to meet with someone both at her current school and the school to which she would like to transfer to see what they suggest. Let them help her through the process.

204 rodney { 01.16.15 at 2:51 pm }


i am a senior who was recently dismissed due to my low GPA(1.79). i am considering taking half of what i need left to graduate at a community college before i re-apply for readmission in a year. my question is would a community college accept me with my low GPA? would i apply as a non degree student?

205 Vicki { 01.17.15 at 3:49 pm }


Rather than trying to guess whether the community college will accept you, the best thing to do is to go and talk to someone in the admission or transfer office. They will tell you exactly what their policies are and whether you should enroll as a degree or non-degree student. It’s the best way to get the most accurate information. And I’d also suggest that you talk to your advisor at your current school or someone in the registrar to get assurance that they will accept your credits when you apply to be readmitted. Again, don’t try to guess. Get the straight information from the college. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be back on track soon.

206 scott jeffrey { 01.19.15 at 3:11 pm }

I have a 19 year old son who came out of High School with a 3.4 GPA. He was always a very good student athlete. In 2013, he enrolled at a local college and bombed out. I didn’t realize it, but he wasn’t the least bit ready for college. Although he wasn’t a party guy…he simply didn’t attend his classes and he flunked all four. He pulled out of school and entered the workforce. After a little over a year of working tough blue collar work..he has matured and wants to return to school. The change in him is very evident. My questions are: can he still financial aid…and can he get a clean slate by attending a different college? Lastly, when applying to a new school…should he disclose his freshman fiasco or simply provide his high school transcripts? Thanks for your help!

207 Drea { 01.21.15 at 12:28 pm }

I was academically dismissed from a UC after my freshman year and right away enrolled at a community college. About to start my second semester and realized that I have to take classes that I took at the UC and passed. I turned in a transcript at the community college, is there a reason my credits did not transfer?

208 Vicki { 01.22.15 at 2:11 pm }

Scott – Congratulations to your son on now feeling ready to tackle college. He is certainly not alone in finding that he wasn’t ready for college on his first try. If he attends a new college this time around, he will usually start with a clean slate for a GPA. That is certainly an advantage. Most colleges also expect to see all transcripts – even those that show a poor semester and carry no credits. I’d suggest that your son write a letter to go along with his application materials explaining what went wrong, what he has done in the meantime, and why he now feels ready. Colleges realize that students can mature during some time away. Regarding financial aid, I’d speak directly to the college financial aid office. They are your best source of accurate information. Good luck to your son!

209 Vicki { 01.22.15 at 2:14 pm }

Drea – This is definitely a question for the transfer office or registrar’s office at your current school. It is possible that there is a minimum acceptable grade for transferring credits and you may have been below that. It is also possible that someone has made a mistake or overlooked something. Ask to speak to someone who can look at your transcript with you and give you an explanation. And if you do find that you need to retake any courses, try to find your old notes and take advantage of having a head start on the material. Use this as an opportunity to do exceptionally well and increase your GPA.

210 Angel Jones { 01.26.15 at 9:54 am }

I have recently been academically suspended from my university. I am looking to still be in school no matter what, even if I do 6 week semester and start in March. And then transfer to another university or back to my old university in the fall. Is there any satellite universities or community colleges that I can still apply to?

211 Vicki { 01.26.15 at 7:13 pm }

Angel –
You’ll need to look to see what is close to you. If there isn’t a school close to you, investigate online courses from reputable, accredited schools. Anything that you do that shows that you can do well with college level work will help you when you try to reapply later.

212 Rawr { 02.04.15 at 2:25 am }

I academically dismissed from the University of Charleston. I appealed to my situation and explained how my mom had a heart attack and had been in the hospital the whole time I was in school. I was always driving the 2 hours home to take care of my mom because my siblings were too young and my dad was working and struggling to keep food on the table. I also had two jobs so I could send money to help my parents and pay for my tuition. Ontop of all that, I was in and out of the hospital a lot during the semester too. I was only there for one semester. I wasn’t put on any probation or given any warning. My appeal was denied. I found out my GPA dropped from a 3.9 during midterms to a 0.83. Mind you, I graduated high school with a 3.8 GPA. I want to be a Veterinarian eventually. Do you know of any online classes I can take to bring my GPA enough so I can apply to a grad school?

213 Rawr { 02.04.15 at 2:27 am }

Also, I meant a four year school. Not grad school.

214 Vicki { 02.09.15 at 2:21 pm }

Rawr –
It sounds as though you had an awful lot on your plate this semester. Before you try to take classes to improve your GPA, make sure that you have things settled. You want to be successful this time around!

Your good high school GPA indicates that you can be a good student but life circumstances got in the way.

There are many accredited institutions that offer online courses. If you do an internet search, I’m sure you will find some. An alternative is to look at community colleges in your area and take some classes there. Start slowly and work hard to be successful. This may not be the path that you planned, but it can work.

You might also want to see if you can volunteer or do some work with a local veterinarian. He/she may also be able to give you some guidance about good classes to be taking.

Good luck!

215 Renee { 02.24.15 at 10:24 pm }

My daughter was just denied access back into college for Low GPA. She has already attended CC and has Associates. She is going for bachelors in Biology degree. Her appeal was brought to two committees and denied by both. I plan to contact the university to see if there is any way she will be let back in, even if they will let her do a 1/2 semester trial. Is this an option. Has there ever been a case where someone has been denied and they let them immediately go back. Now, in her situation, she didn’t go last semester. She took time off, and was going to go back in the summer, which was denied. I feel very confident that her GPA will raise if allowed back in. Will a call to the university be a wasted since she just got the denial letter yesterday? She said there is no use in fighting it, decision made, but I say why not. She just entered into a 1 yr lease on a home and the only other close universities in our area are private colleges which are harder to get into and more expensive. I just don’t know what her options are. She thinks that if she takes off another semester she will be entirely too far behind.

216 Vicki { 02.26.15 at 12:51 pm }

Renee –
Dismissal from college is difficult – and denial of readmission can seem doubly difficult. You raise several questions in your comment, and I can only give you some food for thought. I don’t know specifically about your daughter’s school and whether there are any further options there.

First, if anyone is going to follow up with the school about further options, it should be your daughter. She needs to be the one with the determination to go back – and the school needs to see that she has that determination. As difficult as it may be, this is not the best time for you to step in.

With that said, just because your daughter is determined (if she is) doesn’t mean that the school will reverse their decision. Most schools have their policies for a reason and they may realize from experience that students in your daughter’s position rarely succeed. That may be difficult for you to accept, but the school has a reason for their decision.

Perhaps your daughter’s reluctance to fight the decision may have underlying reasons. Does she truly want to go back? Is she truly committed to this major? Rather than working to fight the dismissal and denial, perhaps it would be beneficial for your daughter to spend some additional time exploring why her GPA is so low. Does she need to consider a new major or new career goal? If she needs to take some time off, it might be well spent working doing something in her chosen field to be sure that it is where she wants to be. Perhaps that will give her new motivation. She might also explore some online programs if there is not another school close to her home. Beginning with just one course at a time while she is working may be a way to explore and make some progress at the same time.

It is a difficult time – and a journey that may look a little different that you both expected – but your daughter can find ways to move forward.

217 Renee { 02.26.15 at 7:37 pm }

Thanks for your answer. You gave the best answer given you aren’t aware of the total situation. I did call the school just to ask if she could appeal and if she could do it in person.She is very motivated and was actually upset I stepped in and called at all, but I just talked to whomever answered the phone, no decision makers. She has called and has an appt w/them. Her past low GPAs were due to stressful situations that are now completely past her. She went to HS and CC and did great in both. I do think she is an exception to those that get low GPAs and still don’t succeed, but I pray she makes a good case for herself. Thanks again for your comment. I agree…I stepped back and she’s taking care of the situation.

218 linc { 03.13.15 at 1:26 pm }

In my youth I squandered my time and money and was academically dismissed from two colleges. Now 17 years after I would like to go back to school. I have an AA from Florida. Is there any forgiveness for the squandered years at school? Do I still have to pull up my GPA?

219 Sophia { 03.23.15 at 11:09 pm }


You seem like a very insightful person so I was hoping you would be so kind as to offer me some advice, as you have to others before me. I attending Loyola University starting the fall of 2011, and starting dating a guy that spring. He ended up being unfaithful to me with a friend, my grandmother passed away, and my father left the country for business for a year all around that same time. Due to this, my grades fell extremely low and my scholarship was revoked. I continued attending the university until 2013, but my grades were barely treading water by then. Due to history of depression and suicidal tendencies, I decided to speak with the school therapists about my situation. I was given some anti-depressants to help my condition as well as my insomnia, but I only seemed to get worse. My apathy had reached such a point that I stopped going to classes altogether and I did not even bother attending my finals. Obviously, I was academically dismissed. I am now 21 and have been attending community college for 3 semesters–I was on the premed track and retook basic Chemistry and Biology courses there, but ended up failing Chemistry 102–a class I had retaken many times, only to realize later that maybe the premed track wasn’t right for me. In my dismissal, one of the requirements was that I was to maintain above C- grades in order for re-admittance. I submitted an appeal for withdrawal of the course to my college, but it was a day late. Would I be able to speak with someone there that could ‘remove’ the grade and allow me to reapply to my previous university? Or is that just a pipe dream? I also have not told any of my friends about my dismissal, and have kept this act up (saying I was commuting) for about 2 years now–do you have any advice on how to handle the public relations side of this fiasco?

220 Ashley Shelton { 03.31.15 at 9:12 pm }


I am a sophomore at a State University in my state. I failed last semester because I was working a part-time job and had a full load of classes, while working 30-40 hours a week. I’m currently on academic probation at my university and am struggling to pass 1-2 of my classes, which will cause me to lose my financial aid. I am moving out of state this summer and plan on going to a different school. What should I do if I fail this semester, once I move to the new state, in order to not have to pay my student loans back?

221 Ashley Shelton { 03.31.15 at 9:14 pm }

That is to say, what should I do to safeguard my financial aid status as a full-time student without having to pay out of pocket once I move — since I want to continue pursuing my education?

222 Vicki { 04.16.15 at 6:52 pm }

Ashley –
I am not able to give you advice regarding financial aid status. It is often a complicated issue.

Talk to the staff in the financial aid offices of both schools. Ask them what you need to do in your situation. The people in these offices want to make it work for you in the best way possible because they want you to be able to attend their school. They will tell you the best approach for you to take. Be sure to be completely honest with them about your situation and your academic status.

Good luck!

223 Vicki { 04.16.15 at 6:57 pm }


You have a very complicated story. I’m sorry that you have had such a difficult time. First, if you can, I’d suggest that you be honest with your friends and family and share at least a portion of your story. It must be very difficult to try to keep this information from them. I’m sure you will feel better once you can be honest and allow them to support you. Second, talk to the Dean’s Office and financial aid office at your school. Explain your situation. You might write the information that you shared as a well-written letter to help them understand your situation. You want to be able to tell them how things have changed and why you think you will now be successful. Then see what happens. You may be readmitted – perhaps on probation. If not, investigate other avenues or other schools. Be sure that you are ready and then keep working to find a program that will work for you. Perhaps a part-time program would be a good way to gently re-enter academics.

Good luck!

224 Lina { 04.30.15 at 9:04 pm }

I am a University student in Canada, there aren’t any forums on Canadian universities like this so I am just going to post my story up here.
I never wanted to study in the science field, it was my parents decision. I had always struggled with the sciences, I remember I failed biology in grade 8 and from then on I barely passed chemistry and calculus. I worked really hard in my senior year in high school and got a B in those three subjects. I am saying all this to say, I was never confident in myself studying in the science field. But since I knew my parents knew best, I let them convince me to study pharmaceutical chemistry at my university. I failed miserably from the first semester and was put on probation, and failed a consecutive time with a GPA lower than 1. Naturally I was suspended, and my parents were disappointed but I took the time off to recover from the depression I was facing and to get my motivation to study back. When I came back to university after sitting out 2 semesters I promised the university I would do good but I failed again and now I’ve been dismissed. I am fed up with trying to succeed in the sciences. I am writing this to find out if in my appeal letter I can mention that I would like to change my major and have another chance at the university. Given my history with this university, will that be a good option for me, or should I apply for a communications major in another university with a letter explaining why I did so bad in my current university. Please help! Thanks

225 seema shedage { 05.04.15 at 8:24 pm }

I got dismiss from college for academic hishonesty and that stay on my transcript for four year this is my last year and I was going to graduate in two weeks but this thing happened. I dont know what to do. should I apply for other college can I get their I am an international student my GPA is 3.7 I don’t know what to do. My parents put their whole life income from my college. is their any good suggestion for me. my major is computer engineering.

226 Twinkle { 05.13.15 at 7:41 pm }

I am on financial aid warning this semester and i don’t think that i’ll be able to met the requirement of 2.0 GPA. I am taking summer classes and if my GPA gets above 2.0, will i be able to get financial aid for fall semester without submitting a Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal?

227 aileen { 05.15.15 at 9:16 pm }

I have some question, my son didn’t pass his course the second time. The first time he got place in academic probation but after that he brought back his gpa and he get off probation but now he didn’t pass this course he take for the second time, and the school might dismiss him, what can he do right now. He go to Rutgers business school, Newark.

228 marcia { 05.16.15 at 11:11 am }

I am not doing well at UCR. Almost done with my freshman year and on my second quarter on probation, I appealed my dismissal last quarter and was given another chance. Im still not doing well and I thin its time for a reset. I would like to go to a cc and get a fresh start, can I start over at a cc as a feshman without disclosing my last year so that I don’t have to carry this terrible gpa. If I later decide to go to another uc school is that possible without disclosing my frshman year at ucr. I would really apprecite some feedback as I’m having trouble understanding this situation.

229 Vicki { 05.17.15 at 5:20 pm }

Lina –

I’d suggest that you explore all of your options. Talk to your current university to ask them if a change of major means that they would consider readmitting you. Ask them what would happen to your GPA. You might be in a position of spending much of your college career trying to bring up the low GPA from your earlier years.

Then also explore the transfer option. Find another school (or a couple of schools) and talk to their admission office or transfer counselor. Find out whether they would consider your application to enter in a different major. The advantage of a new school would be that you would start with a “clean slate” GPA.

Don’t be afraid to ask the schools as many questions as you need so that you can weigh your options.

230 Vicki { 05.17.15 at 5:23 pm }


Your situation certainly sounds difficult. Talk to someone at your school. As them for help figuring out what you can do. You may need to ask a few people before you find the one who can give you the most information, but you don’t have to try to figure this out alone. You might start with a faculty member with whom you’ve connected. Ask that person to help you find who you need to talk to. Someone will be able to give you guidance.

231 Vicki { 05.17.15 at 5:26 pm }


Talk to the financial aid office at the school or the person designated to deal with Satisfactory Academic Progress. They can give you the best information because it is their job to understand the requirements.

One consideration, however, is to submit your appeal anyway. If you do well in summer school and raise your GPA, you may not need it, but you don’t want to miss your opportunity in case your summer school classes don’t raise it enough. Strong summer classes will help, but go through all of the steps just in case.

232 Vicki { 05.17.15 at 5:29 pm }


Your son needs to talk to his advisor or someone at the school for guidance. If he is on a dismissal list, it is possible that he might appeal. They may give him another chance. They will be looking for him to explain why he thinks he will be successful if they let him stay. What will be different. He might also think about taking a break from school until he feels more ready and then applying for readmission. Your son may need to start by doing some difficult thinking about why he has not been able to do well. Knowing what is getting in his way is the first step to moving forward. Good luck to both of you!

233 Vicki { 05.17.15 at 5:32 pm }


Most colleges and universities state in their admissions policies that students are required to submit all transcripts. If the school that you are planning to attend has such a policy, send them everything that you have. If you do not, and they find that you have been dishonest, that would be grounds for dismissal. It is not worth the risk.

When you transfer to a new school, you generally start with a new GPA, so that should not affect your progress at the new school. Many students “reset” as you plan and do amazingly well at their new school. It is important that you think about what a “reset” means. What will be different this time around?

Good luck!

234 Michael { 05.18.15 at 6:53 pm }


I transferred my credit from one community college to another, during my first semester in my new college, I ran into problem and failed my entire three classes. Right now, I am considering seeking admission in another community college but, is it the right thing for me to transfer my credit from my first community college and forget about the other one where I failed my entire classes.

235 aileen { 05.26.15 at 1:02 pm }

thank you for replying me. Can my son change to another school like for example the school of art and science instead of staying in business school, but in Rutgers? What is the percentage for student to get second chance after being on the dismissal list in Rutgers? Thank you once again.

236 Vicki { 05.29.15 at 9:09 am }


It is important that you check with the admissions office of the college to which you plan to apply. Most colleges require that you submit all transcripts. You cannot be selective. However, consider sending a letter to accompany the transcript from your second college explaining what happened that caused you to fail. Then explain why things will be different this time around. It is better to be fully honest right from the beginning than to have them learn later that you did not include all of your information. If the admissions office says you do not need to include the second transcript, then that would be fine. They will help you know what to do.

237 Vicki { 05.29.15 at 9:12 am }


The questions that you are asking are good ones, but they are questions that your son needs to ask at Rutgers. Each university, and each school within some universities, have different policies. Your son should ask for a meeting with both the business school and the school of arts and sciences and get information from them. If he has an academic advisor, that person would be another good source of information.

238 Boxuan { 06.05.15 at 4:34 am }

I was put on probation due to my poor GPA of Fall 2014. The reason why I did so badly was because of my poor judgement. I found a course super hard and thus decided to retake it. And from then I did not study at all for it. Therefore I got an F. This semester I studied really hard since I was on probation but went into depression. I met with my therapiest and as soon as I felt better I tried to fix what I missed before. But I still got a GPA lower than 2 and got my overall GPA lower than 2 as well. The course that lowered my GPA badly also killed many of my friends: there were so many students turned in a blank sheet of paper during the second midterm that the GSIs did not know how to curve. I have a letter from one of my professors in support of me staying and another one from a GSI as well. My roommate also sent a letter proving that I had been working hard this semester and had great passion towards my major. I got an I in one of my courses,whose final I will retake by the start of next semester, and am enrolled in the summer session for the Math course I got a D in Spring 2015 and all I need is a C, which I am quite confident about. What are the odds that I may go back to Berkeley to complete my summer sessions and get myself out of this situation? Thank you so much.
Boxuan Wang

239 Vicki { 06.05.15 at 9:29 am }

Bosuan – It certainly sounds as though you are working very hard to try to improve your GPA. Good for you! It is impossible to say what the school might do. You should talk to someone at the school to find out what your options are. If you can appeal, write a careful and thoughtful letter expressing some of the information that you have included in your comment. Explain what happened and why it will be different. Include your letters of support. At the same time, think about whether taking some time off might be a good thing for you. Sometimes a break will allow you to come back with a fresh start. Work with the school to see what they suggest. Good luck!

240 William Brown { 06.07.15 at 9:40 am }

My son was dismissed because of academics. After doing the math he needed 1 class to get back in good standing. He was scheduled to take a summer 2 class but the university would not allow him to take it because he was already in the process of being dismissed. He was also there on a partial athletic scholarship. Is it safe to assume that the dismissal releases him from any letter of intent he signed to play for that school?

241 Sairam { 06.10.15 at 5:42 am }

Hi Vicki. So here’s my situation right now. I’ve been academically dismissed from Iowa State as a biochem major for poor performance academically. 1st semester I don’t know how it was possible but I got a 0.82 gpa with 13 credits and was immediately put on probation and the next semester I did work a lot harder but was taking a full course load of 18 credits and I got a 1.74 gpa, cum gpa is a 1.65. At the same time, I decided that biochemistry wasn’t the right major for me and I wanted to switch to computer science. I am currently taking 2 classes at a cc and hopefully will get my head straight and get the proper grades. My dad still doesn’t know that I got kicked out of college and I’m scared to tell him and how he’ll react. My whole family is very competitive academically so he’ll everyone in the family(uncles, aunts, cousins) and I feel like I’m just a loser compared to them. My dad has struggled to get to where we’re at now and I feel like I just stabbed him in the back with my poor performance in school. Getting to the point, should I transfer my credits to a cc or if I get good grades for the summer should I just not transfer them and basically start over. My goal is to transfer to the University of Minnesota twin cities.

242 Vicki { 06.11.15 at 4:57 pm }

William – Although it would certainly make sense that dismissal would release your son from his letter of intent, I think it is always best to be sure rather than assume. A quick call to the athletic office of the school should give you a clear answer.
Good luck to your son.

243 Vicki { 06.11.15 at 5:14 pm }

Sairam – You are certainly carrying a lot of weight on your shoulders right now. The first thing that I would suggest is that you need to be honest with your family. Talk to them about what happened and why you think things went wrong. It might help if when you tell them, you also explain your plan for moving forward. That will be a positive approach – this happened, but this is what I’m going to do about it.

If you don’t plan to stay at a cc, I’m not sure it makes sense to transfer your credits. If you do well this summer, you can apply to Minnesota and have transcripts from both your original school and the cc sent to them. When you apply, be sure to explain to them what you plan to do differently this time.

Good luck!

244 Chris { 06.15.15 at 8:51 pm }


I am curious about what would be best for my situation. Back in 2010,I failed 2 semesters worth of Classes at the University of Arizona. I attended a local community college there where I also failed 2 more semesters. I have a total of 14 F’s on my college transcripts in total. I have moved back home (3 years ago) and completed an upwards of 75 community college credits. Unfortunately my cumulative GPA is a still a 2.08 due to the amount of baggage on my transcript. The good news is that my UC transferable GPA is a 3.42. Would it be best to attempt to reapply for admission to the University of Arizona, or see if the UC schools will look past my past record of F’s. I did my best to retake the course equivalents of the F’s at my CC in California. This is a difficult situation because I don’t know if I will be accepted to a UC os Cal state school with my F’s. If you have any insight I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

245 Vicki { 06.24.15 at 6:51 am }

Chris –

Congratulations to you for turning things around! You’ve clearly figured out what was going wrong initially and worked to improve things. That is the message that you want to communicate to any school to which you apply.

I’d begin by deciding which school you think will best meet your needs – in terms of major, program, and cost. That will help you decide where you want to apply. Of course, you’ll need to send any school all of your transcripts, but include a letter talking about what went wrong and how you’ve fixed that and plan to be successful moving forward. Work closely with the admission office and ask them what your chances of being accepted might be and what information they need to strengthen your application. If you aren’t accepted to a school, try the next on your list. There is a right place for you somewhere.

Good luck! It sounds as though you are well on the road to success.

246 Ella { 06.28.15 at 6:21 pm }

I got an ademic dismissal from my school. My total GPA was 1.9, and this is my first time in to below 2.00. So my school asked, I have to write a pice of paper about writing why my GPA is low and what’s happened to me during the semester in order to go back school, and I have to submit a paper until August 1st for Fall semester or January 1st for Spring semester. But I’m an international student, so they asked me on more thing a counselor’s comment about me. So I can fix it by my self, however I’m not in the U.S. that is why I have a problem.. I will go back U.S August 28, which means after fall semester submitting date.. I can write a paper my part, but the counselor’s comment is gonna be blank. I have no idea what I do in here.. please help me out.

247 Vicki { 06.29.15 at 6:53 pm }

Since this is the first time that your GPA has fallen below 2.0, your school wants to be sure that this is not a trend, but rather an exception. Give some careful thought to explaining not only what went wrong, but what your plan is to make things better next semester.

As far as a reference from your counselor is concerned, can you contact your counselor by e-mail and ask for a statement? You may not need to see him/her in person. If it isn’t possible to obtain a statement from him/her before your deadline, I’d suggest submitting your piece (very carefully done and proofread) and explaining that you cannot reach your counselor. Ask them what you should do. I am sure they will help you.

Good luck!

248 Sam { 07.13.15 at 3:00 pm }

I need help as a concerning parent. MY Son got admitted to state college after HS and he was doing 4.0 in that college. Since he was doing exceptionally well i forced him to take transfer to more prestigious college beginning his sophomore year, after one semester his grades dropped below minimum limit and he was dismissed for one semester. Fortunately college took him back after the appeal and contract to do well in future. But something went wrong again and he as academic dismissed second time due to poor scores. Need advise on what to do now.. He is very simple boy but seems like that college is not working for him.. He has completed 88 credits and even the community college does not have courses in hin area of major. He is trying to get into previous college where he was doing great but college is not taking transfer because of Academic dismissal on his records. Please suggest what to do. I do not want him to send to current college also because he done poorly twice but can take that option too because of no courses in community college and no transfer available in other good colleges due to academic hold. Please suggest (Vicci) what to do Colleges are not giving right answers. . Please help

249 Vicki { 07.17.15 at 7:51 am }

Sam –
It is obvious that your son is struggling a lot right now. It is also obvious that you care a lot and want the best for him. It is a difficult situation for both of you.

What is not clear from your comment is what your son truly wants. Have you and he had a frank discussion about what went wrong to cause his grades to go down so drastically? You say “something went wrong again” and “that college is not working for him” but it is essential that your son be able to pinpoint what the problem was and why things didn’t work. Since he was doing so well at his first school, it is clearly not his ability. Until he is clear about the problem, it is not going to be corrected – no matter where he goes. He may even need to take a little time off – and work for a little while – to give him time to find his focus before he returns to the classroom.

I am sure there is a school out there that will accept your son – even with his past difficulties, but a bit of time away may help. He will also need to be very clear with himself and with them about how things will be different this time. Perhaps the college will not be as selective as his first two schools, but it is important that the match feel right AND that he be committed to making it work. If the transfer to the more prestigious college was not his idea, he may not have been as committed to making it work as he needed to be.

Have your son continue to look for options. This will take some work. He will need to look for schools and contact the admissions office to talk to them about his situation. It is important that he take control of this process. If he doesn’t do the work to find a college that will accept him, that may be an indication that he isn’t ready to continue just yet.

Be patient. Keep communicating. Be flexible. Encourage your son to find a path that excites and motivates him. Good luck to you both.

250 Denise { 07.24.15 at 4:32 pm }

I was dismissed from a community college. I appealed the dismissal but I am no longer eligible for financial aid at that school. I am currently reapply to the school. And I have to make another appeal for academic continuance because I took a two year break from the school. During the break I got three certificates but I cant find a job in the field I am certified in and my only option is to go back to school. I am ready to commit to college. Do you think that world help the dean determine my eligible for financial aid?

251 Vicki { 07.24.15 at 6:04 pm }

Denise –
Good for you for your persistence. Sometimes having some time away helps you to be ready for that commitment to make it work. You probably want to write a letter to the Dean or Appeals Committee to explain why you want to return and how you plan to approach things differently this time. Be sure to be honest about what went wrong before and be specific about your plan of action this time.

Good luck!

252 Desean { 07.27.15 at 4:42 pm }

Hello. I went to my financial aid office at my community college & I have to write an appeal because I don’t have gpa requirments or something like that. Around 2012 I didn’t show up to none of my classes because I was sick for weeks & I was just wondering will I be able to transfer to a different school without having to write an appeal or will the school I transfer to will have me to write one anyways?

253 Alisson Rose { 07.28.15 at 2:36 pm }

HI , I need advice on how to move forward.
I haven’t told my parents about my academic dismissal because I feel like they would be mad at me and wouldn’t support me. I graduated from my local community college with a 3.1 gpa but once I transfer . I decided to go away from college but it seem it was a big mistake because I couldn’t understand any of the material and managed to be dismiss from the college. I try to enroll to a local four year college but there a rule that says that I need to wait for a year in order to enroll? Any other advice I might do for my free time? I am currently looking for a job but I think I need to do more than just that.

254 Serina { 07.29.15 at 3:45 am }

Hi Vicki, I need advice because I am think about suing my college.
This is my story, my final semester in college and I was taking 3 classes and I have a 360 degrees in my life, lost my Dad, brother and going through divorce with 2 children. I failed my first exam very bad and I went to my instructor and asked her for an advise, she side I could drop the class but that was not my option. I tried very hard and pass the second exam with a very good score, I found out that this same instructor let some classmate that fail the second exam retook it in groups. When I asked her she wanted nothing to do with me but at the end of the semester things get heat up and the Dean was involved, so they let all including the ones that already have the opportunity to retake the test and the instructor will award the highest score you have. They let us take the exam together and all of us have the same answers but I found out we all have a different grades. I do believe that we have every answer correct on that exam. An exam that I already have 90%, she end up giving me 92% and and all I needed is 93% to pass the class. There was a girl who failed the exam and was awarded this second opportunity and she got 93%. So I ended up failing the class. I retook class and the same instructor, what she did different this time was before going in to take the exam, she will give the answers to the difficult questions and people will pass the exams. I ended up passing. My problem now is there is another class that I already pass with an A+ but for you to have your grade, you have to pass a computer predictor test with a 95% or you fail the class. I have 93% and because of this I have fail out of school. If you fail 2 courses you failed out of school. This was my final year at school, I did appeal but I received a denial. What should I do next?

255 Vicki { 07.30.15 at 7:03 am }

Allison –
Tell your parents what is going on. It is not easy to do, but it is not a secret that you’ll be able to keep and it is creating added pressure for you. Be honest and take ownership of the problem, but get it out in the open. They will probably be upset, but may be more supportive than you think. They may be able to help you think about options.

The rule about taking some time away is intended to give you some time to think about what went wrong and be able to get ready to return and succeed. Finding a job is good – it will help relieve some of the financial burden plus give you some experience. You might investigate the option of taking a class or two at a local college. Then when you apply for readmission or apply to a new school, you’ll have some success on your transcript. Use the time away to think about your ultimate goals and motivation as well. Good luck!

256 Vicki { 07.30.15 at 7:09 am }


Your situation sounds very complex. The intricacies of the individual instructor’s policies are very unique to each instructor. It sounds as though the department or Dean are involved and looking at class policies, which is good.

I think your best option is to work closely with the Dean or an advisor at the school. Ask them about options for returning after some time away. Then use the time away to gain experience by working. This means that it will not be wasted time but will add to your resume.

Sometimes the path to succeed is not the path that we planned, but will lead us to where we want to be eventually. Do some thinking about your goals and how, once you return, you can be sure to do well. Good luck!

257 Madheshwaran A { 08.06.15 at 1:23 am }

I have poor attendance in this semester 5 , and i was de-bar by my college (GCE,SALEM) for the reason of poor attendance , but i have 7.1 CGPA since my previuos 4 semesters . Then how get rejoin my college ? (if any mediccal certificate required?)

258 Madheshwaran A { 08.06.15 at 1:25 am }

I have poor attendance in this semester 5 , and i was de-bar by my college (GCE,SALEM) for the reason of poor attendance , but i have 7.1 CGPA since my previuos 4 semesters . Then how get rejoin my college ? (if any mediccal certificate required?)

259 Vicki { 08.14.15 at 10:07 am }

Madheshwaran –

The best thing that you can do is talk to someone at the college. Ask what you need to do to be readmitted and what documentation you need. You may be asked to spend a semester or a year away before you reapply. Ask them whether they would recommend anything that you do during that year. Perhaps take some classes at a local college. Each college has different policies, so the best thing that you can do is to talk to them directly.

Good luck!

260 Michael Thompson { 08.16.15 at 6:01 pm }

My daughter was academically dismissed Sring 2014. She’s never used financial because I paid out of pocket for 2 consecutive semesters. Is it possible for her to receive financial aid even if we’ve never used it before ?

261 Vicki { 08.18.15 at 5:00 pm }


I am not an expert on financial aid, but my two suggestions would be to complete the FAFSA if you haven’t already done so (necessary for almost all kinds of aid and needs to be completed each year) and to contact the financial aid office at the school your daughter will be attending. They will certainly be able to give you guidance and up-to-date information.

262 John { 08.19.15 at 5:16 am }

Hi there, I was academically dismissed from the university I went to my freshman year. I then came back home to for my second year at a community college. I got readmitted to the school I got dismissed from but really want to go to a university in the city by my house because it’s cheaper only reason I am going back is so I could raise my GPA on my transcripts or I don’t have to do that?

263 Yoli { 08.27.15 at 11:58 am }

Hi, I was recently academically dismissed from graduate school, and reapplied for another one right away but was not accepted. I just became seriously depressed after going through a separation, and some other personal things, to include working full time as well. How can I recover from this? Can I recover from this?

264 Vicki { 08.30.15 at 5:24 pm }


The best and most direct thing to do is to talk directly to the admissions office of the school that you want to attend. They can look at your transcript and tell you what you would need to do to apply and be admitted. Raising your GPA always helps, but may not be necessary.

265 Vicki { 08.30.15 at 5:27 pm }


The important thing to know is that you don’t necessarily need to go through this process alone. Turn to whatever friends, family, or other support system that you have and let them help you work through this time.

Also, be patient. You don’t need to do everything all at once. It sounds as though taking a break from school until you have time to sort through other things might help.

Have patience with yourself. Give yourself time. Turn to friends/family who can help you.

266 Rood { 09.21.15 at 12:37 am }

Hey. Your article is very helpful. So was some of the comments.
Just wondering if you can give me some hints on how to write a great appeal letter. I have one now but I feel like it needs some more work

267 Vicki { 09.26.15 at 3:11 pm }

Rood –
I’m glad you found the article helpful. The main things that should be in an appeal letter are honesty and ownership of the situation and also a plan for making things different the next time. Good luck!

268 Ramos { 09.28.15 at 9:04 pm }


I was academically dismissed from a four year public college because of familial issues. I had it appealed twice, but since my conditions at home were not getting better, neither was my gpa. The dean finally dismissed me. I’ve taken a year off to work and get myself better situated. I now live with roommates and found more stability in my life. I’d like to go back to school but am unsure how to go about it. Can I apply to another college as a freshman and use my highschool transcript? I feel there is no point in transferring since my gpa in college was a .67.

269 Matt { 09.29.15 at 12:04 am }


I posted on here a long time ago (7/4/13) and I just wanted to share my experience since that awful time in college and life I described. Maybe it would give some insight to others? Well I ended up taking about a year off and worked at my full time job and I even got some volunteer work on my resume for a great organization that sends medical equipment around the world to those living in extreme poverty. I could not have made a better decision. Not only did taking the time off give me more insight into what my goals are, but it allowed me to get motivated again. I ended up applying to some “safety” schools and some schools I thought might be a bit of a stretch. I grew up in the state of Washington and my dream school in High School was Washington State University. I’ve had mentors and peers go to WSU and I’ve always been a die hard Cougs fan. Well, after being dismissed from USF I didn’t have much to lose! So I applied. Out of all of the schools I applied to I was accepted to all of them, even WSU. Here’s why I think they all gave me a chance: I took the time away from my studies and was able to show admissions that I had learned from my experiences. I was able to present to them a solid reason why I would be worth the “risk” and that is because I was determined and I wasn’t a quitter. I wrote a letter to every admissions department even when it wasn’t required and explained in detail how I had moved passed that awful time in my life and how I could contribute to their community. I was accepted, again after being academically dismissed, at Kansas State University, West Virginia University, Weber State University, Washington State University, and the University of Washington. After the acceptance letters came in I was in total shock! How? Why would they admit ME after my horrible record at my previous college?! Well, I am very proud to share that I graduated with my B.A. in Social Science with a minor in Gerontology from Washington State University last May. Now I am taking my own advice and taking another year off before I pursue my Graduate degree in Social Work or Counseling (Still deciding). I just wanted to share my experience so that others posting here might know that it’s not the end of the world. There is life after academic dismissal. Just keep at it and never give up! Thanks!


270 Vicki { 10.10.15 at 1:04 pm }

Matt – Thank you so much for returning 2 years later and making your comment. It is a wonderful story and is so exciting to hear. I hope many, many students have an opportunity to read this comment and hear your story. Do you mind if I share a portion or it in a post or article? It is so encouraging.

Good luck to you as you explore your options and move forward to graduate school!

271 Vicki { 10.10.15 at 1:08 pm }

Ramos – I’d suggest talking to the admission office at the school you’d like to attend. Ask them what to do. Most colleges ask that you submit all previous transcripts, so they would expect to see yours. And if even one or two courses transfer, that would give you a bit of a start on credits. What you should include with your application is a letter explaining what happened and why you know your experience will be different this time around. Colleges understand that circumstances change and students grow.

Good luck!

272 Andrew C { 10.15.15 at 8:56 am }


Hi I was just academically dismissed from my previous home institution George Washington University. I suffered a lot of personal family issues and mental health struggles during my final years. My GPA declined due to difficulty of coping with external factors, and a loss of purpose. I originally came in pre-med but realized I didn’t want to be a doctor. I felt it was too late and tried to continue on with courses I wasn’t prepared for.

I got suspended once. Took time off, took classes non-matriculated and got a 3.5 GPA taking 14 credits. I was readmitted to GWU. They said I only have 3 semesters left to raise my GPA before another suspension. The first semester I had my mental issues come up again and I had to withdraw that semester. The 2nd semester I was allowed to come back after seeing a mental health doctor and did well. I had a 3.0 gpa fall 14 semester. The next semester I did poorly because they were all upper level electives. The school suspended me before giving me my 3rd semester to show improvement.

I have accrued over 100 credits, but my gpa is still below a 2.o I have been looking for answers on how to finish my degree. Thanks again for any help!

273 Vicki { 10.24.15 at 3:16 pm }

Andrew – I’m afraid that I don’t have any easy answers for you. You’ve certainly struggled mightily in trying to succeed, but it seems as though too many things are getting in your way right now. Perhaps taking a little more time off until you feel ready and balanced to finish school? Some people need time to find the right frame of mind. Transferring might be an option, but depending on the grades in your classes, many credits might not transfer. You might see if there is anyone at GW, perhaps in the Dean’s office, who could help you formulate a plan to be able to successfully complete. Be prepared that it might require taking some time.

In the meantime, find something meaningful to do. Take the time to find your balance and direction and then investigate how to continue. You may also discover things about yourself and your interests during your time away.

Be patient. Good luck.

274 Jerrod { 11.11.15 at 1:02 pm }


I was academically dismissed from my previous institution George Washington University graduate program with one class short of completing the program. During my time at George Washington University I had also had to deal with combat related mental health issues without a proper support system during my time at the university along with financial issues too. Additionally, I was accused of academic plagiarism in my 2nd semester of my first year without any prior history of academic plagiarism at the university. After months of appealing the decision the outcome didn’t come out in my favor; even though I plead my case through all the proper channels. However, I was not kick out the school or the program was punished with F in the course and the badge of shame on my transcript. I continued to try to get my GPA back to a 3.0 but ended up with two C and C+ which killed my chances at getting my GPA back to a 3.0. In end, the university made a decision to terminate my continuation at the university with a GPA of 2.68 and 6 credit hours over the 40 credit hours to graduation requirement. I have been looking for options how to move forward to complete my master degree to remain competitive in the field.

275 Vicki { 11.15.15 at 8:22 am }

Jerrod, I am not sure that I have any advice to give you. It seems as though your two options are to try to return to the program which you have almost completed or begin again at a different institution. Obviously the first option would be best.

How much have you discussed this with someone at the institution? Some programs will readmit you after you spend some time away. Can you retake the courses in which you earned the C and C+? If the policies of the program have standards and are clear, and if you have not maintained those standards, your option is to try to negotiate with the school to see if there is any circumstance under which they would readmit you.

I am sorry I cannot offer more. Best of luck.

276 Jasmine { 11.19.15 at 12:43 am }

Hi Vicki

I will be academically dismissed from my community college the end of this semester. This Fall was the start of my second year, so after only one year I have failed. One big problem is my first semester I failed 4/5 classes I took. My second semester I retook the four classes but only passed two. This semester it looks like the other two will be failing as well. So it’s been three attempts at the same two classes, which I’m pretty sure is the limit for retaking a class. I will be taking Spring off to reflect and try to get my life together but I will be enrolling in a different CC next Fall. Now I know I will be able to start fresh for the new CC, but I am worried about financial aid. If I do extremely well in the new CC will I start to receive financial aid again? Or will I have to start again at my first CC once the dismissal period is over? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


277 Vicki { 11.21.15 at 1:52 pm }

Jasmine – It is not easy to feel that you have failed, but use this experience as a time for learning. Taking a semester off to reflect is a good idea. Think carefully about why you failed. Was the material too hard? Then when you return, try something more basic. Or were you unable to put in the time that you needed? When you return, start more slowly – perhaps with only one or two courses at a time until you have some success.

I do not have the answer about your financial aid, but the financial aid office at the college will be able to counsel you. They know the requirements and restrictions. And ask at the other college as well. Don’t hesitate to keep asking people questions. Colleges want to see students succeed. Let them help you understand what you need to do.

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